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Full text of "Book of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey"

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3 1833 01190 8701 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2012 

The Book of 


Society of Colonial Wars 


The State of New Jersey 


Compiled by the Year Book Committee, 
Major W. I. Lincoln Adams, Ex Officio, 
Professor Arthur Adams, Ph.D., Chairman, 
Captain Chauncey Ryder McPherson, Secretary, 
Charles Augustus Hanna, Esquire. 




Pledge to the Flag 5 

The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New 

Jersey 7 

The Old Barracks at Trenton 9 

Tablets Erected by the Society of Colonial Wars 

IN THE State of New Jersey 13 

Prize Essay Competition in Princeton University 14 

Officers of the General Society of Colonial Wars 

Secretaries of State Societies 16 

Officers of the Society of Colonial Wars in the 

State of New Jersey 23 

Council of the Society of Colonial Wars in the 

State of New Jersey 24 

A List of Officers and Councilors of the Society of 
Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, 
1894-1923 27 

Constitution of the Society of Colonial Wars in 

the State of New Jersey 33 

The Insignia 50 

Honor Roll of the Society of Colonial Wars in the 

State of New Jersey, 1917-1918 57 

Three Unpublished Historical Documents Relat- 
ing TO New Jersey 80 

A List of Civil Offciers of New Jersey Prior to 

April 19, 1775 93 

Members of the Society of Colonial Wars in the 

State of New Jersey 106 

In Memoriam 154 

Necrology, 191 7- 1923 158 

Index of Ancestors with Services and Descendants 182 

General Index 237 






Our country's flag! 

To thee are pledged. 
Our lives, our honor, all! 

Our faith, our hopes. 
Shall ne'er deny 

The magic of thy call. 

Our fathers' God, to Thee we turn 

While we their pledge renew; 
Grant us stout hearts 

In perils small or great, 
That, following them 

Through trial, pain, or death, 
We ever place our trust in Thee 

To guard our country's fate. 

Composed for the Society by His Excellency, the Governor, 
Professor William Libbey, and formally adopted as the official 
pledge by the Council on May 8th, 19 14. 


THE Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey 
was organized May i, 1894; chartered by the General 
Society of Colonial Wars May 8, 1894. First meeting 
of the Society to receive the charter and to elect officers, 
May 10, 1894. Incorporated under the laws of the State of 
New Jersey, July 26, 1894. Meeting on this day at the house 
of his Excellency, General Edward Burd Grubb, Edgewater 
Park, on the Delaware River, opposite the spot where Wash- 
ington and Lafayette first met. The Second General Court was 
held at Newark, May 10, 1895. Re-incorporated under the Act 
of February 26, 1895. The Third General Court was held at 
the "Beechwood," Summit, May 11, 1896. The Fourth General 
Court was held at the Somerset Inn, Bernardsville, May 10, 
1897. The Fifth General Court was held at the Club House of 
the Morris County Golf Club, Morristown, May 10, 1898. 
The First Semi-Annual Court was held at the Elizabeth Town 
and Country Club, December 3, 1898. The Sixth General 
Court was held at the Princeton Inn, Princeton, May 19, 1899. 
The Second Semi-Annual Court was held at the Elizabeth 
Town and Country Club, December 2, 1899. The Seventh 
General Court was held at the Elizabeth Town and Country 
Club, May 10, 1900. The Third Semi-Annual Court was held 
at the University Club, New York, November 23, 1900. The 
Eighth General Court was held at the Princeton Inn, Prince- 
ton, May 20, 1 90 1. The Fourth Semi-Annual Court was held 
at the University Club, New York, November 22, 1901. The 
Ninth General Court was held at the Princeton Inn, May 14, 
1902. The Fifth Semi-Annual Court was held at the University 
Club, New York, November 21, 1902. The Tenth General 
Court was held at the Princeton Inn, Princeton, May 22, 1903. 
The Sixth Semi-Annual Court was held at the University Club, 
New York, November 21, 1903. The Eleventh General Court 
was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, May 13, 1904. 

The Seventh Semi-Annual Court was held at the University 
Club, November 19, 1904. The Twelfth General Court was 
held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, May 11, 1905. 
The Eighth Semi-Annual Court was held at the University 
Club, New York, November 17, 1905. The Thirteenth General 
Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, May 11, 1906. The 
Ninth Semi-Annual Court was held at the University Club, 
New York, November 24, 1906. The Fourteenth General 
Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, May 3, 
1907. The Tenth Semi-Annual Court was held at the Uni- 
versity Club, New York, November 23, 1907. The Fifteenth 
General Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, 
May I, 1908. The Eleventh Semi-Annual Court was held at 
the University Club, November 21, 1908. The Sixteenth Gen- 
eral Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, 
May 7, 1909. The Twelfth Semi-Annual Court was held at 
the University Club, November 2j, 1909. The Seventeenth 
General Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, 
May 6, 19 10. The Thirteenth Semi-Annual Court was held at 
the University Club, November 2.6, 1910. The Eighteenth 
General Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, 
May 5, 1 91 1. The Fourteenth Semi-Annual Court was held at 
the University Club, November 18, 191 1. The Nineteenth 
General Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, 
May 3, 191 2. The Fifteenth Semi-Annual Court was held at 
the University Club, November 30, 1912. The Twentieth Gen- 
eral Court was held at the Essex County Country Club, West 
Orange, May 2, 1913. The Sixteenth Semi-Annual Court was 
held at the University Club, New York, December 13, 1913. 
The Twenty-first General Court was held at the Laurel-in-the- 
Pines, Lakewood, May 8, 1914. The Seventeenth Semi-Annual 
Court was held at the University Club, New York, December 5, 

1914. The Twenty-second General Court was held in the 
rooms of the New Jersey Historical Society, Newark, May 4, 

191 5. The Eighteenth Semi-Annual Court was held at the 
University Club, New York, December 4, 191 5. The Twenty- 


third General Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lake- 
wood, May 5, 1916. The Nineteenth Semi-Annual Court was 
held at the University Club, New York, December 2, 191 6. 

The Twenty-fourth General Court was held at the Laurel- 
in-the-Pines, Lakewood, May 4, 191 7. The Twentieth Semi- 
Annual Court was held at the Bankers' Club, New York, De- 
cember I, 1917. The Twenty-fifth General Court was held at 
the Carteret Club, Jersey City, May 10, 19 18. The Twenty- 
first Semi-Annual Court was held at the University Club, New 
York, December 7, 1918. The Twenty-sixth General Court was 
held at the Orange Lawn Tennis Club, South Orange, May 9, 

1919. The Twenty-second Semi-Annual Court was held at the 
University Club, New York, December 6, 1919. The Twenty- 
seventh General Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, 
Lakewood, May 7, 1920. The Twenty- third Semi-Annual 
Court was held at the University Club, New York, December 4, 

1920. The Twenty-eighth General Court was held at the 
Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, May 6, 192 1. The Twenty- 
fourth Semi-Annual Court was held at the University Club, 
New York, December 10, 192 1. The Twenty-ninth General 
Court was held at the Laurel-in-the-Pines, Lakewood, May 6, 
1922. The Twenty-fifth Semi-Annual Court was held at the 
University Club, New York, December 2, 1922. The Thirtieth 
General Court was held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Atlantic City, 
May 5, 1923. 


TO the activity and patriotism of the late Wilbur Fisk 
Sadler, Junior, Adjutant General of the State of New 
Jersey and a member of the Society of Colonial Wars 
in the State of New Jersey, is, in large measure, due the recla- 
mation and restoration of the old Barracks. To the people of 
New Jersey and the patriotic societies of that State this monu- 
ment of Colonial days has value immeasurable. To us, his 
associates in the Society, the Barracks will be a lasting reminder 
of a man whose like is seldom met. It is in this building that 
the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey has 
its headquarters. 

The following sketch of the old Barracks was written by 
General Sadler a few years before his death : 

During the latter part of 1753, France and England, taking 
advantage of the undetermined condition of their territorial 
limits in America, began to adopt active and systematic meas- 
ures for increasing their possessions as much as possible. To 
uphold their claims to the country on the Ohio, the French 
erected forts on French Creek and the main stream of the 
Alleghany. Great Britain also claimed this territory, and 
authorized Dunwoodie to repel French aggression and build a 
fort at the confluence of the Alleghany and Monongahela Riv- 
ers. In April, 1754, this party was driven away by the French, 
who took possession of the unfinished works, completed them 
and named the fortification "Duquesne." This and several 
other occurrences gave the signal for hostilities, although the 
war, which lasted until 1763, was not formally proclaimed until 

From the commencement of hostilities in 1754, the Prov- 
ince of New Jersey was in a constant state of apprehension of 
an attack by hostile Indians, and many accounts of their scalp- 
ing and murdering within its borders were reported to the 


During 1755, numerous petitions were filed by the in- 
habitants, asking that barracks be erected for the purpose of 
housing the troops that had been sent to the Province by the 
EngHsh. These troops were quartered with various residents 
of the State at two shillings and five pence per week for each 
soldier, and the mode of lodging had become most annoying to 
the people because the habits and morals of the soldiers were 
not of the best. 

The near approach at times of the stealthy foe, the letters 
received in Trenton giving notice of the murder of men in 
Sussex County by the savages, made the demand more insistent 
that arrangements should be made for future protection. In 
the winter of 1755, a petition was filed with the General As- 
sembly, signed by residents of various sections that felt the 
need of protection, and in quick order followed thirty-eight 
additional petitions. 

In February, 1756, Governor Belcher was petitioned by the 
most prominent men of the State, but it was not until the 15th 
of April, 1758, that a law was passed by the Council and Gen- 
eral Assembly to provide for the erection of five barracks 
within the State, to be located at Perth Amboy, Elizabethtown, 
New Brunswick, Trenton, and Burlington. These buildings 
were shortly erected by the Colonists, and it was planned that 
each should house between 300 and 5cmd troops. 

Trenton, being the most centrally located town of the State, 
and one of the most important posts, had an officers' quarters 
added to its Barracks during 1759. Much to the regret of all 
patriotic citizens, all of these buildings have been demolished 
except at Trenton, where the Barracks is being restored to its 
original condition by the State of New Jersey. 

The building is of stone, two stories in height, with base- 
ment, located at the corner of South Willow and Front Streets 
and within 300 feet of the Capitol Building. The site was well 
chosen near the banks of the Delaware and was within 100 feet 
of Petty's Run, which was filled with pure, sparkling water. 
The main building is 180 feet in length and i8>^ feet in width, 


with two wings, each 56 feet in length, at either end thereof 
and projecting at right angles from the front of the Barracks. 
The officers' quarters were built at the end of the northeasterly 

The first authentic record of the occupation of the Barracks 
shows that a regiment of Highlanders, on the second of Octo- 
ber, 1759, were quartered there, and their peculiar dress created 
much interest among the people of the town. It was occupied 
almost continually by troops until 1765, at which time the atten- 
tion of the General Assembly was called to the fact that the 
perishable articles therein should be sold and the building kept 
in repair and rented. Within a year after the Assembly took 
action, it was necessary to refit the building again and furnish 
it with bedding, blankets, and other necessaries. 

During the Revolutionary War the Barracks was occupied at 
various times by companies of British and Hessian troops and 
recruits for the American army. For two weeks prior to the 
battle of Trenton it was occupied by English Dragoons and 
German Yeagers, together with a number of Tory refugees 
from Monmouth and Burlington Counties. It continued until 
the end of the war as a place for quartering the soldiers of 
either army who happened to be in possession of the sur- 
rounding territory. 

In 1787 the building was sold and divided into apartments, 
and in 1793, Front Street, to a width of 35 feet, was extended 
from Willow Street to the State Capitol, passing directly 
through the Barracks, a portion of which was razed for its 
accommodation, parallel and quite close to the north wing. 





THE purposes for which the Society of Colonial Wars in 
the State of New Jersey exists are stated in the Pre- 
amble of its Constitution. As one means of perpetuating 
the memory of important persons and events of Colonial 
history, the Society has adopted the plan of erecting tablets 
commemorative of persons, sites, and events. 

Between the years 1910 and 1916 four tablets were erected 
by the Society : those marking the site of the first court house 
of Somerset County, at Six Mile Run, and the site of the 
second court house of Somerset County, at Hillsborough ; that 
commemorative of the settlement of Elizabeth Towne ; and that 
in memory of Hendrick Fisher, President of the first Board of 
Trustees of Queen's College, now Rutgers College. The two 
Somerset County tablets and the Hendrick Fisher tablet are 
the work of Albert Weinert; the Elizabeth Towne tablet is the 
work of John Williams, Inc. Photographs of these tablets and 
some account of the objects, events, and persons they com- 
memorate were included in the 191 7 Book of the Society. 
Plans for further work of this nature are in process of 



IN 191 4 the Council decided to offer a prize of fifty dollars 
for annual competition, to be awarded to the under- 
graduate of Princeton University who shall submit the 
best written dissertation upon some subject of American 
Colonial History, assigned by the Department of American 
History. It was intended to cover fully this period in the 
history of New Jersey. 

The conditions of the competition are as follows : 

The dissertations to be at least five thousand words in length 
and to be accompanied by bibliographies of the sources used; 
specific reference to the sources to be given throughout the 

The dissertations to be submitted anonymously before 
May 1st in each year. The names of the authors to be in- 
closed in sealed envelopes and attached to the dissertations. 

The prize to be awarded by the Professor or Professors in 
charge of the Department of American History, and the decision 
to be announced at Commencement. 

The subject for the year 1914-1915 was: "William Frank- 
lin, Last Royal Governor of New Jersey." The winner of the 
prize was James Boyd Hunter of Jersey City, N. J. 

The subject for the year 1915-1916 was: "New Jersey 
under Governor Lewis Morris, 1 738-1 746." The winner of 
the prize was Allan Hunter of Riverside, California. 

The subject for the year 1916-1917 was: "The Judicial 
System of Colonial New Jersey." 

No award owing to war conditions. 

The subject for the year 1917-1918 was: "New Jersey in 
the French and Indian Wars." 

No award owing to war conditions. 
The subject for the year 1918-1919 was : "The Huddy Case/' 
The winner of the prize was George Arthur Waddington, of 
Adams, Massachusetts. 


The subject for 1919-1920 was: "The Mason-Dixon Line." 
The winner of the prize was Robert Carlyle Gillies, of Medina, 
New York. 

The subject for the year 1920-1921 was: "New Jersey in 

the French and Indian Wars." The prize was not awarded. 

The subject for the year 1922-1923 was "British Depredations 

in New Jersey during the Revolution." The winner of the 

prize was James Irvin Best, of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

For this report the Year Book Committee is indebted to 
Professor William Libbey of Princeton, formerly Governor 
of the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey. 



Governor General 

Colonel William Whitehead Ladd, 

20 Nassau Street, New York City 

Honorary Governor General 
Major Rowland Pell, 
31 Nassau Street, New York City 

Vice Governor General 

William Macpherson Hornor, 

Bryn Mawr P. O., Pa. 

Secretary General 

Walter Geer 

401 Vernon Ave., Long Island City, N. Y. 

Deputy Secretary General 

Alfred Coxe Prime, 

2212 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Treasurer General 

W. I. Lincoln Adams, 

16 East 43rd St., New York, N. Y. 

Deputy Treasurer General 

GiEORGE Turner Parker 

6059 Clemens Avenue, St. Louis, Mo, 

Registrar General 

Professor Arthur Adams, 

Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. 


Historian General 

Frank Hervey Pettingell, 

Room 809, 424 South Broadway, 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Chaplain General 

Rt. Rev. William A. Leonard, D.D., 

3054 Euclid Avenue, Qeveland, Ohio 

Chancellor General 

Hon. Henry Stockbridge, LL.D., 

II North Calhoun St., Baltimore, Md. 

Surgeon General 
Charles Montraville Green, M.D., 
78 Marlborough Street, Boston, Mass. 

Deputy Governors General 

New York 

Major Henry Gansevoort Sanford, 

43 Cedar St., New York 


Hon. John Morin Scott, 

1903 Spruce St., Philadelphia 


John Appleton Wilson, 

10 1 3 St. Paul St., Baltimore 


Colonel Louis Richmond Cheney, 



District of Columbia 

Lieut. Col. Frederick C. Bryan, 

Colorado Building, Washington 

New Jersey 

Hon. Charles Wolcott Parker, LL.D., 

88 Gifford Ave., Jersey City 


Hon. R. T. W. Duke, Jr., 

Charlottesville, Virginia 

New Hampshire 

Elisha Rhodes Brown, 

Strafford National Bank, Dover 


Hon. Wm. B. C. Stickney, 



John Smith Sargent, 

5443 Harper Avenue, Chicago 


Hon. John Barber White, 

nil Long Building, Kansas City 


William Reynale Sanders, 

Citizens Nat'l Bank Building, Cincinnati 


R. C. Ballard Thruston, 




Bradner Wells Lee, Sr., 

809, 424 S. Broadway, Los Angeles 


Stephen Alfred Swisher, 

Iowa City 


John Avery Gere Carson, 

Carson Naval Stores Co., Savannah 


Allen L. Colton, 

Box 1437 City P. O., Washington, D. C. 


Henry Burling Thompson, 


Rhode Island 
Hon. George Leander Shepley, 
17 Custom House St., Providence 


Hon. William Moulton Ingraham, 

79 High St., Portland 


William O. Bates, 

756 Middle Drive, Woodruff Place 



Henry Leppee Durell, 



Secretaries of State Societies 

New York 

George S. Heilner, 

40 Rector St., New York 


Alfred Coxe Prime, 

2212 Locust St., Philadelphia 


A. Morris Tyson, 

207 North Calvert St., Baltimore 


Walter Kendall Watkins, 

9 Ashburton Place, Boston 


Arthur Adams, 

Trinity College, Hartford 

District of Columbia 

Frederick A. Fernald, 

803 Taylor St., Washington, D. C. 

New Jersey 

Chauncey Ryder McPherson, 

89 Broad St., New York 


Morgan P. Robinson, 

State Library Building, Richmond 

New Hampshire 

John Scales, 




Rev. Joseph Reynolds, 



James M. Adsit, 

208 South La Salle St., Chicago 



1 701 Washington Ave., St. Louis 


Harry W. Hutch ins, 

Blymyer Building, Cincinnati 


Richard V. Wood, 

417 West Main St., Louisville 


Edwin White, 

Pioneer Building, St. Paul 


Nichols Milbank, 

809 Broadway Central Building, Los Angeles 


Frederick Cooper Hubbell, 

Des Moines 


Harris M. King, 




Benjamin F. Comfort, 

Cass Technical High School, Detroit 


Henry T. Bush, 

French St. Wharf, Wilmington 

Rhode Island 

Howard Willis Preston, 

98 Westminster St., Providence 


Hiram B. Ferris, 

University Club, Spokane 


Charles J. Nichols, 

396 Congress St., Portland 


George C. Calvert, 

915 Mechanics Bank Building, Indianapolis 


Timothy Asbury Wright, Jr., 

Bankers Trust Building, Knoxville 



(For the Year Ending May 3, 1924) 

Major Washington Irving Lincoln Adams. 

Edmund LeBreton Gardner, Esquire. 

Lieutenant Governor, 
Horace Franklin Nixon, Esquire. 


Captain Chauncey Ryder McPherson, 

89 Broad Street, New York. 

Thomas Wright Williams, Esquire. 

The Reverend Professor Arthur Adams, Ph.D. 

George de Benneville Keim, Esquire. 

The Reverend Dr. Charles E. Hutchison. 

Major Louis Irving Reichner. 

George Fales Baker, M.D. 



The Council of the Society is composed of the Officers aforenamed, and the 
following gentlemen, 

Deputy Governor-General of the General Society. 
Honorable Charles Wolcott Parker, LL.D. 

Treasurer-General of the General Society. 
Major Washington Irving Lincoln Adams. 

Registrar-General of the General Society. 
Professor Arthur Adams, Ph.D. 

Past Governors of the New Jersey Society. 

Colonel William Gray Schauffler, M.D., 

William Frederick Dix, Esquire, 

Hon. Charles Wolcott Parker, LL.D., 

Colonel William Libbey, Sc.D., 

John Lenord Merrill, Esquire, 

Farnham Yardley, Esquire, 

Robert Munro Boyd, Esquire. 

Elected Members of the Council. 

(Until May, 1924.) 

Rufus William Sprague, Jr., Esquire, 
Charles Lee Meyers, Esquire, 

(Until May, 1925.) 

Morris Rutherfurd, Esquire, 
Archie Harwood Loom is, Esquire, 
Major William G. Schauffler, Jr. 


(Until May, 1926.) 

Alexander M. Hudnut, Esquire, 

Charles Lathrop Pack, LL.D., 

Reverend Sylvester W. Beach, D.D. 

Honorary Life Member of the Council. 
William Armstrong Halsey, Esquire. 



Historical Committee. 

Alexander Hudnut, Esquire, 

Professor Arthur Adams, Ph.D., 

George de Benneville Keim, Esquire, (ex officio). 

House Cowimittee. 

Colonel William Libbey, Sc.D., 

Honorable Charles Wolcott Parker, LL.D., 

Major Charles Franklin Adams, M.D. 

Library Committee. 

Charles Lathrop Pack, LL.D., 

Professor Arthur Adams, Ph.D., 

Captain Chauncey Ryder McPherson. 

Commuttee on Nom^inations. 

Colonel William Gray Schauffler, M.D., Chairman, 

William Frederick Dix, Esquire, 

Hon. Charles Wolcott Parker, LL.D., 

Colonel William Libbey, Sc.D., 

John Lenord Merrill, Esquire, 

Farnham Yardley, Esquire, 

Robert Munro Boyd, Jr., Esquire. 

Color Guard. 

Alexander Malieu Hudnut, Esquire, 

Philip M. Parker, Esquire, 

Lieutenant Francis L. Bergen, 

Lieutenant Goulding K. Wight, 

Lieutenant Wilson Irving Adams, 

Captain Arthur Newton Pack. 





1 894- 1 924. 


General Edward Burd Grubb, 1894-1900 

Emory McClintock, 1900-1904 

William Morris Deen, 1904-1906 

William Gray Schauffler, M.D., 1906-1909 

William Frederick Dix, i 909-1 911 

Hon. Charles Wolcott Parker, 1911-1913 

Professor William Libbey, Sc.D., 1913-1916 

John Lenord Merrill, 1916-1918 

Farnham Yardley, 19 18-1920 

Robert Munro Boyd, Jr., 1920-1922 

Major Washington Irving Lincoln Adams. 1922- 


General William Scudder Stryker, i 894-1 899 

William Morris Deen, i 899-1 904 

Hon. Frank Obadiah Briggs, 1904-1906 

Joel Francis Freeman, 1906-1909 

George Cummins Thomas, 1909-1911 

Professor William Libbey, Sc.D., 1911-1913 

Farnham Yardley, 1913-1916 

Robert Munro Boyd, Jr., 1916-1919 

Major Washington Irving Lincoln Adams, 1919-1922 

Edmund LeBreton Gardner. 1922- 

Walter Chandler, 
William Morris Deen, 
Emory McClintock, 
Hon. Frank Obadiah Briggs, 

I 894- I 897 
I 897-1 899 
I 899-1 900 
I 900-1 904 


Hon. Franklin Murphy, 1904-1906 
Professor Charles Greene Rock wood, Ph.D., i 906-1 909 

Hamilton Wright Mabie, LL.D., L.H.D., 1909-1911 

Henry Arthur Griffin, M.D., 1911-1913 

Robert Munro Boyd, Jr., 1913-1916 

Washington Irving Lincoln Adams, 1916-1919 

Edmund Le Breton Gardner, 1919-1922 

Horace Franklin Nixon. 1922- 


George Ellsworth Koues, 

John Eyerman, 

John Lenord Merrill, 

Horace Franklin Nixon, 

Yorke Allen, 

Horace Franklin Nixon, 

Captain Chauncey Ryder McPherson. 

I 91 9-1 922 

William Morris Deen, 
George Sanford Wylie, 
Charles Arthur Greene, 
W. I. Lincoln Adams, 
General Wilbur Fiske Sadler, Jr., 
Edmund Le Breton Gardner, 
Thomas Wright Williams. 


The Rev. Frank L. Humphreys, S.T.D., 
Hon. Frank Obadiah Briggs, 
George Christian Kobbe, 
William Frederick Dix, 
William Gray Schauffler, M.D., 
Edward Everett Clapp, 
Professor Arthur Adams, Ph.D. 


I 897- I 900 

I 894- I 897 
I 897-1 900 
I 900- I 905 

Howard Coghill, 

Rev. Frank L. Humphreys, S.T.D., 
Rev. Ashbel Green Vermilye, D.D. 
Charlton T. Lewis, Ph.D., LL.D., 
William Gray Schauffler, M.D., 
Professor William Libbey, Sc.D., 
Robert Munro Boyd, Jr., 
Alexander Malieu Hudnut, 
John Brewer Wight, 
George de. Benneville Keim. 

I 897- I 899 
I 904-1 906 

Rev. Ashbel Green Vermilye, D.D., 
Rev. Professor Charles Woodruff Shields, 


D.D., LL.D., 


Rev. Cyrus Townsend Brady, 

I 904-1 906 

Rev. Charles Harris Hayes, D.D., 


Rev. Cornelius Brett, D.D., 


Rev. Charles E. Hutchison, D.D. 



Clifford Stanley Sims, 


George Cummins Thomas, 

1 896-1 909 

Hon. Charles Wolcott Parker, 


William Ford Upson, 


RuFus William Sprague, Jr., 


Major Louis Irving Reichner. 



William Gray Schauffler, M.D., 


George Herbert Richards, M.D., 


Henry Leber Coit, M.D., 


Henry Arthur Griffin, M.D., 


Henry Leber Coit, M.D., 


George Fales Baker, M.D. 



Gentlemen of the Council. 

PiERREPONT Edwards, 

William John Potts, 

Malcolm Macdonald, 

George Sanford Wylie, 

William Fellowes Morgan, 1895-1898. 

Hon. Frank Obadiah Briggs, 

Charles Burnham Squier, 

George Cltmmins Thomas, 

Bradford Darrach, 

Thomas William Milnor, 

George Christian Kobbe, 

Townsend Burnet Baldwin, 

John Eyerman, 

Augustus Cornwall Downing, 

George Ellsworth Koues, 

Emory McClintock, 

Professor Charles Greene Rockwood, Ph.D., 

General Edward Burd Grubb, 
Hon. Franklin Murphy, 
Alden Freeman, 
John Farr, 

William Armstrong Halsey, 
Augustus Lefebvre Revere, 
William Frederick Dix, 
Benjamin Shepard, 
Mason Whiting Tyler, 
Farnham Yardley, 

John Lenord Merrill, 
Hamilton Wright Mabie, LL.D., L.H.D., 
Hon. Charles Wolcott Parker, LL.D., 
Franklin Murphy, Jr., 

I 894-1 901 
I 894-1 897 


I 896-1 906 

I 896-1900 

I 897-1 906 


I 897- I 900 





I 900-1 902 

I 900-1 904 





I 902- I 904 


I 905-1906 



I 907- I 909 


I 907-1 909 



Edward Olmsted. 1909-1912 

Rev. Cornelius Brett, D.D., 1910-1918 
W. I. Lincoln Adams, 1910, 1915-1916 

Edmund LeBreton Gardner, 1910-1916 

Edward Packard Holden, 1913-1923 

Professor Edward Plimpton Adams, Ph.D., 1913-1915 
George de Benneville Keim, 1914-1917. 1921-1923 
Horace Franklin Nixon, 1914-1916. 1918-1922 

Hon. James J. Bergen, 1914-1924 

Thomas Wright Williams, 1915-1919 

General Wilbur Fiske Sadler, Jr., 1916. 

Harry Peake MacDonald, 1916-1919 

Alexander Malieu Hudnut, 1917- 

John Hobart Sprague, 1917-1919 

Morris Rutherford, 191 8- 

Archie Harwood Loomis, 1919- 

General Thomas Stryker Chambers, 1917-1919 

The Hon. Benjamin Franklin Howell, 1919-1921 

Hon. Charles Lathrop Pack, 1920- 

RuFus William Sprague, Jr., 1920- 

Major William Gray Schauffler, Jr., 1922- 

Charles Lee Myers, 1922- 

Rev. Sylvester W. Beach, D.D. 1923- 




Society of Colonial Wars 


State of New Jersey. 


WHEREAS, It is eminently proper that the prominent 
events of our Colonial history from the settlement of 
Jamestown, Va., May 13, 1607, to the battle of Lexing- 
ton, April 19, 1775, should be duly commemorated, and, 

Whereas, Our forefathers, following the dictates of their 
consciences, and in order to secure civil and religious liberty, 
imperiled their lives in the founding and maintenance of the 
Colonies of America, and, 

Whereas, The embodiment of their fundamental ideas is our 
Declaration of Independence, and the final result of their labors 
is the United States of America, 

Now, therefore, we, their descendants, in order to perpetu- 
ate the memory of our ancestors, and to preserve for all times 
the names and deeds of those who, by their acts and counsel, 
assisted in the establishment and maintenance of the American 
Colonies, do hereby constitute ourselves the Society of Colonial 
Wars in the State of New Jersey, to the end that it may collect 
and preserve the manuscripts, records, and other documents 
relating to that period, that it may erect memorials commem- 
orating persons and events of the Colonial Period, and may 
advance the study of Colonial History through publication of 
original documents of importance and historical works of merit, 
that it may inspire in these ways its members and their de- 
scendants with the fraternal and patriotic spirit of their fore- 
fathers, and that it may perpetuate those national characteristics 
by which alone the unity and liberty of our country have been 
secured, and by which alone they can be maintained and 
preserved. m m ^^ 

ARTICLE I. 1401507 


This Society shall be known by the name and title of the 
"Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey." 




Any male person above the age of twenty-one years, of good 
moral character and reputation, shall be eligible to membership 
in the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, 
provided he be lineally descended in the male or female line 
from an ancestor : 

1. Who served as a military or naval officer, or as a soldier, 
sailor, or marine, or as a privateersman, under authority of any 
of the Colonies which afterward formed the United States, or 
in the forces of Great Britain which participated with those of 
the said Colonies in any wars in which the said Colonies were 
engaged, or in which they enrolled men, during the period from 
the settlement of Jamestown, May 13, 1607, to the battle of 
Lexington, April 19, 1775 ; or 

2. Who held office in any of the Colonies between the dates 
above mentioned, as 

(a) Director General, Vice-Director General, or member of 
the Council, or legislative body, in the Colony of the New 
Netherland ; 

(b) Governor, Lieutenant or Deputy Governor, Lord Pro- 
prietor, member of the King's or Governor's Council, or of the 
legislative body, in the Colony of New York, the Jerseys, Vir- 
ginia, Pennsylvania, or Delaware ; 

(c) Lord Proprietor, Governor, Deputy Governor, or mem- 
ber of the Council, or of the legislative body, in Maryland, the 
Carolinas, or Georgia; 

(d) Governor, Deputy Governor, Governor's Assistant, or 
Commissioner to the United Colonies of New England, or mem- 
ber of the Council, body of Assistants, or legislative body, in 
any of the New England Colonies. 

One collateral representative of a qualifying ancestor shall 
be eligible for membership, provided there be no lineal de- 
scendant, and provided that such person be the oldest collateral 
representative in the male line of this ancestor, or has filed 



with the Secretary General of the Society written renunciation 
from all persons having prior claim to consideration. 

Membership in the Society shall not be held completed until 
the application papers relating thereto have been approved by 
the Registrar General. 

Membership shall be hereditary in the male line of the 
present members of this Society and of those who may here- 
after be elected, subject to the vote of the Council upon the 
moral qualifications of the applicant. 

There shall be paid into the treasury of the Society by per- 
sons so admitted a sum equal to one-half of the usual initiation 

There shall be no honorary memberships in the Society of 
Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, but the Council 
may, from time to time, remit, in whole or in part, the annual 
dues of a worthy member of the Society.^ 



The initiation fee shall be fifteen dollars, the annual dues 
ten dollars, payable on the first day of June of each year, pro- 
vided that members elected after the October meeting of the 
Council shall pay one-half the yearly dues to the following May. 
The payment at one time of one hundred dollars shall thence- 
forth exempt the member so paying from the payment of 
annual dues. 



The officers of the Society shall be a Governor, a Deputy- 
Governor, a Lieutenant-Governor, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a 
Registrar, an Historian, a Chaplain, a Chancellor, and a 

*The dues of the clerical members have been fixed by the Council 
at five dollars annually. 




Section i. Council. — The Council of this Society shall con- 
sist of the officers of the Society named in Article IV; the 
Ex-Governors of this Society; the Deputy-Governor-General 
from this Society; General Officers, who are members of 
the New Jersey Society; Members of the Society who have 
served as officers for ten consecutive years; and nine members, 
who shall be called Gentlemen of the Council, three of whom 
shall be elected annually as hereinafter provided. 

Section 2. Committees. — At the first meeting of the Coun- 
cil, after the election of officers in each year, the Council shall 
appoint : 

(a) An Historical Committee, consisting of three members of 
whom the Historian shall be one ex-ofUcio. This Committee 
shall have charge under the direction of the Council, of the 
marking of historic sites, the collection of historic documents, 
and the publication of historical works. 

{h) A House Committee, consisting of three members, to 
have charge of the Society's room in the Old Barracks at Tren- 
ton and to have custody of the Society's property contained in 
the Barracks. 

(c) A Library Committee, consisting of three members, who 
shall have charge of the Library of the Society. 

{d) A Committee on Nominations consisting of at least 
seven members. All the Ex-Governors of this Society shall 
be members of this Committee. 

It shall be the duty of the Committee on Nominations to 
report to the Secretary at least two months before the General 
Court held in May each year, a list of names to be voted upon 
at the ensuing election. 

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to send, at least two 
weeks before such General Court, to each member of the 
Society, a notice of the meeting, together with a list of 


But nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent 
any further nominations by any member. 



The officers above named, except the Deputy-Governor- 
General, together with three Gentlemen of the Council, shall be 
elected annually by ballot at the General Court of the Society in 
the month of May. A majority of the votes cast shall elect, 
and said officers shall serve for the period of one year, and 
until their successors shall be duly elected and qualify. Gentle- 
men of the Council shall serve for three years. 

The Governor, Deputy-Governor, and Lieutenant-Governor, 
after two years of continuous service in their respective offices, 
shall be ineligible for election to succeed themselves. 

Prior to every regular triennial meeting of the General As- 
sembly a Deputy-Governor-General shall be appointed by the 
Council of this Society. The Deputy-Governor-General so ap- 
pointed, upon confirmation by the General Society, shall hold 
office from one triennial meeting of the General Assembly until 
the next triennial meeting of the General Assembly, and shall 
not be eligible to succeed himself. 

Vacancies in the Council, caused by death, resignation, or 
otherwise, shall be filled for the residue of the current year by 
the Council, at a regular meeting or at a special meeting called 
therefor. If the vacancy so filled shall be that of a Gentleman 
of the Council whose term would have extended beyond the 
current year, the next annual General Court shall fill the 
vacancy for the remainder of the unexpired term. And should 
any member of the Council be absent, without an excuse satis- 
factory to the Council, from three consecutive meetings of the 
Council, his place may be declared vacant by the Council and 
filled as above provided. 




The Governor, or in his absence, the Deputy-Governor, or in 
the absence of both, the Lieutenant-Governor, shall preside at 
all meetings of the Society or of the Council. The Governor 
shall be a member, ex-ofUcio, of all Committees except the 
Committee on Nominations. He shall have the power, in his 
discretion, to convene special meetings of the Council or of 
the Society, and must do the former on the written request of 
five members of the Council, and the latter on the written 
request of seven members of the Society. 



The Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of 
the Society, and keep a record thereof. He shall notify, in 
writing, candidates of their election, and perform such other 
duties as the Society or his office may require. 

He shall have charge of the seal, certificate of incorporation, 
by-laws, and records of the Society, other than those required 
to be deposited with the Registrar. He shall notify the Regis- 
trar and Treasurer of all admissions to membership. He shall 
certify all acts of the Society, and when required, authenticate 
them under seal. He shall give due notice of the time and place 
of the holding of all Courts of the Society and of the meetings 
of the Council, and shall incorporate in said notice the names 
of all applicants for membership to be voted on at meetings of 
the Council. He shall keep records of all the proceedings and 
orders of the Society and Council, and shall give notice to 
each officer who may be affected by them of all votes, resolu- 
tions, and proceedings of the Society or of the Council, and 
at the General Court or oftener, shall report the names of those 
candidates who have been admitted to membership and those 


whose resignations have been accepted, and of those members 
who have been expelled for cause, or for failure to substantiate 
claims of descent. In his absence from any meeting, a 
Secretary pro tern, may be designated therefor. 



The Treasurer shall collect and keep the funds and securities 
of the Society and shall deposit them in a bank designated by 
the Council, to the credit of the Society of Colonial Wars in the 
State of New Jersey. Such funds shall be withdrawn by check 
of the Treasurer solely for the purposes of the Society. From 
these funds he shall pay such sums only as may be ordered by 
the Society or Council or as his office may require. He shall 
keep a true account of his receipts and payments, and at each 
annual meeting render the same to the Society. For the faith- 
ful performance of his duty he may be required to give such 
security as the Society may deem proper. 

All sums received from initiation and life membership fees 
shall be held by the Treasurer in trust to invest and keep 
invested under the direction of the Council, and all disburse- 
ments whether of principal or income therefrom shall be made 
only upon a two-thirds vote of a meeting of the Council for 
the purposes of the Society. 



The Registrar shall receive from the Secretary and file all the 
applications and proofs upon which membership has been 
granted, and all documents which the Council may direct; and 
he, under the direction of the Council, shall make and retain 
copies of such papers as the owners may not be willing to leave 
in the keeping of the Society. 




The Historian on request of the Council shall prepare and 
present detailed record of all historical and other commemora- 
tive celebrations of the Society. 

He shall edit such historical addresses and papers as the 
Society may see fit to publish. He shall present each year the 
necrology of the Society with biographical accounts of the 
deceased members. 

He shall be a member of the Historical Committee. 



The Chaplain shall be an ordained minister of a Christian 
Church, and it shall be his duty to officiate when called upon 
by the proper ofiBcers. 



The Chancellor shall be a lawyer duly admitted to the bar. 
It shall be his duty to give legal opinion on matters aiifecting 
the Society when requested by the Governor or Council. 



The Surgeon shall be a practising Physician, or hold a 
diploma from some College of Medicine of established 



Members shall be elected by the Council, and the procedure 
shall be as follows: 


A candidate shall be proposed to the Council by one member 
of the Society and seconded by another, to both of whom he 
shall be personally known. Such proposal shall be in writing 
and signed by the proposer and seconder, and accompanied by 
their personal letters of information and recommendation. The 
proposal shall be endorsed on, or embodied in, formal applica- 
tion papers to be executed in duplicate on blanks to be fur- 
nished by the Secretary, showing in detail the services of the 
ancestor upon whom the candidate bases his claim for admis- 
sion to the Society, the line of descent from the ancestor, and 
the personal history of the candidate. These papers when 
properly filled out and sworn to by the applicant or by a proper 
person in his behalf, shall be sent with such proof of qualifica- 
tion as the case may require to the Secretary. The Secretary 
shall thereupon notify each member of the Council of the name 
and address of the applicant and the names of his proposer and 
seconder, and shall transmit the application papers to the 
Registrar for examination and report as to the applicant's 
ancestral qualifications ; if such report be adverse the applicant 
shall be notified, and the application shall be considered as 
rejected unless the Council shall determine to make further 
investigation of the claim, on which its decision shall be final. 
In case of doubt as to the applicant's ancestral qualifications, 
the case may be referred by the Council to the Registrar Gen- 
eral of the General Society for advice. 

The Council shall investigate the personal qualifications of 
the candidate. Any member of the Council having objection 
to his election or to immediate action on his name shall notify 
the Secretary in writing or orally of such objection, in which 
case no further proceedings shall be taken on the application 
until so directed by the Council at a meeting. If no objection 
shall have been received by the Secretary from any member 
of the Council at least two weeks before the Council meeting 
at which the application would be considered in the absence of 
objection, and if the report of the Registrar on the ancestral 
qualification be favorable, then at least ten days before such 


Council meeting the Secretary shall mail to every other mem- 
ber of the Society a notice of the candidacy of such applicant. 
Any member having objection to the election of such proposed 
member may submit his objection in writing to the Secretary, 
who shall present the same with the application for the consid- 
eration and information of the Council at their first meeting 
after the receipt of such information. All such communica- 
tions and any and all matters pertaining thereto, shall be treated 
as confidential. No applicant shall be voted on who is not per- 
sonally known to at least two members of the Council. An 
applicant receiving two negative votes when his application is 
voted on, shall fail of election. Upon the election of a member 
his application papers shall be transmitted to and one of the 
said papers preserved by the Registrar, the other being for- 
warded to the Registrar General. If the applicant be a resident 
within the jurisdiction of another State Society, his application 
for membership in this Society shall not be considered without 
a waiver of jurisdiction in writing from the Council of the 
State Society within whose jurisdiction he resides. Payment 
of the initiation fees and dues, and subscription to the Consti- 
tution of the General Society of Colonial Wars and to the 
Constitution and By-laws of this Society, shall be a pre- 
requisite to membership. 

Supplemental applications shall not be considered until the 
applicant has become a member of the Society, when supple- 
mental lines of descent will be acted upon, subject to the above 
requirements as to eligibility. 



Every member shall declare upon honor that he will use 
his best efforts to promote the purposes of the Society of 
Colonial Wars, and will observe the "Constitution and by-laws" 
of the same, and of the General Society; and that he will 
support the Constitution of the United States of America, and 


of the State of New Jersey. Such declaration shall be in 
writing and subscribed by the member making it. 



At every General Court or meeting of the Council the pur- 
poses of the Society shall be considered, and the best measures 
to promote them adopted. No party political question of the 
day, or existing controversial religious subject, shall be dis- 
cussed or considered at any Court of the Society or meeting 
of the Council. 



The Society shall from time to time hold celebrations com- 
memorative of events of Colonial history. A dinner shall be 
held in connection with the Annual Court. 



The seal of the Society shall be the Arms of the Province, 
surmounted by a crown, and described as follows : 

Within a beaded annulet a title scroll 1607 — Society of 
Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey — 1775, and in base 
the motto "Fortiter Pro Patria." Over all a shield bearing the 
Provincial Arms ^ of New Jersey, surmounted by a crown. 

The Secretary shall be the custodian of the Seal. 

*The Arms of the Province of New Jersey are thus described in 
Article XVI of the Constitution of the General Society of Colonial 
Wars, in the description of the Great Seal of the General Society: 
Quarterly, first, England impaling Scotland; second, France; third, 
Ireland; fourth, per pale and per chevron, first, gules, two lions pas- 
sant guardant in pale or, for Brunswick ; second, or semee of hearts, a 
lion rampant azure, for Lunenburgh ; third, gules, a horse courant 
argent, for Westphalia; over all an inescutcheon gules, charged with 
the crown of Charlemagne. 




Sec. I. The insignia officially adopted by the General So- 
ciety shall be worn as a decoration only, and in the manner 
prescribed by the General Society, and only on occasions of 
dress and ceremony, and never as an ornament or article of 
jewelry; any member offending against the provisions of 
this article shall be liable to expulsion by the Council, in which 
case his insignia shall be forfeited, and must be returned to 
the Treasurer, who is authorized to pay such expelled member 
the cost of same. 

Sec. 2. Applications for insignia shall be made through the 
Treasurer of this Society, who shall keep a record of all 
insignia issued through him. 

Sec. 3. The insignia of any member who may resign or 
be expelled shall be returned to the Treasurer, except in the 
case where a member in good standing in this Society resigns 
therefrom but retains his membership in any one of the other 
State Societies in good standing with the General Society. No 
member shall receive more than one insignia, except to replace 
one lost, proof of which must be satisfactorily established, and 
the new one paid for. 



The flag of the Society shall consist of the red cross of 
St. George on a white field, bearing in the centre the escutcheon 
or seal of the Society. 



The Annual Court of the Society shall be held in the month 
of May in each year at such time and place as the Council shall 



decide. Twelve members of the Society shall be a quorum for 
the transaction of business, and the proceedings shall be in 
accordance with parliamentary law. 

Special Courts may be called by the Governor at such time, 
and at such place, as in his opinion the interest of the Society 
may demand, or as provided for under Article VII. 

Notices of the holding of Special Courts must be sent out 
at least six days before the date of the meeting of the Court. 


First. Calling to order by the Presiding Officer. 

Second. Prayer by Chaplain. 

Third. Reading of Minutes. 

Fourth. Reports of Officers and Committees. 

Fifth. Unfinished Business. 

Sixth. New Business. 

Seventh. Communications. 

Eighth. Election of Officers and Committees. 

Ninth. Benediction and Adjournment. 



At the General Court held in the years preceding the stated 
meetings of the General Assembly of the General Society, this 
Society shall elect from its members five delegates and five 
alternates, or provide for their selection in some other manner, 
to serve three years, and until their successors are elected and 
qualify, to represent this Society at all Meetings of the Gen- 
eral Assembly held during their term of office. Any vacancy 
in the number of delegates by reason of death, resignation, or 
otherwise shall be filled by the alternates in the order in which 
their names appeared in the ballot at their election, as tran- 
scribed in the minutes. The Council shall have power to fill 
any vacancy in the number of alternates, to serve until the next 


Court at which delegates and alternates are elected according to 
the provisions of this Article. 



The Council shall meet in January, April, June, and October, 
at such time and place as they may appoint, either within or 
without the State of New Jersey. Five members shall con- 
stitute a quorum for all business. 

The Council shall have the power to call special Courts of 
the Society and arrange for celebrations by the Society. They 
shall have control and management of the affairs and funds of 
the Society. They shall at no time be required to take any 
action or contract any debt for which they shall be liable. They 
may accept the resignation of any member of the Society. 

They may submit to the Society annually a report of their 
proceedings during the past year. The Council shall have the 
power to drop from the roll the name of any member of the 
Society who shall be at least two years in arrears, and who 
shall fail to pay the same within sixty days after notice in 
writing. On being dropped, his membership shall cease; but 
he may be restored to membership at any time by the Council 
upon his written application and the payment of all arrears to 
the date of his restoration. The Council may suspend any 
officer for cause, which must be reported to the Society, and 
action taken on the same within thirty days by the Society. 



The resignation of a member shall not become effective 
unless accepted by the Council. The Council may restore to 
membership, upon his written application, any person whose 
resignation has been accepted. 




No person enrolled as a member of this Society shall be 
permitted to continue in membership if proof of descent or 
of the service of his ancestor be found defective. The Council 
after thirty days' notice to such person to substantiate his 
claim, upon his failure satisfactorily so to do, may require the 
Secretary to erase his name from the membership list. 

The said person shall have a right to appeal to the Society 
at its next Court. If the appeal be sustained by a two-thirds 
vote of the members present at the Court, the person's name 
shall be restored to the membership list. 



Any member for conduct detrimental or antagonistic to the 
interest or purposes of the Society, or for other just cause, 
may be suspended or expelled from the Society. But no mem- 
ber shall be expelled or suspended unless written charges be 
preferred against such member to or by direction of the 

The Council shall give thirty days' notice in writing of such 
charges, and afford such member reasonable opportunity to 
appear with counsel and be heard and refute the same. The 
Council, after hearing such charges and refutation, may, by a 
two-thirds vote, recommend to the Society the suspension or 
expulsion of such member, and if the recommendation of the 
Council be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members of 
the Society present at such Court, he shall be so suspended or 
expelled. If expelled, the insignia of said member shall there- 
upon be returned to the Treasurer of the Society, and his rights 
therein shall be extinguished or suspended. In case of expul- 
sion, the Treasurer shall refund to the said member the amount 
paid for the said insignia. 

Whenever, for any reason satisfactory to the Society-at- 
large, the resignation of any member shall be requested by 
resolution adopted by unanimous vote of all other members 


present at a meeting of the Society held upon notice specifying 
that such resolution will be offered, and such member shall fail 
or refuse to resign within thirty days after notice of the pas- 
sage of such resolution, the name of such member shall be 
dropped from the roll of the Society without the presentation 
of charges. In such case the insignia shall be returned and paid 
for as in case of expulsion. 



It shall be the duty of every member to inform the Secretary 
by written communication of his place of residence and of any 
change thereof, and of his post-office address. Service of any 
notice under the Constitution or By-laws, on any member, may 
be made by depositing the same in the mail, postage prepaid, 
addressed to such member. 



No alterations of, or amendment to, this Constitution shall 
be made unless notice specifying the proposed alteration or 
amendment shall have been given in writing, signed by the 
member proposing the same, at a Court of the Society. 

The Secretary shall send a copy of the proposed alteration 
or amendment to each member of the Society, and state the 
Court at which the same will be voted upon. No amendment 
or alteration of the said amendment shall be made unless 
adopted by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the 
Court voting upon the same. 



The insignia of the Society shall consist of a badge, pendant 
by a gold crown and ring from a watered silk ribbon one inch 
and a half wide, of red, bordered with white and edged with 


red. The badge shall be surrounded by a laurel wreath in gold 
and shall consist of : 

Obverse: A white enameled star of nine points bordered with 
red enamel, having between the points nine shields, each dis- 
playing an emblem of one of the nine original colonies; and, 
within a blue enameled garter bearing the motto : "Fortiter Pro 
Patria," an Indian's head in gold relievo. 

Reverse: The star above described, but with gold edge, each 
shield between the points displaying a mullet, and in the center, 
within an annulet of blue, bearing the title "Society of Colonial 
Wars, 1607- 1775," the figure of a colonial soldier in gold 
relievo. The reverse of the crown of each badge shall bear an 
engraved number, corresponding to that of the registered num- 
ber of the member to whom such insignia have been issued. 

The insignia shall be worn by the members on any occasion 
when they assemble for a stated purpose or celebration, and 
may be worn on any occasion of ceremony. It shall be worn 
conspicuously on the left breast. Members who are or have 
been officers of a State Society, including Gentlemen of the 
Council, may wear the badge with three jewels in the crown 
suspended from a regulation ribbon around the neck. Mem- 
bers who are or have been officers of the General Society may 
wear a sash (ribbon) of the Society's colors, three and one- 
half inches in width, extending from the right shoulder to the 
left hip, with the badge pendant at the intersection of its ends 
over the hip. The insignia shall be worn only as prescribed in 
this Article, and in accordance with regulations adopted from 
time to time by the General Council. 

A rosette or button of the size now in use, or of a miniature 
size, of red watered silk with white thread edging may be 
worn on occasions other than formal in the upper buttonhole 
of the left lapel of the coat, provided it be not worn with other 
insignia of the Society. 

The Regulations of the General Society of Colonial Wars 
governing the wearing of the Insignia of the Society are 


printed on pages 59-69 of the 1917 Book of the Society of 
Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey, to which the reader g| 
is referred for details. A pamphlet containing the regulations 
may be had on application to the Secretary General. For the 
dignity of the Society it is recommended that gentlemen of 
the Society observe the regulations scrupulously. 


Insignia in gold (with ribbon) . . . . Thirty-one dollars and 

seventy-five cents. 

Insignia in silver gilt (with ribbon) Sixteen dollars. 

When either of the above is jew- 
eled an additional charge of Seven dollars. 

Neck ribbon with gold suspend- 
ing ring (for State Officers) . . . .Four dollars and fifty cents. 

Broad ribbon with standard finish 

(for General Officers) Six dollars. 

Rosettes are issued to State Secre- 
taries or State Treasurers at the 
rate of five for one dollar and are 
to be issued to members by State 
Secretaries or State Treasurers, 
each at Twenty-five cents. 

Miniature rosettes are issued to 
State Secretaries or State Treas- 
urers at the rate of five for one 
dollar and are to be issued to 
members by State Secretaries or 
State Treasurers, each at Twenty-five cents. 

Members may obtain rosettes of either pattern from the 

Members may secure the member's ribbon, the insignia in 
gold, the insignia in silver gilt, or the miniature insignia from 
the Treasurer General through the Treasurer. 

The jewels which may be added to the badge when used by 



officers of State Societies are a ruby, a diamond, and a sapphire 
set in the order named (from right to" left of the wearer). 

Officers of State Societies may secure the neck ribbon from 
the Treasurer General through the Treasurer. 

Officers of the General Society may secure the broad ribbon 
from the Treasurer General through the Secretary General. 

No article of decoration above listed can be obtained from 
the jewelers except upon written order signed by the Treasurer 

Under no circumstances can orders from individual mem- 
bers be filled by the Treasurer General. In all cases applica- 
tions must be made to the Treasurer of the State Society (to the 
Secretary General in the case of General Officers) who will make 
requisition upon the Treasurer General for the article desired. 

The State Treasurer will enclose cheques payable to the order 
of the Treasurer General when ordering any of the Society's 
decorations, and when insignia are ordered the applicant's State 
enrollment number must be given, accompanied by his signed 

*The General Council respectfully points out that the pres- 
tige and influence of the Society much depends upon the en- 
thusiastic loyalty of the members everywhere to those great 
principles which look for origin to American Colonial history. 
In the multiplication of patriotic societies, representing other 
periods and having different aims from those for which we 
stand, it is deemed peculiarly important that every member 
should possess and should use on all suitable occasions the 
emblems and insignia of this Society. It is hoped that mem- 
bers who may not have procured insignia already will do so. 
It is desirable that care be exercised and effort made by all 
members to see to it, that in whatever makes for public recog- 
nition this Society shall stand second to none." 

Extract from Circular of Information on the Insignia: issued 
by the late Edward Shippen, Treasurer General 1895- 1904. 



At three o'clock on the afternoon of October 9th, 1920, the 
Society assembled at the Montclair Open Air Theatre in Mont- 
clair, New Jersey, for the purpose of honoring those of its 
members who, by enlistment in the armed forces, or by other 
valuable services, assisted the United States of America in the 
successful prosecution of the World War. 

Invitations to the ceremony had been issued to the General 
Officers of the Society of Colonial Wars, to the members of 
the New York and the Pennsylvania societies, and to the mem- 
bers of the New Jersey Societies of Colonial Dames, Mayflower 
Descendants, Order of Founders and Patriots, Daughters of 
Founders and Patriots, the Cincinnati, Daughters of the Amer- 
ican Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, Daughters 
of the Revolution, Sons of the Revolution, Daughters of the 
War of 1812, American Wars, Military Order of Foreign Wars, 
Grand Army of the RepubHc, and the American Legion. 

Governor Robert M. Boyd received the officers and the 
colors of the visiting societies : 

Colonel William Whitehead Ladd, Governor General, Society 
of Colonial Wars. 

Arthur Lovell, Esq., Vice President, Society of Mayflower 
Descendants in the State of New Jersey. 

William Frederick Dix, Esq., Governor, New Jersey Society 
of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America. 

Miss Agnes Blackfan, President, New Jersey Society of the 
Daughters of the Founders and Patriots of America. 

Mrs. Charles A. Latham, Regent, New Jersey Society of the 
Daughters of the Revolution. 



Certificate of Merit 

Tin: (ji:xi:ral S()( nrrv or ( olomal \\ars 

ff //w/N/'rf'oJ/Ar'Jfjf'fr//A //'<' rfr/jr//f///f>/f fy /A/'J/'^///i>/f//,/r>f/ff/rf//// 
/// //z' /Lr/r//'Lr 19/7 -//J19 

^yfUf/'. Jffrr/,P /t^ ///fHf.}¥fM4S^,My/ff//u/ty//'ff/ff/tf//>.f/t^A'f^f a/f//fy///f 

^•/?i-^ cx^XTTTi o^^^:^„ 



Mrs. Henry D. Fitts, Regent, New Jersey Society of the 

Daughters of the American Revolution. 
Rev. Lyman Whitney Allen, President, New Jersey Society 

of the Sons of the American Revolution. 
Marshal W. Greene, Esq., Commander of the New Jersey 

Commandery of the Society of American Wars. 
Colonel Thomas D. Landon, Commander of the New Jersey 

Commandery of the Military Order of Foreign Wars. 
Mrs. Robert Chester Maxwell, President of the New Jersey 

Society of the U. S. Daughters of 1812. 
Mrs. Holmes Condict Jackson, Regent of the Nova Csesarea 

Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 
Other distinguished guests of the occasion included: Charles 
A. Ditmar, Esq., President of the Kings County Historical 
Society; Assemblyman Elroy Headley of New Jersey; Hon. 
Howard F. McConnell, Mayor of Montclair; and Don C. 
Bliss, Esq., Superintendent of the Public Schools of Montclair. 
Governor General Ladd presented thirty-one War Insignia 
of the Society, the recipients appearing in their uniforms. 
Thirty-nine Certificates of Merit were distributed by the Gov- 
ernor General. 

Respectfully submitted, 

John Lenord Merrill, Chairman 
Major W. I. Lincoln Adams 
Lieut. Chauncey Ryder McPherson 
Hon. Charles Wolcott Parker 





Montdair Open Air Theatre, Montclair 
October 9th, 1920 


Invocation Rev. Dr. Charles E. Hutchison 

Chaplain of the Society 


Pledge to the Flag 

National Anthem 

Purposes of Society of Colonial Wars in the State 

OF New Jersey Horace Franklin Nixon, Esq. 

Secretary of the Society 

Address of Welcome Robert Munro Boyd, Jr., Esq. 

Governor of the Society 

Address Colonel Wm. Whitehead Ladd 

Governor General of the General Society of Colonial Wars 

Decoration of Members of the Society of Colonial 
Wars in the State of New Jersey who served with 
the Military or Naval Forces of the United States in 
the World War 

''The Army and Navy Forever" 

Presentation of Certificates of Merit to Members of 
the Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jer- 
sey who, in other capacities, assisted the Government 
in the successful prosecution of the World War 

"The Battle Hymn of the Republic" 

Benediction By the Chaplain 



Honor Roll 
Society of Colonial Wars 


State of New Jersey 

Services of Members of the Society 

During the World War 


Military or Naval Service 

Charles Franklin Adams 

Commissioned ist Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. A., 
April 5, 1917; promoted Captain February 12, 1918; Major, 
March 11, 1918. Served at Base Hospital Camp Greene, N. C, 
as Chief of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Department; President 
Aviation Examining Board and member of Board for Examina- 
tion of Officers ordered overseas. Discharged, March 20, 19 19. 

Edwin Plimpton Adams 

Commissioned June 27, 19 17, Lieutenant in the Royal Engi- 
neers British Army; promoted Captain November 12, 191 7; 
served with the 3d Field Survey Battalion Royal Engineers on 
the 3d British Army Front in France. Decorated with the 
Order of the British Empire. Discharged March 30, 1919. 

Washington Irving Lincoln Adams 

Commissioned Major, Quartermaster Corps, U. S. A., January 
8, 191 7. Served at U. S. Army Building, New York City; at 
Governors Island, N. Y. ; and at Bush Terminal, having charge 
of Employment Bureau in N. Y. City, and finance and accounts 
elsewhere. Discharged August 20, 1918. 

Lewis Bacon Ballantyne 

Entered service, May 4, 1904, National Guards of New Jersey; 
served as Corporal, 1904; and Lieut. Cav., 191 3; ist Lieut. 
Cav., 1916; Capt. Cav., 1918; Maj. Cav., 1920; and Col. Cav., 
1 92 1, in 1st N. J. Cavalry, 104th Military Police, Headquar- 
ters Troop, 29th Division. With A. E. F. in defense sector 
Haute Alsace, 191 8, and Meuse-Argonne offensive, 19 18. 
Served on Mexican Border, 191 6. Demobilized from Federal 
Service, July i, 19 19. Present station, Newark, N. J., com- 
manding 102nd Reg. Cavalry, N. J. N. G. 

Herbert Barry 

Commissioned Major, Infantry, U. S. A., May, 191 8. Served 
with 105th Infantry, with Headquarters 27th Division, with 
2nd British Army Headquarters, and with Headquarters 2nd 



Army of the A. E. F. Served in Spartanburg, S. C; France, 
Belgium, and Luxemburg. Discharged in July, 19 19. 

Francis Livingston Bergen 

Enlisted in Air Service, U. S. A., July 19, 19 17. Commissioned 
1st Lieutenant, May 17, 19 18; served overseas from October 
26, 191 7; assigned as Staff Pilot 2nd Aviation Instruction 
Centre at Tours. Discharged September 2, 19 1 9. 

Bache Hamilton Brown 

Corix)ral of Troop B, Squadron A, New York Cavalry, at the 
beginning of the War; mustered into Federal Service in May, 
1917; commissioned ist Lieutenant, Signal Corps, U. S. A., 
September 17, 191 7 (Aviation Section). Served as Adjutant 
in 78th Aero Squadron, Air Service Concentration Barracks 
III, Base Section i, First Army Air Service Headquarters. In 
service at Air Service Camp, Mineola, Long Island; Win- 
chester, England; St. Maixent, and Colombey Les Belles, 
France. Served as Statistical, Personnel Officer, and Provost 
Marshal on the Staff of General Foulois. Took part in the 
engagements at St. Mihiel and the Argonne as Staff Officer to 
the Chief, Air Service, Zone of Advance, and Assistant Chief, 
Air Service, Zone of Advance. Sailed for France, November 
22, 191 7; relieved of duty and ordered home, November 30, 
1919; honorably discharged at Camp Meade, Maryland, Feb- 
ruary 22, 1919. 

Prescott le Breton Gardner 

Enlisted April 16, 1917, as Oiler in U. S. Naval Reserve Force; 
promoted 2d Class Machinist's Mate, March 15, 191 8. Served 
in Mechanical branch of Naval Aviation at Pelham Bay, at 
Rockaway Naval Station, and at Detroit. Placed on inactive 

John Barnard Gest, 2nd 

Commissioned 2d Lieutenant, Engineer Reserve Corps, U. S. A. 
July 5, 191 7. Placed on active duty September 2, 191 7. Served 
with 303d Engineers, 117th Engineers, 11 6th Engineers, and 
302 d Engineers, taking part in engagements in the Baccarat De- 


fensive Sector and Meuse-Argonne Drive in France. Discharged 
May 15, 1919. 

Henry Arthur Griffin, M. D. 

Entered the service of the U. S. October 10, 19 18, as Captain, 
Medical Corps, U. S. A. Served at U. S. Base Hospital, Camp 
Jackson, S. C, in the position of Sanitary Inspector, and at 
General Hospital, No. 36, Detroit, Mich., in general medical 
service; at General Hospital No. 31 at Carlisle, Pa., as Ex- 
ecutive Officer. Discharged September 13, 1920. 

George Wilson Grove. 

Graduated from the United States Naval Academy at 
Annapolis in the Class of 191 5, having been appointed a Mid- 
shipman July 8, 1911. Lieutenant, Junior Grade, U. S. N., 
June 5, 19 1 8, having served under temporary appointment as 
Lieutenant, Junior Grade, from July i, 1917, and as Lieu- 
tenant from October 15, 1917. Served on U. S. Ships Massa- 
chusetts, Idaho, Ohio, Connecticut, Michigan, Ericsson, Laub, 
Upsher, Barker, and Harding. Served as Junior Officer of 
the 5th Connecticut Landing Force, Haitian Campaign. En- 
gineer Officer, U. S. S. Ericsson (56), Queenstown Flotilla, 
U. S. Naval Forces operating in European Waters, December 
29, 1917, to August I, 1918. Received Haitian Campaign 
Medal, and World War (Destroyer) Medal. From Novem- 
ber, 191 8, to November, 1920, served with Atlantic Fleet, 
Pacific Fleet, and Air Forces on Destroyer service. Resigna- 
tion accepted November 16, 1920. 

Leslie Styer Grove. 

Trained for the United States Army Ambulance Service at 
Allentown, Pennsylvania, entering the service May 28, 1917- 
Left the United States August 23, 1917, and arrived overseas 
September 15, 1917. Served in France and Belgium. Took 
part in the engagements at the Noyon Sector, the Verdun 
Sector, Montdidier-Noyon Defensive, Compiegne Sector, 
Aisne-Marne Offensive, the Oise-Aisne Offensive, and the 


Ypres Offensive October 29, 1917, to November 10, 1918. 
Received the Croix de Guerre, divisional citation, Order 
No. 12,822, nth French Division. Left Brest, May 23, 1919, 
and reached the United States June 4, 19 19. Discharged 
June 7, 1919. 

Edward Burd Grubb 

Enhsted October 14, 191 7, as Private, Philadelphia City Troop, 
E. ; promoted second Lieutenant November 5, 191 8; served over- 
seas with 103rd Train, Headquarters 28th Division; took part 
in Argonne Offensive and Defensive ; gassed July 26 at Chateau 
Thierry; discharged April 27, 19 18. 

Washington Irving. 

Having served in the Navy as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade, 
he entered the service in the same capacity in the Fleet Re- 
serve, March 17, 191 7. He was made a Lieutenant, Fleet 
Reserve, June 30, 1918, and Lieutenant Commander, Septem- 
ber 17, 1919. He was first ordered to the Naval Training 
Station San Pedro, and assigned duty as Head of the Depart- 
ment of Navigation and Seamanship, Head of the Academic 
Board, and Commander of Cadets. Service afloat refused, 
the application being returned endorsed "This officer is of 
greater value to the Navy in his present assignment than his 
individual services afloat would be." On the signing of the 
Armistice he became Aide to Commandant, District Staff 
Headquarters, Twelfth Naval District, serving as such until 
released from active duty March i, 1922. 

William Libbey 

Commissioned Major, Ordnance Department, U. S. A., Febru- 
ary 20, 191 8; promoted Lieutenant Colonel September 18, 19 18. 
Served as Inspector of Rifle Work in Camps from February 20, 
to May 13, 191 8; Assistant Chief Inspector Small Arms Firing 
School, Camp Perry, Ohio, May 14th to October i, 191 8; 
Chief Rifle Demonstrator, Ordnance Department, Washington, 
D. C, October i, 1918, to March 26, 19 19, when discharged. 


Robert J. F. McCowan 

Enlisted May 30, 191 7, as Private, 3d New Jersey Infantry; 
went to Camp Edgar, Sea Girt, New Jersey; mustered into 
Federal Service August 5th, 1917; discharged August 6th, 1917, 
on account of badly knit broken shoulders. 

Chauncey Ryder McPherson 

Commissioned 2d Lieutenant, Cavalry, U. S. A., October 26, 
191 7; promoted ist Lieutenant March 11, 1918; served with 
nth Cavalry as Intelligence Officer, Provost Marshal, and Per- 
sonnel Officer. Served at Fort Meyer, Va., Fort Oglethorpe, 
Ga. ; and at Chattanooga, Tenn. Resignation accepted February 
13, 1919. 

Frank Worthington Melvin 

Commissioned First Lieutenant of Infantry, O. R. C, May 11, 

191 7. Was a member of Company I, Sixth Training Regi- 
ment at Plattsburg in 191 6, and of the R. O. T. C, Fort 
Niagara, in 191 7. Served with the 26th Infantry, D. S., 
with 2nd Division, Ad. Sec. Lines in Communication and 
Graves Registration Service. Served for twenty months in 
France, and took part in engagements at Cambrai, the Meuse- 
Argonne, and the Defensive Sector. Discharged May 24, 19 19, 
at Camp Dix. Awarded Victory Medal and Expert Rifleman's 

Jesse Metcalf 

Enlisted in May, 19 17, in U. S. Naval Reserve Force and war- 
ranted Boatswain, same month; promoted Ensign June, 191 8. 
Served on U. S. S. Sachem and Sierra. Placed on inactive duty 
in March, 1919. 

James Stephens Montgomery 

Enlisted as a Private in the Students' Army Training Corps 
at Princeton University, October 16, 1918'. Served as a Y. M. 
C. A. overseas entertainer from June 15, 19 18, to October 4, 

191 8, singing as a member of the Princeton Quartet in Camps, 
Hospitals, and Front Line Trenches in France. Discharged 
December 10, 191 8, at Princeton, New Jersey. 


John Thornley Neff, Jr. 

Entered U. S. Service as ist Class Petty Officer, U. S. Naval 
Reserve Force; promoted Chief Petty Officer in August, 19 17. 
Served from May to September, 191 7, w^ith Cable Censor; from 
September to December, 191 7, at Headquarters 3d Naval Dis- 
trict; and from December, 19 17, on board mine layer and on 
transport service. Placed on inactive duty February 11, 19 18. 

RoLLiN Gray Neff 

Commissioned Ensign, U. S. Naval Reserve Force, May 2, 
191 7, and served as Censor at Mexican Telegraph Co.'s Station 
in New York and later as Censor at the Western Union Tele- 
graph Station in New York. Discharged. 

Frank John Newbury, Jr. 

Commissioned First Lieutenant, Aviation Section, U. S. Army, 
April 16, 1 91 8. Member of First Squadron, U. S. School 
of Military Aeronautics, Princeton ; under instruction at Issou- 
dun, Clermont Ferrand, and Cazau. Entered Foreign Service 
September 25, 191 7, and was stationed at Amanty and Moulin. 
Was in service at the Front from April 17, 191 8, to October 
19, 19 1 8, taking part in the St. Mihiel Drive and the Meuse^ 
Argonne and Argonne Offensives. Returned to the United 
States November 3, 191 8, and was discharged at Ellington 
Field, January 15, 19 19. 

Edward Olmsted 

Entered service of the U. S. on the President's Call July 16, 
191 7, under his commission as Lieutenant Colonel, Adjutant- 
General's Department, N. G. N. Y. ; serving as Adjutant-Gen- 
eral N. Y. Division, afterwards the 27th Division. Commis- 
sioned Major N. G. in U. S. Service August 5, 19 17, and Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel, Infantry, U. S. A., September 9, 19 18. Served 
at Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, S. C, till September, 1917; 
at Army War College, Washington, D. C, I4th-25th Novem- 
ber, 191 7; went overseas January 7, 1918; attached to 39th 
Division British Expeditionary Forces 8-13, February, 1918; 


Army General Staif College, France, 15 February to 31st May, 
191 8;, assigned to Headquarters 27th Division, A. E. F., June 
4, 191 8, as Assistant Chief of Staff, and served vv^Ith the Division 
throughout its operations and engagements in the Defensive Sec- 
tor; Scherpenberg-Dickebusch Lake, Ypres-Luys; engagement 
Vierstraat Ridge ; Somme Offensive ; Battles, Hindenburg Line, 
Le Selle River, The Knoll, Gulllemont Farm, Quennemont 
Farm ; Engagements St. Maurice River and Jonc de Mer Ridge. 
Gassed at St. Souplet, France, October 17, 191 8. 
Cited in orders by C. O. 27th Division, February 11, 1919. 
"Special Orders No. 42 (Extract) 


18. The follovvang named officer is commended for the meri- 
torious service hereinafter mentioned. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Olmsted, Assistant Chief of Staff, 
G-i For zeal, energy and skilled accomplishment while serv- 
ing as Assistant Chief of Staff G-i throughout the entire period 
of active operations of the Division in Belgium and France. 

*iie. ^ ^ tif- 

-Tf T* ^F ^» 

By command of Major General O'Ryan." Cited by C. O., 
A. E. F.: 

Lieut. Colonel Edward Olmsted, General Staff, for excep- 
tionally meritorious and conspicuous service as Asst. Chief of 
Staff, G-I, 27th Division, France 

American Expeditionary Forces 

In testimony thereof, and as an expression of appreciation of 
these services, I award him this 


John J. Pershing, 

Comman der-in-Chief . ' ' 

Decorated with the Distinguished Service Medal pursuant to G. 
O. 22 W. D., April 8, 1920: "Edward Olmsted, Lieutenant- 
Colonel, United States Army. For exceptionally meritorious 


and conspicuous services. As assistant chief of staff, G-i, of 
the 27th Division, by his high military attainments, zeal, and 
keen perception of his manifold duties, the technical services of 
the division w^ere so promptly and effectively coordinated and 
supervised that the front-line units were at all times completely 
supplied with all necessities. He has rendered services of par- 
ticular worth to the American Expeditionary Forces. Resi- 
dence at appointment: 700 North Broad Street, Elizabeth, N. J. 

By order of the Secretary of War 

Peyton C. March, 

General, Chief of Staff." 

Discharged May 10, 19 19. Now Lt. Col. and Asst. Chief of 
Staff, N. Y. Div. 

Arthur Newton Pack 

Commissioned ist Lieutenant, Ordnance Department, U. S. A., 
November 13, 1917; promoted Captain February 16, 1919. 
Served in Gun Division, Ordnance Department, Washington, 
D. C. ; in Purchase and Supply Division, General Staff, Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; and in Aircraft Armament Section, Aircraft 
Service Overseas in France and England. Discharged Febru- 
ary 19, 1920. 

Robert Irvin Parke 

Enlisted in Students Army Training Corps at Trinity College, 
Hartford, Conn., October 7, 19 18, and served there until dis- 
charged December 14, 191 8. 

Dudley F. Parker 

Enlisted in U. S. Naval Reserve Force, Class 2, as Machinist's 
Mate 1st Class, April 7, 191 7; Commissioned Ensign March, 
19 1 8, and Lieutenant, Junior Grade, July i, 19 19. Served from 
May to September, 191 7, with the Coast Patrol, and from 
March to November, 191 8, with the Transport Service con- 
voying troop transports to France. Placed on inactive duty No- 
vember 27, 19 1 8. 


Philip MacGregor Parker 

Enlisted July 30, 191 7, at Fort Totten, N. Y., in U. S. Coast 
Artillery Corps; warranted Sergeant October 12, 191 7. Served 
at Fort Totten and with 304th Trench Mortar Battery; went 
overseas with latter and was ordered to Artillery School at 
Saumur, France, and there graduated. Discharged April 5, 

Aiken Reichner 

Enlisted October 25, 1918, as Private in U. S. A. in Students' 
Artillery Training Corps at Princeton University, N. J., and 
served there until discharged, December 10, 19 18. Received 
Victory Medal. 

Louis Irving Reichner 

Commissioned Captain, Ordnance Department, U. S. A., and 
assigned to duty in the Administration Division, Ordnance De- 
partment, October 23, 19 18. Served as Head of Field Service 
Branch, Civilian Personnel Section, Administration Division, 
Ordnance Department, U. S. A., at Washington, D. C. Dis- 
charged May 5, 1 9 19. 

Herbert LeVan Richards 

Enlisted in Troop C, ist Cavalry, N. G., N. J., May 23, 1917; 
mustered into U. S. Service in August, 191 7. Served at Camp 
Edge, N. J., Camp McClellan, Ala., and overseas with A. E. 
F., taking part in Alsace Defensive and Meuse-Argonne Of- 
fensive. Discharged July 12, 19 19. 

John Rutherfurd 

Commissioned 2d Lieutenant, Field Artillery, U. S. A., Novem- 
ber, 191 7; promoted ist Lieutenant August, 191 8. Served over- 
seas with 308th Field Artillery, 133d Brigade, 78th Division, 
A. E. F., taking part in engagements at St. Mihiel, the Moselle, 
Meuse, and Argonne, ist and 2d phases, and serving at Grand 
Pre, in the advance on Sedan, at Verdun, and Cote D'Or. Dis- 
charged May 25, 1919. 


William Gray Schauffler 

Commissioned Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps, U. S. A., 
August 5th, 1917; promoted Colonel May 27, 1919. Served 
as Sanitary Inspector 39th Division, August, 191 7, at Camp 
Beauregard, La., and St. Florent-Cher, France, till November 
27, 19 1 8; at Chief Investigation Department, Advance General 
Headquarters, Treves, Germany, till July 18, 1919; Member 
Interallied High Rhineland Commission at Treves till Sep- 
tember 1st, 1 9 19. Attached to Office, Chief Surgeon A. E. F., 
in Germany at Coblenz till October 16, 1919- 

Cited by C. O., A. E. F. 
"Citation Lieut.-Colonel William G. Schauffler, Medical Corps, 
for Exceptionally Meritorious and Conspicuous Services as In- 
terpreter, Translator, and Investigator, France, American Ex- 
peditionary Forces in testimony thereof, and as an expression 
of appreciation of these services, I award him this Citation. 
Aw^arded on June 20th, 1919. 

John J. Pershing, Commander in Chief." 

William G. Schauffler, Jr. 

Commissioned ist Lieutenant, Signal Officers' Reserve Corps, 
U. S. A., March 17, 1917; placed on active duty April 2, 1917; 
promoted Captain October 3, 1918, and Major, April 9, 1919; 
served w^ith 3d Aero Squadron at Fort Sam Houston, Texas; 
overseas w^ith ist Aero Squadron; in command of 90th Aero 
Squadron and of 3d Corps Observation Group ; as Informa- 
tion Officer, Air Service First Army; as Assistant Chief of 
Staff and as Chief of Staff, ist Army Air Service Commander; 
and as C. O. Provisional Battalion 259; served overseas on the 
front lines in St. Mihiel Drive, in Meuse-Argonne Drive. 

Decorated w^ith the French Croix de Guerre, and cited in the 
order aw^arding it as follow^s: "Capitaine William G. Schauffler, 
Jr., Commandant L'Escadrille, 90 U. S. Commandant d'Esca- 
drille d'une haute valeur, entrainement ses observateurs et ses 
pilots par son example. Le i^r Octobre, 19 18, attaque par une 


patrouille de 8 avions ennemis, a brillamment accepte et soutenu 
le combat au cours du quel un de ses adversaires est tombe 
desempare. L'attaque repoussee, a termine sa mission en rap- 
portant des reseignements complets sur la situation. 
Le Marechal de France, 
Cdt. en Chef. 


Cited in Orders by the C. O. A. E. F., as follows: 

"Captain William G. Schauffler, Jr., Chief oi Staff, ist 
Army Air Service, for distinguished and exceptional gallantry 
at Verdun Sector on i Oct., 191 8, in the operations of the 
American Expeditionary Forces, in testimony thereof, and as 
an expression of appreciation of his valor, I award him this 

John J. Pershing, 


and again cited by the same as follows: 

"Received citation date June 3, 1919, G. H. Q., A. E. F., 
Citation Orders No. 4. 

Captain William G. Schauffler, Jr., Chief of Staff, ist Army 
A. S. 

For Gallantry in action near Dannevoux, France, i October, 
191 8, while on an important mission. 
By command of General Pershing: 

James G. Harbord, 

Chief of Staff." 

Cited by the Army Air Service Commander ist Army as 
follows : 

"France, 25th January, 1919. 
General Orders, Number 5. 


Par. 3. The Army Air Service Commander, First Army, cites 
the following officer for exceptional devotion to duty: 


Captain W. G. Schauffler, Jr., A. S., U. S. A., Headquarters, 
Air Service, First Army, Assistant Chief of Staff and Operations 
Officer, served with the greatest degree of efficiency. Prior to 
the cessation of hostilities, this officer was in command of the 
Observation Group, Third Army Corps, and through his un- 
tiring efforts, skill, and bravery attained for his Group the 
highest state of morale and efficiency, which placed it among 
the foremost of any of the First Army. 

Captain Schauffler was one of the first American officers to 
fly over the lines, and through his excellent work in the Spring 
of 19 1 8, he was afterwards given command of the 90th Aero 

In the summer months of 19 18, he was admitted to the hos- 
pital, but when news of the proposed American offensive at St. 
Mihiel reached him, he left the hospital, although still in an 
unfit physical condition and joined his squadron in time to par- 
ticipate in that offensive. 

This officer through his own personal bravery, flying continu- 
ously over the lines while acting as Squadron Commander, was 
awarded the French Croix de Guerre and was recommended 
for the American Distinguished Service Cross. 

The Army Air Service Commander takes great pleasure in 
thanking this officer for the great help and assistance he con- 
tributed to the success of the Air Service, not only as a Squad- 
ron Commander, and Group Commander, but also as a Staff 
Officer at these headquarters. 

By order of Colonel Milling, 

R. L. Walsh, 
Major, A. S., U. S. A. 

Chief of Staff." 

Commended by same in orders October 23, 191 8, as follows: 

"General Headquarters 
American Expeditionary Forces 
Office of the Chief Air Service 

France, 30 January, 19 19. 


1. Desire to invite attention to the services of Captain Wil- 
liam G. Schauffler, Jr., Air Service, who, while commanding the 
90th Aero Squadron under my orders, signally distinguished 
himself by extraordinary heroism and consistent bravery and 
devotion to duty in connection with military operations against 
an armed enemy of the United States. 

2. On October ist, 191 8, while carrying out an important 
reconnaissance mission over enemy territory in the region of 
Dannevoux, north of Verdun, Captain SchaufHer's plane was 
attacked by a formation of eight hostile pursuit planes. 
Captain Schauffler unhesitatingly accepted combat and by an 
admirable display of skill and coolness not only succeeded in 
beating ofif his assailants but destroyed one of them. In the 
course of the combat this officer's plane was riddled with bullets 
and partially disabled. Notwithstanding the disabled condition 
of his plane, which rendered further flight extremely hazardous, 
Captain Schauflier resumed his mission which he successfully ac- 
complished, returning to the airdrome with information of great 
tactical value. In the performance of his duties as Command- 
ing Officer of the 90th Aero Squadron, Air Service of the Third 
Corps, First Army, this officer at all times distinguished himself 
by his qualities as a leader and an executive. The example he 
set in volunteering for and accomplishing at frequent intervals 
airplane missions of the most hazardous and difficult nature held 
the morale of the pilots and observers under his command con- 
stantly at a high level. In untiring energy, military zeal, and 
most complete devotion to duty Captain Schauffler set the pace 
and marked the standard of efficiency, completely dominating, 
and winning the respect and admiration of all whom he com- 

"Headquarters Air Service First Army 

American Expeditionary Forces. 
France, October 23, 1918. 
General Orders 
No. 20. 



13. First Lieutenant W. G. Schauffler, Jr., and first Lieu- 
tenant Morton B. Adams, 90th Aero Squadron, 3rd Corps Ob- 
servation Group, are hereby credited with the destruction, in 
combat, of an enemy Fokker, in the region of Dannevoux, at 
500 meters altitude, on October ist, 19 18, at 5:00 o'clock. 
By order of Col. Milling, 

W. G. Sherman, 
Lt. Col, G. S., P. S. A. 

Chief of Staff." 

Commended and recommended for Distinguished Service 
Cross by Chief of Air Service, A. E. F., as follows: 

'*3. Recommend the award of the Distinguished Service 
Cross to this officer in recognition of his extraordinary services 
and signal gallantry. Captain SchaufHer has been awarded 
the Croix de Guerre. Next of kin — Mrs. William G. Schauf- 
fler, mother, 400 Madison Ave., Lakewood, N. J., Captain 
Schaufliler is now serving as Chief of Staff, First Army Air Ser- 
vice, A. E. F. 

(Signed) K. P. Littauer." 

April I, 1921. 
Richard Stockton, Jr. 

Commissioned Major, Infantry, U. S. A., May 7, 19 17. Served 
with 317th Infantry; on StafE Duty here at Camp Lee and 
Fort Myer, Va. ; Hoboken; and overseas in France, taking 
part in engagements at * Gomme^Court, Hereturne, Serre, and 
elsewhere. In the service September 7, 1920. 

William Richard Townley 

Entered U. S. Service as Private 2nd Infantry, N. G., N. J., on 
The President's Call in 1917; promoted Private ist Class Sep- 
tember, 191 7; served with iiith Machine Gun Battalion, 29th 
Division; at ist Army Headquarters and with 231st Co. Mili- 
tary Police. Served at Newton and Camden, N. J. ; at Camp 


Anniston, Ala.; Camp Greene, Charlotte, N. C. ; Camp Mer- 
ritt, N. J.; overseas at St. Nazaire, France, Montoir, and else- 
where. Discharged August 5, 19 19. 

William Ward Vernon 

Enlisted May 3d, 191 7, in U. S. Naval Reserve Force at New- 
port, R. I., and thence transferred to New London in Anti- 
Submarine Device School; was promoted Quartermaster, 2d 
Class; was mustered out at Philadelphia in December, 19 18. 

George Van Wickle Voorhees 

Mustered into U. S. Service as Captain Co. M, 2d Infantry, 
N. G., N. J., March 30, 1917; transferred November 6, 1917, 
to Headquarters Co. 115th Infantry, 29th Division. Discharged 
January 11, 191 8, and commissioned ist Lieutenant, Dental 
Corps, U. S. A., October i, 1918. Discharged February 14, 

GouLDiNG K. Wight 

Enlisted July 2d, 191 7, as Private in 7th Infantry, N. G., N. Y., 
afterwards 107th U. S. Infantry; commissioned Lieutenant Oc- 
tober 26, 191 7, and assigned to 22d U. S. Infantry. Resigned 
May 9, 1919. 

Rushmore Wood 

Commissioned 2d Lieutenant Air Service, U. S. A., March 21, 
19 1 8. Served overseas at St. Jean de Monts, Vendee, France, 
Aerial Gunnery School. Discharged April 15, 19 19. 

Service other than Military or Naval 

Arthur Adams 

Services as Registrar for Selective Service Draft in Hartford, 
Conn., and in aiding and assisting the American Library As- 
sociation in collecting and forwarding books for the Army at 
home and overseas. 


Lewis Paddock Addoms, M.D. 

Served from September i, 19 17, to end of the War on Medical 
Advisory Board, Greenpoint Hospital Division, Selective Serv- 
ice Draft. 

Sylvester Halsey Moore Agens 

Services as Member of Committee of Electrical Industry in all 
Liberty Loan Drives and in Victory Loan Campaign. 

YoRKE Allen 

Services as Chairman Legal Advisory Board, Selective Service 
Draft, at South Orange, N. J. 

William Garrett Bibb 

Services from June 15, 191 8, to January 19, 191 9, as member 
Am. Red Cross with rank of Captain, serving overseas at U. S. 
Base Hospital No. 66, near Neufchateau, France. 

O. Otis Bowman, 2nd 

Served at Trenton, N. J., on all Y. M. C. A. and Red Cross 
drives, and all four Liberty Loan, the Victory Loan, United 
War Work, and Knights of Columbus drive Committees dur- 
ing the War Period. 

Robert Munro Boyd, Jr. 

Services as Chairman Montclair Branch National Security 
League; as member American Protective League; as member 
Legal Advisory Board, Selective Service Draft, for Montclair 
District; as member Montclair Council of Defense and of the 
Executive Committee thereof. 

Alexander Bayard Clark 

Chairman for Anson County, N. C, of the "Victory Boys Divi- 
sion," United War Work Campaign; Vice-Chairman Y. M. C. 
A. Campaign in 191 7 for Anson County, speaker in Red 
Cross Campaign, 19 17, in that County, and in charge there of 
Boy Scouts, Liberty Bonds Campaign; Chairman Board of In- 
struction, Anson County, in connection with Selective Service 
Draft; and organizer of "Bickett Battery," afterwards a part 
II 2th Field Artillery, U. S. A. 


William M. Clevenger 

Services as Associate Member of Legal Advisory Board, Selec- 
tive Service Draft, for Atlantic City, N. J., during operation 
of the Draft Act. 

William D. Disston 

Chairman, Board No. 5, Federal Community Labor Board of 
Penna. of the U. S. Employment Service of Federal Dept. of 
Labor. Chairman, ist, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Penna. Boards 
comprising County and City of Phila., called the Associated 
Community Labor Boards of Phila. County. Time of service 
from Oct. 15 to Dec. 15, 19 18. 

William Frederick Dix 

Services in organizing in 19 18 a battalion of Police Reserves in 
New York City and as Colonel of the same; in organizing 
and serving as Company Commander of the East Orange 
Rifles, a Home Guard of about one thousand men. 

Alden Freeman 

Services in donating to the War Department in August, 191 8, 
and thereafter his house in East Orange for a Convalescent Hos- 
pital and in maintaining at his cost this Hospital in which fully 
1000 invalid soldiers were cared for and treated; this service 
continuing through 19 19 into September, 1920. 

Henry Arthur Griffin, M. D. 

Services from January 16, 191 8, to April 15, 19 18, as Addi- 
tional Examining Physician for Local Board Division 159, New 
York City, m the Selective Service Draft. 

Edward Packard Holden 

Services during the period of the War at Madison and Newark, 
N. J., and at New York City as Captain of a team in all Lib- 
erty Loan Drives, in Red Cross and Y. M. C. A. drives, and 
in United War Work Campaigns. 

Charles E. Hutchison 

Services from September, 191 7, to November, 19 18, in Second 
Federal Reserve District Speakers' Bureau as Speaker in Bond 


Drives and as a Four Minute Man speaking for the Committee 
on Public Information. 

George de Benneville Keim 

Services as Member Chain Stores Committee, Philadelphia Dis- 
trict, in the four Liberty Loan Drives and the War Chest Cam- 
paign; donor of Ambulance Motor to the Philadelphia Branch 
of the Navy League. 

Archie Harwood Loomis 

Services as one of the organizers of the Montclair Council of 
Defense, as a member of the Mayor's Committee, and as a 
Member U. S. Public Service Reserve, Department of Labor. 

Jasper Lynch 

Services as Chairman for Ocean County, N. J., for United 
War Work Campaign, September-December, 191 8. 

RoLPH Thayer Marsh 

Entered Reserve Officers' Training Camp at Yale University 
in October, 191 7. Served in summer, 191 8, as Instructor of 
drafted men at Camp Jackson, and while so serving was in- 
jured and in hospital. Ordered to Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky., 
for training in Reserve Officers' Training Camp just prior to 
the time it was closed. 

Robert Chester Maxwell 

Services from August, 191 7, to January, 1919, at Washington, 
D. C, as Chief of the Advertising Department of the U. S. 
Food Administration, rendering volunteer service. 

Graham Bradford McGregor 

Services as member of Committee in 19 17, that organized in 
Newark, N. J., a Civilian Police of Spanish and Foreign War 
Veterans armed with rifles, of regularly equipped policemen on 
foot, mounted men, motorcycle men, and a machine gun Com- 
pany, upwards of 1,500 men in all; and services with this 
organization in all Liberty Loan drives and on other occasions, 
including services at Morgan at the time of the explosion. 


John Lenord Merrill 

Services in 191 7 and 19 18 at Washington, D. C, and New 
York City, as Special Agent of the Department of State of the 
U. S., commissioned by the Secretary of State. 

Charles Lee Meyers 

Services as Member Executive Committee, American Red 
Cross, for Hudson County, N. J., and in all five Liberty 
Loan Drives. 

William Fellowes Morgan 

Services as Regional Adviser for the War Industries Board for 
the District comprising Southern New York, Northern New 
Jersey, and all of Long Island. 

Horace Franklin Nixon 

Services as Associate Member of Legal Advisory Board for 
Gloucester County, N. J., in Selective Service Draft, from 
November 12, 191 7, to end of draft period. 

Edward Olmsted 

Services during the year, 191 7, as Member of Committee of 
Safety of Elizabeth, N. J., appointed by the Mayor of that 
City by authority of the Governor of the State and as member 
of Committee of 3 which organized the Home Guard of Eliza- 
beth, N. J.; also served in organization of the movement in 
Elizabeth, N. J., to stimulate enrollment in the Reserve Officers' 
Training Corps, presiding at a Public meeting held in that 

Raymond Townley Parrot 

Member Field Artillery Central Officers' Training School, 
, Camp Zachary Taylor, Ky., Nov. 4, 1918-December 7, 1918. 

Leigh Morgan Pearsall 

Services from July 4th, 191 8, to the end of the War at Wash- 
ington as a Dollar a Year Man in organizing and carrying on 
the Purchase, Storage, and Traffic Division of the War De- 


Thomas Lynch Raymond 

Services as President of the New Jersey State Council of 
National Defense during the entire period of the War. 

Louis Irving Reichner 
Volunteer Registrar appointed by the Mayor of Philadelphia in 
the 1 2th Division, 8th Ward, Phila., under Selective Draft 
Law on June 5, 1917, and September 12, 1918. Member of 
E. T. Stotesbury's Committee of 120 in the Philadelphia Red 
Cross Drive, fall of 191 7. Captain of 12th Division, 8th Ward, 
Philadelphia Men's Committee, Third Liberty Loan Drive, 
19 1 8. Captain of American Protective League. Member of 
National Security League. Member of Navy League. 

Morris Rutherfurd 

Services during the period of the war as member of Committee 
at Warwick, N. Y., in Liberty Loan and Victory Bond Drives; 
as Vice-President of the Home Defense League; as member of 
American Protective League ; and member Executive Committee 
and Chairman Home Service Committee of Red Cross. 

RuFus William Sprague, Jr. 

Services December 11, 1917, to April, 1919, as Special Assist- 
ant to the Attorney- General for War Work having special 
charge of the drafting and enforcement of statutes and regu- 
lations concerning the registration of Alien Enemies and the 
War Zone and Water Front Regulations; served at Wash- 
ington, D. C, and at New York City in charge of the Port 
Alien Enemy Bureau covering the Port and City of New 
York and Northeastern New Jersey. 

Irving Kurtz Taylor 

Services from January 25 to November, 191 8, as Deputy Com- 
missioner American Red Cross with relative rank of Major 
stationed at Turin, Italy; engaged in Military and Civil relief 
work in Piedmont. 

James Provoost Thomas 

Quartermaster with the rank of Lieutenant, Home Guard of 
Elizabeth, N. J., for the duration of the War. Member of 


Executive Committee of Elizabeth, N. J., for promoting sale 
of War Savings Stamps, in charge of sales to clubs and fra- 
ternal organizations. Services in Liberty Loan Drives in 
organizing the sale of bonds among various trades in New York 
City, for example, the silk trade with a quota of $18,000,000. 

Philip Beardsley Tow^nley 

Services in 191 8 as member of Princeton University Quartet 
under Entertainment Committee of Y. M. C, A. in Paris, 
British Area, Alsace, and elsew^here. 

John Van Buren Wicoff 

Federal Food Administrator for Mercer County, N. J., from 
1 91 8, to June 30, 1 9 19; Member Legal Advisory Board for 
Mercer County in Selective Service Draft; Member Legal Ad- 
visory Board for Middlesex County in Selective Service Draft; 
Chairman War Service Stamp Committee for Plainsboro, N. J., 
in 19 1 8. Chairman Y. M. C. A. War Fund Drive Committee 
for Plainsboro in 19 18. 

Farnham Yardley 

Services as Chairman for West Orange for ist Liberty Loan 
and Vice Chairman for same for each succeeding Liberty Loan ; 
Federal Food Administrator for the Oranges from June 29, 
191 8, until administration ended; Chairman for West Orange 
of War Savings Stamps Committee; member of the Defense 
Committee of Citizens War Committee of the Oranges; mem- 
ber Executive Committee of Hardvv^are, Metals, and Allied 
Trades of New York City in connection with Liberty Loans 
and Red Cross Campaigns. 



The first of the three records is the Minutes of the session 
of the Assembly of West New Jersey for May, 1686. Through 
some accident doubtless, these were omitted from Leaming 
and Spicer's ''Grants and Concessions." A transcript of the 
record was very kindly supplied for our publication by the 
Director of the Public Record Office of the State of New 
Jersey, Dr. Carlos E. Godfrey. Though the Minutes contain 
the record of no great transactions, they are of no small in- 
terest, and the fact that they have not heretofore been pub- 
lished amply justifies their inclusion here. 

The second and third documents we owe to the Courtesy of 
the Connecticut State Library and its accomplished Librarian, 
George S. Godard, Esquire. 

The first is a petition signed by upward of two hundred and 
seventy-five inhabitants of Hunterdon county and presented 
to the Connecticut General Court in May, 1755, praying to be 
erected into a County of Connecticut because of their alleged 
belief that their property was included within the bounds of 
the Colony of Connecticut as they were set forth in the Royal 
Charter granted to that Colony by Charles in 1662. The peti- 
tion is of interest because of the light it throws on the feeling 
of uncertainty in regard to the security of tenures of land as 
well as because of the large number of names of inhabitants 
of Hunterdon County in 1755. One suspects it is almost a roll 
of the male inhabitants of full age. 

The third document — really there are two documents — is a 
petition for a lottery in Connecticut for the benefit of the 
infant College of New Jersey, now Princeton University, to- 
gether with the letter of thanks from the Trustees of Princeton 
for the granting of the favor. The document is of interest 
because of its importance for the history of our great Uni- 
versity; as an illustration of the methods of those days for 


raising funds for educational and religious purposes; and 
because of the evidence it offers of the cordial relations existing 
then as now between the two great educational institutions of 
New Jersey and Connecticut. 



The Gennerall Assembly Adjourned to y® twelveth of the 
third Month 1686 Continued by adjournments to y® fifeenth 
of y® same Month. 

The Members of y® house. 
Decimo secundo Die. 

1st Tenth 2d Tenth 3d Tenth 

Mahlon Stacy Tho : OlHve Rob : Turner 
Sam : Jennings fifran : CoUins 
Rob : Dimsdale Tho : Howell 

Tho : Lambert 
Will : Emley 
Will : Biddle 

Tho : Budd 

ffran : DavenportDan : Wills 
Josha wright Tho : Gardner 
Geo iHutchinsonJames : Budd 
Elias : ffarre Jno : Boarton 

4th Tenth 
And. Robinson 
Israel Helme 
Wolla Dalboe 
Arth : nealson 
Benja : Bramma 
Rich : Laurence 
John Wood 

Rob : Stacy 
Rich : Guy 

Geo : Deacon 
Ed : Wade 
James nevill 

Will : Bates 

Jno. Reading 

Rob : Zanes 

John Hugg 

Tho : Thackery Will Warner 

John : Key Hen : Tradway 

Will : Cooper Tho : Mathews 
Salem tenth 
Joseph White John Worlidge 
Ed : Bradway Rich : Tindall Will : Brathwaite 
Sam : Hedge Mark Reeve 

Will : Peachee 
Will : Budd 

The house adjourned to y® third day of y® nynth Month next 
ensueing unless other Imergencyes happen for their Conveining 

The proceedings & Resolves of this Session as above 
Assented unto y® fifteenth day of y® third Month 1686. — 

Testified by Thomas Revell 
Clerk to y® Assembly. — 
Trenton, N. J. — November 23, 1922. 
True extracts from original Proceedings of the West New 
Jersey Assembly, contained in a book entitled "Concessions, 
1681-1699," pages 97 to 105, contained in the office of the 
Secretary of State. 

Carlos E. Godfrey, 

Director of the Public Record Office. 




The humble memorial of John Maxwell and Henry Cotton and 
their asociates in Hunterdon County in the western Devition 
of new Jersey Humbly Sheweth that whereas we the sub- 
scribers in the above sd. County being under many Disadvan- 
tages and Discouragements with Respect to our titles of Lands 
in sd westnew Jersey and not knowing who have the proper 
Jurisdiction over sd Lands and many have purchased sd Lands 
in sd west new Jersey and paid for the Same and through 
much Deficulty have Settled and improved it until we have 
been able to Rais our bread and some have been intirely turned 
off the same by others who have produced surveys which have 
antidated the former who sold sd. Lands and others of us 
have have [sic] Settled and improved as above sd. not know- 
ing from whome to purchase and severals have pretended 
apropriety to sd. Lands yet Cannot make their Right Lawfully 
apear and yet they threaten to turn us oif intirely without so 
much as alowing us for our Labour in improveing sd. Lands 
which Renderith our Lives verry uneasy and uncomfortable 
and hath Rediced many of us to indegent Circumstances and 
which is most Lementable we are made incapable thereby tO' 
mintain the Gospel of Christ therefore we have taken much 
pains to search the Records with Respect to these things but 
cannot find that that [sic] these men have anny Right to sd. 
Lands but what they make to themselves by an arbitery pour 
and upon farther and more Carefull serch and enquirey we met 
with the Royal Charter Grant of King Charles the Second to the 
Cover nour and Company of the Colony of Cunaticut in the 
14th year of his majesties Reign and have after the best 
manner we are Capible Examined the Limits of the sd Charter 


and are much of the mind that where we Live is within the 
Limits of the sd Charter therefore we your Humble memorial- 
ists most humbly pray that if it should thus apear to your 
honour and wise Court that we are falen within your Royal 
Charter as we make no doubt but we are that you would in 
your great Clemency and meer mercy to us your humble 
memorialists grant to us so much within your Charter as we 
are in possession of and Lay us out as a County within your 
Charter and Let us be Governed by Canacticut Laws and apoint 
oficers and Liberty of inferior Courts within sd. County and 
all matters of apail from sd. Courts be brought to your Su- 
pariour Courts at fairfield or elsewhere So we humbly pray 
that our Case be Considerd agreeable to the Circumstance 
thereof or appoint a Comm*®® at our cost to settle a line be- 
tween ye said Jersey Goverm.^ and any or Such other sov- 
erignty as in y'' wisdom you shall think fit and as in Duty 
bound every pray. 

Be it known to all men to whome these preasents shall come 
that we the subscribers of this memorial doe hearby impow"^ 
and Commitionate our welbeloved and trusty freinds John 
Maxwell and Henry Cotton to act and Doe for us in this 
affair as they in their wisdoms shall think proper as if we ware 
all personaly preasent as witness our hands this Eight Day of 
april in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and 
fifty feve 1755. 

Tho^ Lewis V.D.M. Isaac oaks 
Capt. Harmon Rosey Grant ^ Phillip Slout 

Joseph Hair Herman Hack 

Thomas Beever Fetter Dils 

Henry Bird Joseph Fershak 

Nathan Pegg Thomas Comins 

Alexander Anett Adam Shoemaker 
* Rosencrants. 


Robert Todd 
Daniel Filld 
John Corbart 
Edward Button 
George Erwin 
Margaret Jackson 
Will.' Erwin 
Codwallader Erwin 
Elxander Patrick 
Peter Smith 
John henrick Wipel 
George Valbuskerk 
Alexander Davison 
Benjamin McFarling 
Ralph Johnson 
Joseph Merrill 
William McClane 
Johana Dusenbery 
Jacobous Swarth 
Francis McShan 
John C. Gonell 
Thomas little 
Joseph Hegeman 
Samuel bucklue 
William Denen 
Thomas Freman 
Andrew Takman 
William Miller 
William Grisly 
Thomas Little 
John Gavins 
Samuell Gavins 
Will Gavins 
John Gavens 
Francis Meson 
Allexander Meson 

James Mc Farland 
Andrew Mc Farland 
Walter Mc Farland 
Robert Blair 
John Wilkison 
Sam Lowdon 
Hendry Bennett 
Jann Kayser 
Mattsus Kayser 
Henry Bennet 
Thomas Blair 
William Stringr 
Smith Osman 
James Todd 
Gristifor Gleas 
Gedion Richy 
Robert Newton 
George Newton 
Harbort Smith 
Hendry Newton 
Franses Forgusson 
Henrey Forguson 
Samuel Ferguson 
James Ferguson 
Thomas Ferguson 
Jacobus Swarth 
Francis McShane 
John O'Donal 
Thomas Litle 
Joseph Hegeman 
Samuel Bucklue 
William Veman 
Thomas Fleman 
Andrew Fleman 
William Millir 
William Gusty 



John Meson 
Dennis McAllister 
Francis McKamey 
Joseph McKamey 
John McKamey 
James McKamey 
Hugh McAllister 
John McMurtry 
James alexander 
William Robins 
Johnathan Robins 
Marey Gammon 
William Gamman 
John Boom 
Henry Cooper 
Daniel Shannon 
John Workman 
John Morr 
John Stephan 
Robert Hazlet 
John Hazlet 
William Hazlet 
John Craig 
James Craig 
Samuel Craig 
William Martin 
John Martin 
William Martin 
William Craig 
John Craig 
John Park 
Thomas Hamlin Jr. 
Thomas Hamlin Sr. 
Jonanthan Wright 
Jacob Boyde 
^ Hockenburg. 

Thomas Littel 
James Ciger 
James Biger 
James Cliferd 
Charles Cliffert 
John Jonston 
Henery Fraphag 
Nickles Pickel 
Paul Visilamuch 
James Clifort 
Edward Clifort 
Conrod Pickle 
William Dely 
John Swarth 
Harbart Houghenbor ^ 
Wiliam Lance 
John Hall 
Ranear Vansicle 
John bouer 
Hadarick Hageman 
Paul Marlat 
Jacob Arrenst 
Adren Sweet 
Barrent Swart 
Adren Swagmen 
Guisbert Swarth 
Peter Gise 
Hendrick Salmon 
Robert Breden 
Joseph Breden 
Adam Shumaker 
John Shumaker 
Adam Waganner 
Paul Lenard 
John Bodine 


John Hamlin 
Cristion Davis 
William Macky 
Joseph Wilcock 
John Mackey 
Joseph Mackey 
Thomas Mere! 
Joshua Weedy 
Horras Steen 
Samuel hay 
William Knowles 
Cristen Minger 
Garrat Cornealis 
Cornealis Cornealis 
James Anderson 
Valantine Mits 
Peter Lance 
Mical Lance 
Conrod Davis 
Antiky Shimer 
John Drum 
Lowdawick Cline 
William Pagan 
Samuel Simpsen 
William Brown 
Areevine Ginee ^ 
William Solin 
James Huckison 
William Dunn 
William Lanner 
Robert Rea 
William Slater 
Samuel Slater 

Peter Wingarden 
Peter rier 
Peter Oto 
William Cline 
Henry Coonts 
Peter Imil 
Matthias Han 
Petter Cimble 
W^illiam Wagunor 
William Hanner 
John Wagunor 
Stafil Harrin 
William Parks 
Elisha Burdg 
Elisha Burdg 
Andrew McCalley 
Thomas Hall 
John Touser 
John Henderson 
William Henderson 
Hugh Henderson 
Samuel Henderson 
William Flemin 
Andrew Flemin 
John Wilson 
Samuel Wilson 
Peter Cavine 
John Peterson 
Henry Frey 
Valantine Faren 
Hugh Carr 
William Beauer 
Thomas Liken 

^ "Harry from Guinea," or in Dutch, "Aree van Genee," a colored 
man. He appears to have been a useful citizen and respected. — H. E. 


Peter Oto 
Joseph Sawin 
Robert Campel 
John hunce 
Samuel McKehan 
Samuel Alaxander 
Clark Barton 
Aaron Stinson 
George Clifford 
Thomas Williams 
William Maxwell 
John Parks 
James Maxwell 
James Boman 
John Queen 
Patrick Caffey 
John Cavin 
John Todd 
Joseph Caldwell 
Nathan Lacock 
John Kelley 
Hironimous Keyser 
William Willis 
George Tinier 
Harbour Wingardner 
Harbour Shoemaker 
Cristasion Sclater 

John Likens 
John Troy 
Thomas Mc Caferty 
Joseph Gordon 
Thomas Grams 
Jose umey Busin 
Josont Owd 
Mathios Weener 
Aron Mete f on 
Joseph Hegeman 
Samuel Waldron 
Joseph Heigen 
William Vereon 
David Mc King 
Ada Rose 
John Hendrickson 
Gorge Bowman 
Johanus Miler 
Peter Buser 
Peter Har 
Isack Harburt 
Haug Harper 
Peter Ber 
William Allgray 
William Lane 
Paul Halbroun 
William Lewis 

Memorial of John Maxwell, etc., May, 1755. 
West Jersey 

Gen.^^ Assembly May 1755. 
In the upper House 
This Question was putt whether the Matters prayed for in 
the Memorial or any of them should be granted Resolved in 
the Negative. 

Test George Wyllys, Sec. 


General Assembly May 1755 
In ye Lower House 

The Question was putt whether ye Matters, prayed for in 
this Memorial! or any of them should be Granted, Resolved 
in ye Negative 

Test John Fowler, Clerk 


The Petition of the Trustees of the College of New- Jersey 
humbly sheweth. 

That your Petitioners being incorporated by a Royal Charter, 
through Favour of his Excellency Governor Belcher, have 
endeavoured to establish a College in the Province of New- 
Jersey for the Advancement of Religion & Learning. 

That the Want of some publick Method of Education for 
Youth in these parts has long been lamented by all that wish 
well to the best Interests of Mankind on many Accounts, espe- 
cially on Account of repeated importunate Calls of vacant 
Congregations in this & the Southern Provinces for Gospel 
Ministers, which long Experience has convinced us, the Col- 
leges of New-England, by Reason of their great Distance and 
Vacancies among themselves, can never answer. 

That tho' divine Providence has smiled on our attempts even 
beyond our Expectation, and by the small Stock raised through 
the Generosity of our Benefactors, and other Ways, we are 
able to carry on the Instruction of Youth, we hope to some 
valuable purposes. Yet 'tis by no means sufficient to defray 
the Charge of such a publick Building as the growing Number 
of Students and the better carrying on of our Design seems 
loudly to call for. 

That notwithstanding we are favoured with one of the best 


of Governors, who has done every Thing in his Power to 
promote this useful Design. Yet after repeated AppHcations 
having been made by your Petitioners to the General Assembly 
of the Province of New- Jersey, for the Liberty of setting for- 
ward a Lottery in the said Province, Your Petitioners have 
not been successful in obtaining an Act for that purpose. 

That Your Petitioners cant think of any Method to procure 
a sufficient Sum to defray the Charge of such a costly Under- 
taking, unless this Hon.^^^ Assembly will be so good as to grant 
us the Liberty of drawing a publick Lottery in one of their 
western Towns, Fairfield, Stamford, or any other that shall be 
thought more proper. 

That the laudable Zeal, the general Court of this Colony has 
ever shown for the Advancement of Religions & Learning, has 
greatly encouraged Your Petitioners to make this Request. 

That the drawing a Lottery in the Colony, Your Petitioners 
humbly conceive cannot be thought a Burthen or Grievance by 
the Constituents of this Assembly; since 'tis not at the Charge 
or Risque of the Government, and 'tis expected by far the 
greatest part of the Tickets will be sold in other Governments, 
and few if any more in the Colony, than if it was made in any 
other Province. 

That none, we imagine, can construe it a countenancing 
another College to the Disadvantage of your own, not only as 
they are both set up with the same laudable Design; but also 
whenever we are enabled to build, we shall remove at near 
fifty Miles farther distant from Yale College; not to mention 
that it would be an happy Means of establishing & perpetuating 
a desirable Harmony and good agreement between the two 
Seats of Learning, which will be the Care of Your Petitioners 
to promote and preserve. 

That should this Honourable Assembly extend their gen- 
erous Design of doing good to a distant Province, and give 
Countenance to our important & useful Undertaking by grant- 
ing our Petition. It would meet with the most grateful 


Acknowledgment from many, as well as from your humble 
Petitioners, who as in Duty bound shall ever pray &c ; 
Sign'd per Order of the Trustees 

by Caleb Smith The Corp. 

General Assembly Oct. 1753 

In the Upper House 
The foregoing Petition, for the Liberty of drawing a public 
Lottery for the Purposes, therein mentioned, is granted. (The 
said Lottery to be drawn in the Town of Stamford) and that 
the Bill in form may be brott in accordingly 

Teste George Wyllys, Secret'y 

In the Lower house 

The Question was put whether they would Concurr with ye 
Vote of ye Hon.^^® upper house in Granting ye foregoing Peti- 
tion for ye purposes therein mentioned & Resolved in ye 

Teste John Fowler, Clerk 

MAY loTH, 1754. 

Whereas the general Assembly of this Colony was pleased in 
their last Session at New Haven to grant the Petition of the 
Trustees of the College of New Jersey requesting Liberty of 
drawing a Lottery in their Colony for the Benefit of said 
College; The Trustees do take this first Opportunity of pay- 
ing their most grateful Acknowledgments for that generous 

As this Liberty allowed to promote the Design of founding 
a College in another Province discovers a disinterested Regard 
to the general Interest of Religion and Learning and shows 
that the Legislature of Connecticut are inspired with a noble 
greatness of Spirit, which looks down with Disdain upon those 


petty Jealousies which are too apt to actuate publick Bodies; 
We trust it will be long remembered to their Honour by all 
the sincere Welwishers to the Cause of Religion and the 
Common- Wealth of Letters ; And while the College of New 
Jersey shall have a Being or continue to diffuse its benign 
Influences throughout the southern Provinces of North America 
it will not be forgot that this honourable Court encouraged it in 
its Infancy, and helped to give it a lasting Establishment. 

The Trustees of the College in an especial Manner entertain 
Sentiments of the highest Gratitude for the Generosity of this 
honourable Assembly, and shall ever wish the Peace and Pros- 
perity of the Government of which they are the Head. 

That the Colony of Connecticut may long flourish in 
a [11] useful Arts, and have their civil religious Liberties con- 
tinued to them — to the latest Generations, and that Heaven 
may crown it's Inhabi[tants] with the best Blessings both 
temporal and Spiritual is and shall be the prayer of 


Much Obliged 

and most humble Serv.*^ 
Signed in the Name & by 
Order of the Trustees. — 

A. Burr Ps. Coll. 

Eliz.*^ Town May 

8*^ 1754 


A List 


Civil Officers in New Jersey 


April 19, 1775. 

APRIL 19, 1775. 

AT the request of the Council of the Society of Colonial 
Wars in the State of New Jersey, the Rev. Professor 
Charles W. Shields, D.D., LL.D., Chaplain of the 
Society, assisted by Mr. V. L. Collins, Assistant Librarian of 
Princeton University, prepared a list of the Civil Officers in 
New Jersey descent from whom is a qualification for member- 
ship in the Society. A like list, with references to the authori- 
ties, was prepared by Emory McClintock, LL.D., Governor 
of the Society. Comparison has resulted in the correction of 
errors and omissions. Many names are now irrecoverable, as 
the legislative minutes prior to 1703 (for the Council of East 
New Jersey prior to 1682) have not been preserved. 

Officers who are not known to have resided even temporarily 
in New Jersey are omitted, as not having held office "in" the 
Colony. As the Constitution of the Society mentions the office 
of "Lord Proprietor,'' those proprietors are omitted who were 
not of the governing body; that is, for West New Jersey, all 
except William Penn and Gawen Lawrie are omitted, and 
for East New Jersey, those only are included who joined in the 
Surrender, or who are known to have become qualified for a 
share in the government by the ownership of at least one 
ninety-sixth part of the province. 

The date given for each office is that of the first year in 
which the office appears to have been held, so far as has been 
observed from the records now extant. It is possible that in 
a few cases two persons of the same name who held the same 
office within a few years of each other may erroneously appear 
as one person in this list. Variations of speUing must be 
allowed for by the reader, and also aliases, such as Vauquellin 
and Laprairie, Dalboe and Mattson, Michielsen and Vreeland, 
Van Winkel and Jacobs. 

Further study of the subject has revealed many errors in 



the list above described and a number of omissions are prob- 
able. In the list which follows all recognized errors have been 
corrected, but further research and work upon the list are 
much to be desired. 



P, Proprietor. 
G, Governor. 

L. G., Lieutenant-Governor. 
D. G., Deputy-Governor. 
C, Member of Council. 
A, Member of Assembly. 


Nos. I to 21, Volumes of N. J. Archives. 
No. 30, Leaming and Spicer : "Grants," etc. 

" 31, Journals, House of Representatives, 1703- 
' 1709 (Jersey City, 1872). 
No. 32, Newark Town Records (Newark, 1864). 

" 33, Records of Woodbridge and Piscataway in 
Whitehead's Perth Amboy (N. Y., 1856). 
No. 34, Smith's New Jersey (1765, reprinted 1877). 

" 35, Proceedings, N. J. Historical Society, Vol. V. 

" 36, Original Journal in private hands. 

" 37, Original Ms. Minutes. 

AcKERMAN, David: A 1716. 


Atkinson, James: A 1697. 


Adams, John: A 1697. 


Bacon, John: A 1701. 


Albertson, William: A 1685. 


Samuel: A 1685. 


Alexander, James: C 1722. 


Baker, Lewis: A 1680. 


William, Earl of 

Ballinger, Henry '^: A 1697. 


Stirling: C 1756. 


Barclay, John: A 1693, P 

Allen, Jedidiah : A 1680. 




John: A 1722. 


Robert: G 1683. 


Anderson, John: C 1713 (act- 

Bard, Peter: C 1720. 


ing as governor, 1736. 


Barron, Michael: A 1683. 


John: A 1761. 


Barton, Joseph : A 1772. 


Andresse, Ephraim: A 1686. 


Thomas: A 1685. 


Lawrence: C 1672. 


Basneit, Richard: A 1684. 


Andros (Sir), Edmund: G 

Basse, Jeremiah : G 1698, 




Bates, William: A 1683. 


Antill, Edward: P 1686. 


Bayard, Balthazar: A 1668. 


Edward: A 1738, C 

Peter: A 1743. 


1745. 35-6 

Baynton, Peter: C 1740. 


Arnold, Richard: A 1685. 


Beere, Jonathan : A 1697. 


AsHBRooK, John: A 1697. 


Belcher, Jonathan: G 1747- 


AsHFiELD, Lewis Morris: C 

Bernard, Francis: G 1758. 




Berrien, John: A 1769. 



Berry, John : C 1672, DG 

1672. i-i 

Richard : A 1686. 13 

BiDDLE, William : C 1682, A 

1683. 34-30 
Bishop, John : A 1668, C 

1672. 30-1 
John : A 1680, C 

1692, 1-2 

Jonathan : A 1701. 33 

BisPHAM, Joshua: A 1749. 35 

Bloomfield, Ezekiel: A 1687. 33 

Thomas, Sr. : A 

1673. 21 
Boell, Thomas: A 1693. 21 
Bollen, James: C 1668. 30 
Bond, Robert: C 1668. 30 

Stephen : A 1673. 32 

Bonnell, Joseph : A 1716. 34 

Nathaniel: A 1692. 21 

Boone, Thomas : G 1760. 9 

Borden, Benjamin : A 1686. 13 

Joseph : A 1761. 35 

Samuel: A 1682. 34 

Borton, John : A 1683. 30 

BowNE, Andrew: C 1692, DG 

1699. 2-2 

John: A 1668. 30 

John: A 1693. 21 

Obadiah : A 1703, 31 

Brackett, John : A 1668. 30 

Bradbury, Richard: A 1754. 35 

Bradway, Edward: A 1683. 30 

Braithwaite, William : A 

1684. 30 
Bramma, Benjamin: A 1685. 30 
Brandreth, Timothy: A 1697. 2 
Breading, Nathaniel: A 1708. 13 
Brick, John: A 1730. 35 
Brockholst, Henry: A 1716. 34 
Brown, John: A 1695. 21 

Joseph: A 1697. 2 

Bryan, Thomas : A 1704. 31 

Budd, James: A 1685, C 

1685. 30-30 
Thomas: A 1682, C 

1682. 34-34 

Budd, William : A 1685. 30 

Bull, Richard: A 1716. 34 

Bullock, Joseph : A 1769. 35 

Bunn, Matthew: A 1676. 33 

Burnet, Robert: P 1683. 21 

William : G 1720. 5 

Bustill, William : A 1709. 13 

Byerly, Thomas : C 1713. 4 

Callingor, Henry ^: A 1697. 2 

Camp, Joseph : A 1749. 35 

Campbell, John : A 1686. 13 
(Lord) Niel: P 

1685, DG 1686. 21-1 

Canson, Peter ^: A 1707. 31 

Carary, Roger: A 1684. 30 
Carpenter, Samuel: A 1685, 

C 1685. 30-30 

Carrington, John : A 1695. 21 

Carteret, Philip : G 1665, i 
Chaffin, John : A 1682, C 

1682. 34-34 
Champion, Matthew: A 1716. 34 
Claesen, Gerbrandt : A 1692. 21 
Clarke, Benjamin : A 1686. 13 

Benjamin : A 1716. 34 

Clement, Samuel: A 1754. 35 

Samuel, Jr.: A 

1766. 17 

Clews, William : A 1716. 34 

Codrington, Thomas : C 

1683, A 1694. 1-21 
Cole, Samuel: A 1683. 30 

Samuel: A 1721. 34 

Collins, Francis : A 1683. 30 

Combs, John : A 1772. 35 

Compton, John : A 1702. 33 

Cook, Thomas : A 1693. 21 

William: A 1738. 35 

Cooper, David: A 1761. 35 

John: A 1698. 13 

Joseph : A 1697. 2 

Joseph : A 1730. 12 

William : A 1682. 34 

Cornbury, Edward, Lord: G 

1703. 34 

Cornelis, Matthew: A 1682. 13 

Corson, Peter*: A 1707. 31 


Cosby, Vv'illiam : G 1732. 5 
CoxE, Daniel: C 1705, A 

1716 3-34 

Daniel: C 1771. 10 

John: C 1745. 5 

Craig, John: A 1693. 21 

Crane, Azariah : A 1694. 21 

Jasper: A 1668. 30 

Jasper: A 1697. 32 

John: A 1744. 35 

Stephen: A 1761. 35 

Crawford, John : A 1697. 2 

Cripps, John : A 1682. 34 

Nathaniel: A 1708. 13 

Curtis, John: A 1679. 32 

Dalboe, Peter: A 1685. 30 

Wolla: a 1685. 30 

Darkin, Richard: A 1697. 2 

DAUKIN^ Richard: A 1697. 2 

Davenport, Francis : A 1684, 

C 1685. 30-30 

Day, John : A 1697. 2 

Dayton, Jacob: A 1697. 2 

Deacon, George: A 1682, C 

1701. 34-2 

John: A 1751. 35 

Decou, Isaac: A 1710. 34 

Dedrick, Hans: A 1675. 30 

DeHart, Jacob: A 1754. 35 

Demarest, David: A 1738. 35 

John: A 1769. 35 

Dennis, Robert: A 1668. 30 

Samuel: A 1675, C 

1683. 33-13 
Samuel: A 1688. 13 

Devenish, Bernard: A 1682. 34 

Dey, Derick: A 1749. 35 

Theunis: a 1761. 35 
DiMSDALE, Robert: A 1684, C 

1684. 30-30 
DoD, Daniel: A 1693. 21 
Doughty, Daniel: A 1743. 35 

Jacob: A 1716. 34 

Douglas, William : A 1680. i 

Drake, George: A 1685. 33 

John : A 1693. 21 

DuMONT, Peter: A 1730. 35 

Duncan, George: A 1709. 13 

DuNDAS, James : C 1692. 13 

Dunham, Azariah : A 1772. 35 

Jonathan : A 1673. 21 

Earle, Edward, Jr. : A 1694. 21 

Eaton, John : A 1727. 35 
Edsall, Samuel: C 1668, A 

1686. 30-13 

Eires, William: A 1716. 34 

Eldridge, Eli: A 1772. 35 

Ezekiel: a 1709. 13 

Ellis, Joseph: A 1751. 35 

Simeon : A 1701. 2 

Elmer, Theophilus : A 1772. 35 

Embly, John : A 1738. 35 

Emley, John : A 1746. 15 

William : A 1682, C 

1684. 34-30 

Emott, James: C 1686. i 

Enslie, John : A 1695. I3 

Evans, William : A 1685. 30 
Farmar, Thomas : A 1707, C 

1735. 31-14 
Farre, Elias: C 1682, A 

1683 34-30 

Fen wick, John : A 1683. 30 

Fisher, Hendrick: A 1745. 35 

FitzRandolph, John : A 1693. 13 

Nathaniel: A 

1695. 21 
Thomas: A 

1693. 21 

Ford, Jacob: A 1772. 35 

Forrest, Francis : A 1684. 30 
Forster, Miles : P 1701, A 

1703. 31 

Franklin, William : G 1763. 9 
Fretwell, Peter: A 1697. 2 

Gam,^ Hananiah : A 1697. 2 

Gaunt, Hananiah : ^ A 1697. 2 
Gardiner, Thomas: A 1682, C 

1683. 34-34 

Thomas: A 1697, C 

1701. 2-2 

Garritse, Henry : A 1772. 35 

Gibbon, Grant: A 1769. 35 

Leonard: A 1743. 35 


GiLLMAN, John : A 1675, 33 

Gordon, Thomas: P 1687, A 

1692, C 1710. 1-21-13 

Gosling, John: A 1683, C 

1683. 30-30 
Griffith, Benjamin: A 1688, 

C 1700. 13-13 

Groome, Samuel: P 1682, i 

Grover, James : A 1668. 30 

James : A 1727. 35 

Guy, Richard: A 1682, C 

1684. 34-30 
Haig, William : A 1686. 13 
Hale, Samuel: C 1700. 13 
Hall, Thomas: A 1716, 34 

William : A 1697, C 
1708. 2-3 

Hamilton, Andrew: C 1686, 
DG 1686, G 1692. 13-13-2 

John: C 1713 
(acting as governor, 1736- 

1745.) 4 

Hampton, Andrew: A 1698. 21 

Hance, John : A 1668. 30 

Hancock, Godfrey: A 1682. 34 

Richard: A 1682. 34 

William : A 1730. 35 

Hand, John : A 1701. 2 

Jonathan: A 1769. 35 

Harcott, Daniel: A 1695. 21 

Hardy, Josiah : G 1761. 9 

Harmanse, Hans : A 1693. 21 

Harriman, George: A 1695. 21 

John: A 1694. 21 

Harrison, John: A 1694. 21 

John: A 1709. 13 

Joseph : A 1712. 32 

William: A 1727. 35 

Hart, John: A 1761, 35 

Hartshorne, Richard: A 

1682, C 1683. 13-13 

Robert: A 1769. 35 

Haselwoo'D, George: A 1684. 30 

Heard, John: A 1745. 35 

Hedge, Samuel: A 1682. 34 

Helme, Israel: A 1685. 30 

Heritage, Richard: A 1697, 2 

Herriott, David: A 1694. 21 

Hessells, Peter: A 1686. 13 
Hewlings, Abraham : A 1769. 35 
Thomas P. : A 

1772. 35 

Higgins, Jedidiah : A 1695. 21 

Thomas : A 1694. 21 

Hilburne, Thomas : A 1695. 21 

Hinchman, James : A 1749. 35 

John: A 1769. 35 

Hoagland, John : A 1754. 35 

Hollinshead, John : A 1683. 30 

Holm, John : A 1697. 2 

Holme, Benjamin : A 1772. 35 

Holmes, James : A 1751. 35 

Jonathan : A 1668. 30 

Home, Archibald : C 1741. 6 

Hooper, Robert Lettice: A 

1721, C 1738. 34-6 

HooTON, John: A 1683. 30 

Hopkins, Ebenezer: A 1745. 35 

Hopkinson, Francis : C 1774. 10 

Horner, John : A 1685. 30 
Howden, Michael: P 1701, 

A 1703. 2-31 

Howell, Thomas : A 1683. 30 

HuDDY, Hugh : C 1708. 3 

Hude, Adam : A 1701. 2 

James: A 1727, C 

1745. 35-6 

Robert: A 1740. 35 

HuGG, John : A 1685. 30 

John: A 1697, C 1718. 2-4 

Hughes, Humphrey: A 1721. 34 

HuLiNG, Jacob: A 1716. 34 

Hull, Hopewell: A 1675. 33 

Humphreys, Joshua: A 1697. 2 

Hunloke, Edward: C 1697. 2 

Hunter, Robert: G 1710. 4 
Huntington, Thomas : A 

1685. 30 
Hutcheson, George: A 1684, 

C 1685. 30-30 
Hyde, Edward (Lord Corn- 
bury) : G 1703. 2 
Ilsley, John : A 1679. 3 
Ingoldesby, Richard: LG 1704. 3 


Inians, John: C 1693. 13 

Jansen, Claus: A 1695. 21 

Jegou, Peter: A 1668. 30 
Jenings, Samuel: DG and G 

1681, A 1697, C 1703. i-i 

Jenkins, Nathaniel: A 1721. 34 

Jerley, John^: A 1686. 13 

Jewell, John: C 1698. 2 

Johnson, John: A 1751. 35 

John L. : A 1769. 35 

Lewis: A 1738. 35 

Richard: A 1685. 30 

Thomas: A 1675. 32 

Johnston, Andrew: A 1727, 

C 1745. 35-6 

John: C 1686, A 

1692, P 1701. 13-21-2 

John: C 1718. 4 

Jones, Jeffrey: A 1688. 13 

Joyce, Henry: A 1716. 34 

Kaighn, John : A 1708. 31 

Kay, John: A 1685. 30 

Kearny, Philip: A 1746. 35 

Keasbey, Edward: A 1761. 35 

Keems, Joseph*: A 1727. 35 

Keen, Joseph " : A 1727. 35 

Kemble, Peter: C 1745. 6 

KiNGSLAND, Isaac: C 1684. 13 

KiNSEY, James : A 1772, 35 

John: A 1798. 13 

John: A 1727. 35 

Ladd, John : A 1754, C 1763. 35-9 

Laing, William : A 1694. 21 

Lambert, John : A 1682. 34 

Thomas: A 1682. 34 

Langstaffe, John: A 1687. 33 

Lawrence, Elisha: A 1708. 13 

John: A 1704. 31 

John: A 1761, C 

1771. 35-10 

Marcus: A 1684. 30 

Richard: A 1685. 30 

Richard: A 1761. 35 

Robert: A 1743. 35 

William: P 1686. 21 

William: A 1688. 13 

William : A 1707. 31 

Lawrie, Gawen: P 1676, 

DG 1683. i-i 

Leaming, Aaron: A 1727. 35 

Aaron: A 1740. 35 
Leeds, Daniel: A 1682, C 

1703. 34-2 

Lefever, Hypolite: A 1685. 30 
Leonard, Samuel: A 1694, 
C 1700. 21-2 

Thomas: A 1721, 
C 1745. 34-6 

Lewis, John : A 1708. 13 
LippiNcoTT, Frederick James ^ : 

A 1697. 2 
Freedom ^ : A 1697. 2 

Restore: A 1701. 2 

Longfield, Cornelius : A 1695. 21 

Looker, William : A 1695. 21 
Lovelace, John (Lord) : G 

1708. 3 

Loveridge, William : A 1697. 2 

Low, John: A 1740. 35 

Lyell, David: P 1697, C 1715. 2-4 

Fenwick: C 1738. 6 

Lyon, Benjamin : A 1708. 13 

Henry: A 1675, C 

1683. 30-13 

John : A 1693. 21 

Maddocks, John : A 1683. 30 

Marriott, Isaac: 1682. 34 

Marsh, Joseph : A 1710. 13 

Mason, John : A 1703. 31 

Thomas: A 1721. 35 

Matson, Peter: A 1697. 2 

Matthews, Thomas: A 1685. 30 

Medcalfe, Matthew: A 1697. 2 

Mehelm, John : A 1772. 35 

Michielsen, Elias : A 1673. 21 

Enoch: A 1688. 13 

Hartman : A 

1694. 21 

MicKLE, Archibald: A 1697. 2 

John: A 1721. 35 

William: A 1751. 35 

Middah, Peter: A 1754. 35 

MiDDELTON, Hugh : A 1708. 13 


Miller, Ebenezer: A 1754. 35 

Eleazer: a 1 76 1. 35 

Mills, Daniel^: A 1697. 2 

Milton, Roger: A 1684. 30 

Mollins, Jacob: A 1668. 30 

Mompesson, Roger: C 1705. 3 

Montgomerie, John : G 1728. 5 

Moore, Samuel: A 1668. 30 

MooRES, John: A 1745. 35 

Morgan, Charles : A 1716. 34 

Morris, John: A 1744. 35 

Lewis : C 1682. 13 

Lewis: C 1692, A 

1707, G 1738. 13-31-6 

Robert Hunter : C 

1738. 6 

William : A 1707. 31 

MoTT, Gershom : A 1708. 13 

William : A 1742. 35 

Mudie, David : C 1686, P 1687. 13-1 

Nealson, Anthony: A 1685. 30 

Nevill, James: C 1682. 34 

Samuel: A 1682. 34 

Samuel: A 1743. 35 

Newbold, Barzillai: A 1751. 35 

Newby, Mark: A 1682, C 

1682. 34-34 

NoRRis, Henry: A 1693. 21 

Ogden, David: C 1751. 7 

John : A 1668. 30 

John: A 1754. 35 

JosiAH : A 1716. 34 

Robert: A 1751, 35 

Ollive, Thomas : A 1681, C 

1682, G 1684. 34-34-34 
Ouke, William : A 1744. 35 
Outhout, Fop Fabius Jan- 
sen: A 1668. 30 
Palmer, John : C 1682. 13 
Pancoast, John : A 1865. 30 
Pardon, William : C 1668, 30 
Parker, Elisha: A 1707, C 

1713. 33-4 

James : C 1764. 9 

John: A 1686. 13 

John : C 1717. 4 

Joseph : A 1682. 13 

Parkis, Benjamin: A 1682. 13 

Pate, William ^ : A 1697. 2 

Paul, Philip: A 1710, 2 

Paxson, Henry: A 1754. 35 

Peace, Joseph : A 1740. 35 

Peachy, William : A 1682. 30 

Peagram, John : C 1733. 5 

Pearson, Isaac : A 1727. 35 

Penn, William : P 1676. i 

Penton, William : A 1685. 30 

Peterson, Hessell: A 1721. 34 

Pettit, Nathaniel : A 1722. 35 

Pierce, Daniel: C 1668. 30 

Pike, John: C 1672. i 

John : A 1693. 21 

Thomas : A 1699. 33 
Pinhorne, William : A 1686, 

C 1698. 13-13 

Pledger, John : A 1682. 34 

Porterfield, John : A 1727. 35 

Post, Adrian : A 1673. 21 

PowNALL, Thomas : LG 1755. 8 

Price, Benjamin : A 1675, C 

1682. 30-13 

Benjamin : A 1730. 35 

Daniel: A 1707. 31 

Robert Friend : A 1769. 35 

Provost, William : A 1721, 

C 1733. 34-5 

Pyles, William : A 1686. 13 

Quarry, Robert: C 1703. 3 

Rambo, John: A 1697. 2 

Randolph, Edward: C 1698. 2 

Rapier, Thomas: A 1697. 2 
Read, Charles : A 1751, C 

1758. 35-9 

Reading, George: A 1761. 35 
John: A 1685, C 
1713. 30-4 

John : C 1720 (act- 
ing as Governor, 1746, I757)- 5 
Redford, Andrew: A 1721. 34 
William : A 1694. 21 
Reeves, Joseph : A 1738. 35 
Mark: A 1682. 34 
Reid, John: A 1693. 21 
Revell, Thomas : C 1697. 2 


Richards, Thomas : A 1677. 32 
Robeson, Andrew: A 1685, C 

1685. 30-30 

Rodman, John : A 1727, C 

1738. 35-6 

Thomas: A 1761. 35 

Rolph, John: A 1740. 35 

Moses: A 1721. 34 

Romaine, Claes Jansen : A 

1695. 21 

Roy, John : A 1772. 35 

Royse, John : C 1692, A 1696. 13-21 
RuDYARD, Thomas: P 1681, 

DG 1682. i-i 

Runyon, Reune: A 1761. 35 

Russell, Richard: A 1685. 30 

Saltar, Richard: C 1748. 7 

Richard; A 1695. 21 

Sandford, William : C 1673. 13 

William : C 1703, 

A 1710. 2-13 

Saunders, Christopher : A 

1684. 30 

ScHENCK, Garret: A 1721. 34 

Schuyler, John: C 1735. 5 

Philip: A 1721. 34 

Scott, Benjamin : A 1684. 30 

John : A 1697. 2 

Sharp, Hugh : A 1708. 13 

Isaac: A 1709. 13 

Isaac: A 1769. 35 

Thomas: A 1685. 30 

Shattock, William : A 1675. 30 

Shaw, John: A 1697. 2 

Shephard, Dickinson : A 

1716. 34 

Thomas: A 1709 31. 

Shepherd, John: A 1772. 35 

Moses: A 1744. 35 

Shinn, Thomas : A 1743, 35 

Skene, John : 1683, DG 1685. 34-1 

Skinner, Cortlandt: A 1761. 35 

Stephen : C 1769. 18 

Slater, Edward: A 1680. i 

Slocum, John: A 1675. 30 

Smalley, Isaac: A 1686. 13 

Smith, Andrew: A 1743. 35 

Benjamin: A 1738. 38 

Daniel: A 1716. 34 

Daniel: A 1745. 35 

Frederick : C 1764. 9 

James: C 1722. 2 

James: A 1749. 35 

John: A 1669. 33 

John: A 1682. 34 

John : C 1758. 9 

Joseph: A 1769. 35 
Richard (of Burling- 
ton) : A 1730, C 1738. 35-6 

Richard (of Burling- 
ton) : A 1738. 35 

Richard (of Salem) : 

A 1740. 35 

Samuel: A 1709. 13 
Samuel: A 1754, C 

1763. 35-9 

Shobal: a 1751. 35 

Thomas : A 1684. 30 

SoMERS, John: A 1709. 13 

Sonmans, Peter: P 1683, C 

1707, A 1727. 1-3-35 

Spicer, Jacor: A 1709. 13 

Jacob: A 1744. 35 

Samuel : A 1697. 2 

Stacy, Henry: A 1683, C 

1683. 30-30 

Mahlon: a 1682, C 
1682. 34-34 

Mahlon: A 1727. 35 

Robert: A 1682, C 
1682. 34-34 

Steenmets, Casper : A 1668. 30 
Johannes : A 1692. 21 
Stelle, Gabriel: A 1730. 35 

Pontius: A 1745. 35 

Stephenson, William : A 

1703- 31 

Stevens, John: A 1751, C 

1763. 17 

Stilwell, Nicholas: A 1765. 35 
Stockton, Richard: C 1768. 10 
Stokes, Samuel: A 1754. 35 

Stout, Joseph : A 1727. 35 


SwAiNE, Samuel: A 1668. 30 

Sykes, Anthony: A 1772, 35 

Tart, Edward: A 1668. 30 
Tatham, John : A 1692, C 

1697. 30-2 

Taylor, Edward: A 1697. 2 

Edward: A 1769. 35 

George: A 1697. 2 

John : A 1697. 2 

Terhune, Albert: A 1695, 21 

Thackeray, Thomas : A 1682. 34 

Thompson, Andrew: A 1682. 34 

John : A 1683, 

C 1701. 30-2 

Thorp, Thomas: A 1693. 21 

Throgmorton, Job: A 1694. 21 

John: A 1675. 30 

Tilton, Peter: A 1681. 36 

Tindall, Richard: A 1685. 30 

Towle, Percival: A 1683. 30 

Townley, Richard: C 1686, 

A 1703. 13-31 

Treadway, Henry: A 1684. 30 

Treat, John : A 1694. 32 

Robert: A 1668. 30 

Trent, William : A 1721. 34 

Tucker, Samuel: A 1769. 35 

Tunison, Cornelius : A 1703. 31 

John: A 1704. 31 
Turner, Robert: P 1682, C 

1684. 1-30 

Van Buskirk, Andrew : A 

1710. 13 
Lawrence: A 

1709- 31 
Vandervere, Cornelius : A 

1738. 35 

Van Este, Abraham : A 1761. 35 

Derick: a 1743. 35 

George: A 1730. 35 

Peter: A 1698. 21 

Van Giesen, Isaac: A 1721. 34 

Reynier : A 1754. 35 

Van Horne, Cornelius: C 

1726. 5 

Thomas : A 

1772. 35 

Van Middleswardt, John : 

A 1740. 
Van Veghten, Derick : A 

Van Vorst, Cornelius : A 

Van Winkel, Walling Ja- 

cobse: a 1693. 
Van Zandt, Isaac: A 1730. 
Vauquellin, Robert: C 1668. 
Verlett, Nicholas: C 1668. 
Vickers, Robert: C 1682. 
Vreeland, George: A 1743. 
Wade, Edward: A 1682. 
Samuel: A 1697. 
Walker, Samuel: A 1697, C 

Ward, John : A 1675. 
Wardell, Eliakim : A 1688. 
Warne, Thomas : P 1682, C 

Warner, William : A 1685. 
Welsh, William : DG, C 

Westland, Nathaniel : C 

Wetherill, John : A 1749. 
Wheate, Benjamin : A 1697. 
Wheeler, Robert: A 1704. 
White, Christopher : A 1684, 

C 1684. 

John: A 1682. 
John: A 1688. 
Joseph : A 1685. 
Thomas: A 1681. 
Whitten, James : 1730. 
WiLKiNS, Thomas: A 1701. 
WiLLETTS, John : A 1743. 
Williams, John: A 1695. 
WiLLocKS, George: P 1695, 

A 1695. 
Wills, Daniel: C 1682. 

John: A 1707, C 

Wilson, Robert: A 1697. 
Winder, Samuel: P 1685, 

















Winds, William : A 1772. 
WiNTERTON, Thomas: A 1668. 
Wood, Henry: A 1684. 

John: A 1685. 

Jonas : A 1694. 

Richard: A 1751. 

William : A 1697. 
Woodnut, Richard: A 1713, 
Woodruff, John: A 1701. 

Joseph : A 1697. 
Samuel: C 1757. 
Woodward, Anthony : A 1704. 
Woolston, John: A 1683. 


Worlidge, John: A 1685, C 





Worth, John : A 1699. 



Wright, Jonathan : A 1721. 



John: A 1697. 



Joshua: A 1682. 



Joshua: A 1730. 



Samuel: A 1745. 



Thomas: A 1682. 



Wyatt, Bartholomew : A 





Yard, Joseph : A 1754. 



Young, Henry: A 1730. 


Zane, Robert: A 1682. 


^The names of the members of the Assembly of 1697 are known 
chiefly from the signatures to a document preserved in the Public 
Records Office in London. This document is printed in Volume II of 
the New Jersey Archives (pp. 147-148) ; reference to the original shows 
that in transcribing the signatures preparatory to printing, several pal- 
pable inaccuracies occurred, as here indicated : Daniel Wills appears as 
Daniel Mills, Henry Ballinger as Henry Callingor, Richard Darkin as 
Richard Daukin or Davkin, Hananiah Gant or Gaunt as Hananiah 
Gam, William Bates as William Pate, Archibald Mickle as Archibald 
Michell, and Freedom Lippincott as Fred: Jam. Lippincott. 

^ The name printed Peter Canson should be Peter Corson. It appears 
in Volume V of the Proceedings of the New Jersey Historical Society 
as Peter Causon, as indeed it was sometimes written. 

'A study of Daily's "Woodbridge" makes it evident that the name 
printed John Jerley in Volume XIII of the New Jersey Archives should 
be John Ilsley. 

* Comparison with the original Minutes shows that the name printed 
Joseph Keems should be Joseph Keen. 



The following list includes all present and deceased members. 
Those expelled, dropped from the roll, resigned, or transferred 
are not included. 

148 Adams, The Reverend Professor Arthur, 

Ph.D., Hartford, Conn. [15 October, 1913]. 5085 

Registrar, 1916— 

Registrar General, 1919 — 

Genealogist of the Society. 

7th in descent from Jeremy Adams. 

6th in descent from Henry Ballinger. 

6th in descent from Richard Hancock.* 

163 Adams, Major Charles Franklin, M.D., Tren- 
ton [10 October, 1914]. 5262 
8th in descent from Jeremy Adams.* 

21 Adams, Major Washington Irving Lincoln, 

Montclair [13 October, 1894]. 859 

Member of Council, 1910, 1915-1916. 

Treasurer, 1911-1915. 

Lieutenant-Governor, 191 6-1 919. 

Deputy Governor, 1919-1922. 

Governor 1922 — 

Treasurer General, 1923 — 

loth in descent from William Almy. 

loth in descent from Governor Roger Williams. 

9th in descent from Captain William Dyer. 

9th in descent from Deputy Governor John 

9th in descent from Captain Edward Hutchinson. 
9th in descent from Hugh Parsons. 
9th in descent from John Sayles. 
8th in descent from John Briggs. 
7th in descent from John Ogden. 


5th in descent from Captain Edward Dyer. 
4th in descent from Jesse Adams. 
4th in descent from Thomas Carhart. 
4th in descent from Jonathan Secord. 

231 Adams, Lieutenant Wilson Irving, Montclair 

[7 May, 1920]. 6096 

5th in descent from Jesse Adams.* 

160 Addoms, Lewis Paddock, M.D., Brooklyn 

[10 October, 1914]. 5259 

7th in descent from Jeremy Adams.* 

258 Albertson, John Jarrett, Magnolia [10 De- 
cember, 1921]. 6452 
5th in descent from William Albertson.* 

191 Allen, Yorke, South Orange [14 April, 1917]. 5740 
Secretary, 1918-1919. 
7th in descent from Richard Johnson.* 

244 ^Anderson, Robert Morris, [15 January, 1921]. 6244 
(Died October 25, 1921.) 
6th in descent from Peter Fretwell.* 

243 AuTEN, Frederick Probasco, Trenton [15 Janu- 
ary, 1921]. 6243 
9th in descent from Edward Howell.* 

252 Baker, Charles Henry, Trenton [15 October, 

1921]. 6401 

9th in descent from Hon. Edward Howell. 
7th in descent from Capt. Samuel Moore.* 

113 Baker, George Fales, M.D., Philadelphia 

[i May, 1908]. 4207 

Surgeon, 1915— 

9th in descent from Captain John Gallop. 

8th in descent from John Alden. 


8th in descent from Edward Gray, Sr. 
8th in descent from John Shaw. 
8th in descent from General Constant South- 
8th in descent from Captain Myles Standish. 
8th in descent from Cornet Robert Stetson. 
8th in descent from Joseph Warren. 
7th in descent from Major William Bradford.* 
7th in descent from Thomas Clarke. 
7th in descent from Thomas Little. 
7th in descent from Colonel Nathaniel Paine, 


7th in descent from William Peabody. 

6th in descent from Captain Nathaniel Rey- 

240 Ballantyne, Lewis Bacon, Newark [4 Decem- 
ber, 1920]. 6178 
6th in descent from Capt. William Bacon.* 

176 Ballinger, Thomas French, Moorestown [23 

October, 1915]. 5424 

7th in descent from Henry Ballinger.* 

264 Barnaby, Kenneth Tuttle, South Orange 

[15 April, 1922]. 6528 

8th in descent from Ephraim Cutter.* 

136 Barry, Major Herbert, West Orange [16 

March, 191 2]. 4787 

8th in descent from William Blake. 

8th in descent from Lieut. John Sharpe. 

8th in descent from Abraham Staats. 

8th in descent from Richard Woodhull. 

7th in descent from Jan Jansen Bleecker. 

7th in descent from Samuel Edsall. 

7th in descent from Capt. John Peabody. 

7th in descent from Dr. Samuel Staats. 


7th in descent from Gov. Peter Stuyvesant.* 

7th in descent from Capt. John Underhill. 

6th in descent from Robert Livingston. 
171 Beach, The Reverend Sylvester Woodbridge, 

D.D., Princeton [27 September, 1915]. 5399 

Member of the Council, 1923. 

8th in descent from Governor Thomas Dudley,* 

7th in descent from Gov. William Brenton. 

7th in descent from Gov. William Leete. 

7th in descent from Rev. John Woodbridge. 
1 6th in descent from Lieut. John Lyman. 

4th in descent from Elias Lyman. 
201 Beers, Louis Gilbert, Trenton [13 April, 1918]. 5864 

5th in descent from Sergt. Daniel Hurlbut.* 
230 Bergen, Lieutenant Francis Livingston, 

Somerville [7 May, 1920]. 6095 

7th in descent from Jores Hansen Bergen.* 
137 ^Bergen, Honorable James J., [16 March, 

1912] . 4788 

Member of Council, 1914-1923. 

(Died October 19, 1923.) 

6th in descent from Captain Jores Hansen 
214 Bibb, William Garrett, New York [3 April, 

1920] . 6066 

7th in descent from Henry Norris.* 
185 ^ Blackwell, Jonathan Hunt, [16 June, 

1916]. 559S 

(Died November 16, 19 19.) 

5th in descent from Ensign John Hunt.* 
94 Booth, Edward Hudson, Plainfield [8 April, 

1905]- 3839 

8th in descent from Jasper Crane. 
7th in descent from Captain Philip Pieterse 


192 Bowman, Oliver Otis, 2d, Trenton [14 April, 


7th in descent from Col. John Jackson.* 
117 Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr., Montclair [17 April, 


Historian, 1911-1913. 

Lieutenant-Governor, 1913-1916. 

Deputy-Governor, 1916-1920. 

Governor, 1920-1922. 




n descent from Lieutenant John Bishop. 

n descent from Robert Coe. 

n descent from Major Aaron Cook. 

n descent from Matthew Mitchell. 

n descent from Richard Treat. 

n descent from John Alden. 

n descent from Captain John Bishop. 

n descent from Obadiah Bruen. 

n descent from Jasper Crane. 

n descent from Lieutenant Joseph Hawley. 

n descent from Captain Samuel Swaine. 

n descent from Governor Robert Treat.* 

n descent from William Wodell. 

n descent from John Coe. 

n descent from Azariah Crane. 

n descent from Daniel Dod. 

n descent from Daniel Grinell. 

n descent from William Pabodie. 

n descent from John Parmelee. 

n descent from James Bishop. 

n descent from Robert Coe. 

n descent from John Cook. 

n descent from Nathaniel Crane. 

n descent from Jonathan Coe. 

n descent from Alexander Munro. 


87 ^Brett, The Reverend Cornelius, D.D., 

[23 January, 1904]. 3547 

Member of Council, 1910. 

Chaplain, 1910-1919. 

(Died February 24, 1922.) 

8th in descent from Lubberts Gerritsen. 

8th in descent from Hendrick Van Dyck. 

8th in descent from Captain Isaac Vermilye. 

8th in descent from Resolved Waldron. 

7th in descent from Johannes Benson. 

7th in descent from Arent Harmanse Bussing. 

7th in descent from Dr. Jan De La Montagne. 

7th in descent from Adolph Meyer. 

7th in descent from William Teller. 

7th in descent from Johannes Vermilye. 

6th in descent from Captain Francis Rom- 

6th in descent from Dr. Jacobus Van Dyke. 

6th in descent from Dr. Gysbert G. Van Im- 

5th in descent from Roger Brett. 

5th in descent from Jan Peeck. 

5th in descent from Cornelius Van Wyck. 

4th in descent from Francis Brett. 

23 ^Briggs, Honorable Frank Obadiah [5 Janu- 
ary, 1895]. 861 

(Died May 8, 1913.) 
Deputy-Governor, 1904-1906. 
Lieutenant-Governor, 1 900-1 904. 
Registrar, 1 897-1 900. 
Member of the Council, 1 895-1 897. 
8th in descent from Captain Thomas Brad- 
5th in descent from Colonel Stephen Emery. 


75 Briggs, Frankland, Newark [21 November, 


9th in descent from Captain Thomas Bradbury.* 
212 ^ Brooks, The Reverend Edgar Eugene [17 

January, 1920]. 

(Died February 18, 1921.) 

7th in descent from John Brooks.* 

6th in descent from Ebenezer Brooks, 
205 Brown, Irving Swan, Passaic [13 April, 1918]. 

8th in descent from Gov. Thomas Dudley.* 
262 Browne, Bache Hamilton, Morristown [28 

January, 1922]. 

9th in descent from Capt. Goosen Gerritse Van 

8th in descent from Capt. Jan Jansen Bleecker. 

8th in descent from Andries Dreyer. 

8th in descent from Antoine L'Espenard. 

7th in descent from Rev. Thomas Barclay. 

7th in descent from Capt. Anthony 'Lispenard. 

5th in descent from Lieut. James Clinton.* 
130 ^Buckley, The Rev. James Monroe, D.D., 

[I July, 1911]. 

(Died February 8, 1920.) 

4th in descent from Thomas Yorke.* 
253 Bull, Charles, Upper Montclair [15 October, 


8th in descent from Gov. Henry Bull.* 
57 ^BuRNHAM, Frederick Gordon, [8 April, 1899]. 

[8 April, 1899]. 

(Died , 1918.) 

6th in descent from Lieutenant Thomas Burn- 
ham, Sr.* 
210 Burroughs, Charles Frederick, East Orange 

[30 October, 1919]. 

7th in descent from Capt. Ralph Hunt.* 


i8o l3& Chambers, General Thomas Stryker [29 

January, 1916]. 5515 

■Member of the Council, 1917-1919. 
(Died October 21, 1919.) 
8th in descent from Joran Kyn.* 
6th in descent from Capt. Samuel Moore. 
6th in descent from Lieut. Joseph Sackett. 
6th in descent from Lieut. Richard Betts 

5th in descent from Capt. Daniel Howell. 
4th in descent from Benjamin Fish. 

4 Chandler, Walter, Elizabeth. 129 

Charter Member. 
Lieutenant-Governor, 1 894-1 897. 
8th in descent from Major Job Chandler.* 
8th in descent from Sir Robert Crane. 
8th in descent from Governor Thomas Dudley. 
8th in descent from John Ogden. 
8th in descent from William Swaine. 
7th in descent from Jasper Crane. 
7th in descent from Major General Daniel 

7th in descent from Captain Samuel Swaine. 
6th in descent from Colonel Josiah Ogden. 
3rd in descent from Maj. John Rogers. 

2^2 Chapman, Francis, Philadelphia [2 December, 

1922], 6699 

8th in descent from Robert Chapman.* 

100 Clapp, Edward Everett, East Orange [21 April, 

1906]. 3839 

Registrar, 1911-1916. 

6th in descent from Captain Roger Clapp.* 

129 Clark, Alexander Bayard, Wadesboro, North 

Carolina [5 May, 191 1]. 4690 

7th in descent from Col. John Wheelwright.* 


i66 Clevenger, William M., Atlantic City [6 Feb- 
ruary, 1915]. 5302 
8th in descent from Richard Wescoat.* 

274 CoBBETT, Frederick Burford, Morristown 

[17 March, 1923]. 6761 

7th in descent from Jores Hansen Bergen.* 

6 iJiCoGHiLL, Howard 192 

Charter Member. 
(Died January 30, 1922.) 
Historian, 1 894-1 897. 
8th in descent from Captain John Gorham.* 

no iJiCoiT, Henry Leber, M.D., [3 May, 1907.] 4108 

Surgeon, 1907-1909, 1911-1915. 

(Died March, 1917.) 
7th in descent from Cornelis Nevius.* 

197 Conner, John Gilbert, Trenton [2 June, 1917]. 5762 
4th in descent from Thomas Conner.* 

256 CowART, Samuel Craig, Freehold [10 December, 

1921]. 6450 

6th in descent from James Bowne.* 

196 Cranmer, George Thomas, Trenton [2 June, 

1917]. 5761 

5th in descent from Capt. James Edwards.* 

14 13& Darrach, Bradford [26 July, 1894]. 852 

Member of the Council, 1 895-1 921. 

(Died April 16, 1921.) 
7th in descent from Edward Howell. 
6th in descent from Major John Pell. 
6th in descent from Captain Francis Rombouts. 
5th in descent from Lieutenant Hezekiah 

4th in descent from Captain William Bradford.* 


249 Dean, Aaron, Rahway [9 April, 1921]. 6298 

5th in descent from Col. John WetherilL* 

139 Deats, Hiram Edmund, Flemington [3 May, 

1912]. 4823 

7th in descent from Governor Samuel Jenings.* 

II ^Deen, William Morris. 378 

Charter Member. 
(Died October 7, 1909.) 

Treasurer, 1 894-1 897. 

Lieutenant-Governor, 1 897-1 899. 

Deputy-Governor, 1899-1904. 

Governor, 1 904-1 906. 

9th in descent from Governor William Brenton. 

8th in descent from John Card. 

8th in descent from Joseph Clarke. 

8th in descent from John Jefferson. 

7th in descent from Major Peter Field. 

7th in descent from Governor Edmund Jen- 

6th in descent from Major William Harris. 

6th in descent from Captain Thomas Jeffer- 

5th in descent from Colonel Clement Read. 

5th in descent from Lieutenant Colonel Thomas 

187 DissTON, William Dunlop, Philadelphia [21 Oc- 
tober, I 91 6]. 5666 
8th in descent from Daniel Leeds.* 

63 Dix, Honorable William Frederick, East 

Orange [14 July, 1900]. 2923 

Member of Council, 1 902-1 904. 
Registrar, 1 905-1 909. 
Governor, 1909^1911. 
Deputy-Governor-General, 1915-1918. 


9th in descent from Captain John Gallup. 

8th in descent from Thomas Joy 

8th in descent from William Ward. 

7th in descent from Major Samuel Eells. 

4th in descent from Nathaniel Joy.* 

44 Downing, Augustus Cornwall, New York [7 

April, 1897]. 1856 

Member of the Council, 1897-1900. 
8th in descent from Captain Nathaniel Thomas. 
7th in descent from Captain James Sands.* 

8 ^Edwards, Pierrepont. 131 

Charter Member. 
(Died January 22, 1912.) 
Member of the Council, 1894 to 1900 inclusive. 
5th in descent from Reverend Timothy 

43 ^EvANS, Dudley [April 7, 1897]. 1855 

(Died March 2^, 19 10.) 

3rd in descent from Lieutenant Johns Evans.* 

220 ^ Field, William Pierson [7 May, 1920]. 6085 

(Died August i, 1921.) 
7th in descent from Zechariah Field. 
6th in descent from Sergt. Samuel Field.* 

52 Foote, Robert Dumont, Morristown [10 May, 

1897]. 2518 

9th in descent from Governor William 

223 Foote, Robert Dumont, Jr., Morristown 

[7 May, 1920]. 6088 

loth in descent from Gov. William Pynchon.* 

126 gSFosTER, The Reverend Daniel Requa, D.D. 

[21 January, 1911]. 4673 

(Died October 25, 191 5.) 


9th in descent from Elder William Brewster. 
8th in descent from Governor Thomas Prince. 
7th in descent from Major John Freeman.* 

58 Freeman, Alden, East Orange [14 October, 

1899]. 2762 

Member of the Council, 1900 to 1909. 

9th in descent from Deputy- Governor John 

9th in descent from John Dunham. 
9th in descent from Thomas Hay ward. 
9th in descent from Moses Simmons. 
9th in descent from John Willis, 
8th in descent from Joseph Alden. 
8th in descent from John Campbell. 
8th in descent from Robert Crosman. 
8th in descent from Thomas Harvey. 
8th in descent from Nathaniel Hayward. 
8th in descent from John Shaw. 
8th in descent from William Vassall. 
8th in descent from John Whitemarsh. 
7th in descent from James Adams. 
7th in descent from Captain Thomas Harvey, 


7th in descent from Captain 'Myles Morgan. 

7th in descent from Captain John Pease. 

6th in descent from Thomas Abbey.* 

6th in descent from Captain John Pease, Jr. 

6th in descent from Captain Samuel Terry. 

5th in descent from Lieutenant Thomas Abbey. 

4th in descent from Thomas Abbey. 

76 ij&Freeman, Joel Francis [21 November, 1902]. 3332 
(Died November 16, 19 10.) 
Deputy-Governor, 1 906-1 909. 
7th in descent from John Campbell.* 


175 ^ FuRLOw, Floyd Charles [23 October, 1915]. 
6th in descent from Nicholas Meriwether.* 

loi Gardner, Edmund le Breton, Ridgewood 
[21 April, 1906]. 
Member of Council, 1911-1916. 
Treasurer, 1916-1920. 
Lieutenant-Governor, 1920-1922. 
Deputy-Governor, 1922 — 

loth in descent from Governor Thomas 

221 Gardner, Prescott LeBreton, Ridgewood 
[7 May, 1920]. 
nth in descent from Gov. Thomas Dudley.* 

141 Gest, Alexander Purves, Trenton [3 May, 
5th in descent from Captain Thomas Cooch.* 

146 Gest, Alexander Purves, Jr., Trenton [26 Oc- 
tober, I 912]. 
6th in descent from Captain Thomas Cooch.* 

194 Glenney, Walter Lester, Plainfield [14 April, 
5th in descent from Samuel Peck.* 

261 Cranberry, Dr. Denis Webb, East Orange 
[28 January, 1922]. 
9th in descent from John Warner.* 

34 ^Greene, Charles Arthur [3 October, 1896]. 
(Died January 3, 191 1.) 
Treasurer, 1900-1911. 
9th in descent from Francis Cooke. 
9th in descent from William Thomas. 
9th in descent from Richard Warren. 
8th in descent from John Coggeshall. 
7th in descent from John Brown. 
7th in descent from Joseph Clarke.* 


7th in descent from Joshua Coggeshall. 
7th in descent from PhiHp Sherman. 

24 ^ Green, Honorable Robert Stockton [30 

March, 1895]. 1521 

(Died May 7, 1895.) 
7th in descent from Governor Thomas Dudley, 
7th in descent from Governor John Haynes. 
7th in descent from Governor George Wyllys. 
6th in descent from Lieutenant Richard Stock- 
5th in descent from Lieutenant Henry Green.* 
5th in descent from Captain John Lynde. 

108 Griffin, Captain Henry Arthur, M.D., New 

York [3 May, 1907]. 4074 

Surgeon, 1909-1911. 
Lieutenant-Governor, 191 1-1913. 
Surgeon-General, 191 2 — 
Secretary General, 1 9 18- 192 1. 
8th in descent from Captain John Carter. 
8th in descent from Lieutenant James Converse. 
7th in descent from Major James Converse.* 
7th in descent from Lieutenant John Richard- 

246 Grove, George Wilson, Woodbury [9 April, 

1921]. 6296 

7th in descent from Richard Bayley.* 

245 Grove, Leslie Styer, Woodbury [9 April, 1921]. 6294 
7th in descent from Richard Bayley.* 

2y Grubb, Charles Ross, BurHngton [10 March, 

1895]. 1524 

4th in descent from Colonel James Burd.* 

2 ^Grubb, General Edward Burd. 451 

Charter Member. 
(Died July 7, 1913.) 


Member of the Council, igoo-1902. 

Governor, 1 894-1 900. 

5th in descent from John Grubb.''' 

4th in descent from Colonel James Burd. 

188 Grubb, Edward Burd, Burlington [6 January, 

1917]. 5679 

6th in descent from John Grubb.* 

70 i5(Hall, Henry Harrington [12 April, 1902]. 3306 
(Died April 9, 1906.) 
7th in descent from Lieutenant Phineas 

124 Hall, Samuel Stickney, Montclair [21 April, 

1910]. 4546 

4th in descent from David Hall.* 

25 Halsey, Charles Thompson Day, New York 

[10 May, 1895]. 1522 

8th in descent from Jasper Crane.* 

45 Halsey, William Armstrong, Newark [10 July, 

1897]. 2087 

Member of the Council, 1901-1914. 
8th in descent from Thomas Halsey.* 

116 Hance, Irwin Howell, M.D., Lakewood [21 

November, 1908]. 4255 

6th in descent from John Hance.* 

115 ^Hance, The Reverend William White 

[21 November, 1908]. 4254 

Genealogist of the Society, 

(Died November 14, 19 11.) 
8th in descent from Sergeant David Provoost. 
8th in descent from Michael Jansen Vreelandt. 
7th in descent from Jedediah Allen. 
7th in descent from Lieutenant Thomas Huitt. 


7th in descent from David Provoost. 

7th in descent from Ensign Enoch Michielsen 

6th in descent from Edward Earle, Jr. 
6th in descent from John Hance.* 
6th in descent from William Provoost, 
6th in descent from Evert Van de Water. 
5th in descent from David W. Provoost. 
[38 Hanna, Charles Augustus, Montclair [16 

March, 1912]. 4822 

8th in descent from George Maris.* 

97 ^ Hardwick, Charles Cheever [13 January, 

1906]. 3843 

8th in descent from Captain Joseph Hills.* 

206 Hathaway, The Reverend Harry St. Clair, 

Norristown, Pa. [26 June, 1919]. 5944 

9th in descent from John Hathaway.* 

i^i"] Hawke, Edward S., M.D., Trenton [5 May, 

1922]. 6588 

7th in descent from Col. Gerardus Beekman.* 

90 ^Hayes, The Reverend Charles Harris, D.D. 

[19 November, 1904]. 3688 

(Died August 16, 191 o.) 
Chaplain, 1906-1910. 
7th in descent from Governor Robert Treat.* 

260 Haynes, Nathan Williams, South Orange [10 

December, 1921]. 6272 

8th in descent from Capt. John Gallup.* 

270 Hendry, Paul Augustine, Philadelphia [18 No- 
vember, 1922]. 6690 
9th in descent from Captain Richard Betts.* 

98 Hills, William, Jr., South Orange [13 January, 

1906]. 3842 

8th in descent from Captain Joseph Hills.* 


8o Hoffman, Samuel Verplanck, Morrlstown [ii 

February, 1903]. 2362 

4th in descent from Colonel Martinus Hoffman.* 

122 HoLDEN, Edward Packard, Madison [27 No- 
vember, 1909]. 4434 
Member of Council, 191 3-1922. 
9th in descent from Governor John Webster.* 

200 HoLDEN, Edward Packard, Jr., Madison [i De- 
cember, 1917]. 581 I 
loth in descent from Gov. John Webster.* 

119 ^Holden, Horace [17 April, 1909]. 4431 

(Died December 7, 1919.) 
loth in descent from Governor John Webster.* 
7th in descent from Justinian Holden.* 

64 ^Howe, George Rowland [13 October, 1900]. 2960 
(Died June 9, 1917.) 
5th in descent from Colonel Thomas How.* 

263 Howe, The Reverend Herbert Barber, Mount 

Kisco, N. Y. [28 January, 1922]. 6467 

6th in descent from Col. Thomas How.* 

174 Howell, Hon. Benjamin Franklin, New 

Brunswick [23 October, 1915]. 5422 

Member of the Council, 1919-1921. 

7th in descent from Major John Howell.* 

134 Hudnut, Alexander Malieu, Princeton [16 

M'arch, 19 12]. 4785 

Historian, 1913-1917. 

Member of the Council, 19 17 — 

9th in descent from Anthony Slocum. 

8th in descent from Richard Borden. 

8th in descent from John Maddox. 

8th in descent from Capt. John Pike. 


7th in descent from Jedediah Allen. 

7th in descent from Peter Fretwell.* 

7th in descent from Joshua Wright. 

6th in descent from Captain Richard AUison. 

6th in descent from Rowland Ellis. 

6th in descent from William Ford. 

6th in descent from Johannes Van Leeuwen. 

6th in descent from Thomas Wright. 

5th in descent from Captain John Anderson. 

5th in descent from Jonathan Wright. 

19 Humphreys, Frederick H., M.D., Morristown 

[13 October, 1894]. 857 

6th in descent from Lieutenant Samuel Hum- 

133 HuTCHiNGS, George Long, East Orange [13 

January, 1912]. 4772 

4th in descent from Lieutenant Nathaniel 

123 Hutchison, The Reverend Charles E., East 

Orange [15 January, 1910]. 4688 

Chaplain, 1919^ — 

5th in descent from Samuel Watts.* 

y2 Irving, Washington, San Francisco, Cal. [10 

July, 1902]. 3308 

5th in descent from Major General William 

168 Katzenbach, Frederick Frelinghuysen, Tren- 
ton [25 March, 1915]). 5322 
6th in descent from William Lawrence.* 
6th in descent from Coenradus Van Der Beek. 

265 Katzenbach, Edward Lawrence, Trenton [5 

May, 1922]. 6586 

7th in descent from William Lawrence.* 


2^6 Kays, Henry Thomas, Newton [4 May, 1923]. 6778 
8th in descent from John Ogden.* | 

118 Keim, George de Benneville, Edgewater Park ] 

[17 April, 1909]. 4430 

Member of Council, 1914-1917, 1921-1923, 
Historian, 1923. 
8th in descent from Thomas Wright.* 

2.(£ King, Charles Daly, Morristown [5 May, 

1922]. 6587 

8th in descent from John Deming.* 

5 ^KouES, George Ellsworth 367 

Charter Member. 
(Died February 8, 191 9.) 
Secretary, 1894- 1898. 

9th in descent from Governor Thomas Dudley. 
9th in descent from Governor John Winthrop.* 
8th in descent from Vice Director-General Jo- 
hannes de la Montagne. 
7th in descent from Captain John Gilman, 
6th in descent from Lieutenant Colonel Win- 
throp Hilton. 
6th in descent from Captain Jonathan Thing. 

105 Lawrence, Frank Walter, Summit [3 Novem- 
ber, 1906]. 4010 
7th in descent from John Dorsey.* 

62 I^^Lewis, Charlton T. [14 July, 1900]. 
(Died May 26, 1904.) 
Historian, 1903-1904. 
7th in descent from Thomas Miner''' (Minor). 

161 LiBBEY, Frederick Abbay, Spring Lake [10 Oc- 
tober, I 914]. 5260 
8th in descent from Lion Gardiner.* 
7th in descent from Ezekiel Bloomfield. 


65 LiBBEY, Professor William, Sc.D., Princeton 
[23 November, 1900]. 
Historian, 1906-1911. 
Deputy-Governor, 1911-1913. 
Governor, 1913-1916. 

9th in descent from Nicholas (Desborough) 

"rom Hon. John Dunham. 

"rom Thomas Bloomfield, Jr. 

:rom Lieut. John Buttolph. 

:rom Thomas Dunham. 

"rom Lieut. Lion Gardiner. 

:rom Lieut. John Kelsey. 

"rom James Lindall. 

•rom Capt. Thomas Marshall. 

:rom John Mulford. 

"rom Lieut. John Pickering, 
from Ens. Thomas Wells 

rom John Woodruff, 
rom John Bishop, 
rom Ezekiel Bloomfield.* 
rom Allen (Alwyn) Breed, 
rom Lieut. John Buttolph. 
rom Benjamin Conkling. 
rom Jeremiah Conkling. 
rom Robert Dayton, 
rom Abraham Drake, 
rom Thomas Farrar. 
rom Edward Fitz-Randolph. 
rom Lieut. John Fuller, 
rom Lieut. John Lewis, 
rom Lieut. John Libbey. 
rom Cornelis Melyn. 
rom Ens. Thomas Newhall. 
rom Ens. Joseph Breed. 


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6th in 

descent f 





from Richard Clarke. 

6th ] 



from Capt. CorneHus ConkHng 




from John ConkHng. 




from Samuel Dayton. 




from Jonathan Dunham. 




from Peter Elstone. 




from Edward Fuller. 




from Richard Goss. 




from Anthony Libbey. 




from Ens. Joseph Newhall. 




from Capt. Benjamin Pickman. 




from Benjamin Seavey. 




from John Alston. 




from Joseph Bloomfield. 




from Elisha ConkHng. 




from Isaac Libby. 




from James Moses. 




from William Seavey. 




from Ens. Jonathan Alston. 

238 Little, The Reverend Edward Porter, Eliza- 
beth [26 June, 1920] . 
7th in descent from Gov. William Bradford.* 


170 LooMis, Archie Harwood, Upper Montclair [27 
September, 191 5]. 
Member of the Council, 1919 — 
8th in descent from Cornet Peter Ayer. 
8th in descent from Thomas Bunce. 
8th in descent from William Hayden. 
8th in descent from Nathaniel Loomis. 
7th in descent from Edward Chapman. 
7th in descent from Lieut. Joseph Kingsbury. 
7th in descent from Dr. Thomas Starr. 
7th in descent from Return Strong. 
7th in descent from Capt. Joseph Wadsworth. 



6th in descent from Thomas Loomis,* 
4th in descent from Capt. and Deacon Amasa 

211 ^LouGHEAD, IsAAC Marselis [30 Octobcr, 1919]. 5990 
(Died February 17, 1922) 
6th in descent from Ahasuerus Marselis.* 

38 ^LovELL, Leander Newton [16 January, 1897]. 1818 
(Died February 19, 191 2.) 
loth in descent from Richard Warren. 
7th in descent from John Rowland.* 

103 Lynch, Jasper, Lakewood [21 April, 1906]. 3936 

7th in descent from Edward Shippen. 
5th in descent from Edward Shippen.* 

99 ^Mabie, Hamilton Wright, LL.D., L.H.D. 

[21 April, 1906]. 3932 

(Died December 31, 191 6.) 
Member of the Council, 1 907-1 909. 
Lieutenant-Governor, 1909-1911. 
6th in descent from Lieutenant Pieter Casparse 
Mabie Van Naerden.* 

156 QSMacDonald, Harry Peake [8 May, 1914]. 5102 

Member of Council, 1916— 

(Died August 7, 1921) 
4th in descent from Lieutenant Colonel Angus 

7 ^Macdonald, Malcolm. ^'JJ 

Charter Member. 
(Died July 10, 1900.) 
Member of Council, 1 894-1 897. 
7th in descent from Captain George Denison.* 


213 Macdonald, Malcolm, Jr., Philadelphia [3 

April, 1920]. 6065 

8th in descent from Capt. George Denison.* 

173 Marsh, Charles Capron, East Orange [27 Sep- 
tember, 1915]. 5399 
7th in descent from Henry Norris.* 

55 ^Marsh, John Edward [8 October, 1898]. 2573 

(Died March 22, 1914.) 
6th in descent from Henry Norris.* 

216 Marsh, Rolph Thayer, East Orange [3 April, 

1920]. 6068 

8th in descent from Henry Norris.* 

239 'Maxwell, Robert Chester, Trenton [26 June, 

1920]. 6177 

8th in descent from John Shaw.* 

46 iJiMcClintock, Emory, Ph.D., LL.D. [10 July, 

1897]. 2088 

(Died July 10, 19 16.) 

Member of the Council, 1 898-1 899. 

Lieutenant-Governor, 1 899-1 900. 

Governor, 1 900-1 904. 

9th in descent from Sergeant Robert Lock- 

9th in descent from Lieutenant Samuel Smith. 

8th in descent from Deputy- Governor Stephen 

8th in descent from Joseph Hawley. 

8th in descent from Sergeant Edward Hinman. 

8th in descent from Ensign Henry Lindon. 

8th in descent from Lieutenant Samuel More- 

8th in descent from Captain Richard Osborne. 


8th in descent from Captain Philip Pinckney. 
8th in descent from Captain Matthew Sher- 
8th in descent from Ensign William Ward. 
8th in descent from John Warner. 
7th in descent from Williarn Arms. 
7th in descent from Lieutenant John Banks. 
7th in descent from Daniel Belden. 
7th in descent from Captain Jehu Burr. 
6th in descent from Sergeant William Belden. 
6th in descent from Captain Moses Dimon. 
6th in descent from Captain Joseph Wakeman. 
6th in descent from Captain Ebenezer Warner. 
5th in descent from Captain Daniel Bradley. 
5th in descent from Captain Samuel Castle. 
5th in descent from Captain Benjamin Warner. 
4th in descent from Benjamin Warner. 

157 McCowAN, Robert Joseph Foster, Bridgeton 

[8May, 1914]. 5103 

5th in descent from Lieutenant William Shute.* 

178 McCracken, Charles Dowden, Lambertville 

[29 January, 1916]. 5513 

8th in descent from Lieutenant Wilhelmus 

179 McCracken, Frederick Beekman, Newark [29 

January, 191 6]. 

8th in descent from Lieutenant Wilhelmus 

121 McGregor, Colonel Graham Bradford, New- 
ark [2y November, 1909]. 4433 
9th in descent from Governor William Brad- 


199 McKeon, Newton Felch, Pater son [27 October, 

1917]. 5793 j| 

loth in descent from Capt. Joseph Hills. 

9th in descent from Thomas Lynde. 

9th in descent from John Waite. 

8th in descent from Sergt. John Baldwin.* 

8th in descent from Henry Botsford. 

8th in descent from Obadiah Bruen. 

8th in descent from John Lynde. 

7th in descent from Thomas Cheever, Jr. 

5th in descent from Ezekiel Cheever. 

167 McPherson, Captain Chauncey Ryder, Eliza- 
beth [6 February, 1915]. 5303 
Member of the Council, 1921-1922. 
Secretary, 1922 — 
8th in descent from Samuel Keeler.* 

255 Melvin, Major Frank Worthington, Phila- 
delphia [10 December, 1921]. 6449 
9th in descent from Capt. John Gorham.* 

93 Merrill, John Lenord, East Orange [8 April, 

1905]. 3^38 

Member of the Council, 1907-1909. 
Secretary, 1909-1916. 
Secretary General, 1915-1918. 
Governor, 1 916-19 18. 
Vice-Governor General, 1918-1921. 
9th in descent from Tristram Coffin. 
8th in descent from Deputy-Governor Samuel 

7th in descent from Colonel Thomas Wade.* 

273 Merrill, John Lenord, Jr., East Orange [17 

February, 1923]. 6756 

9th in descent from Deputy-Governor Samuel 


229 Metcalf, Jesse, Orange [7 May, 1920]. 6094 

9th in descent from Gov. William Bradford.* 

183 ^Metcalf, Manton B. [8 April, 1916]. 5528 

(Died October 12, 1923.) 

8th in descent from Governor William Brad- 
228 Metcalf, Lieutenant Manton Bradley, Jr., 

Orange [7 May, 1920]. 6093 

9th in descent from Gov. William Bradford.* 
22y Metcalf, Rowe Browning, Orange [7 May, 

1920]. 6092 

9th in descent from Gov. William Bradford.* 
162 Meyers, Charles Lee, Jersey City [10 October, 

1914]. 5261 

Member of the Council, 1922- 

4th in descent from Ensign Robert Crawford.* 
17 MiLNOR, Thomas William, AUentown, Penna. 

[26 July, 1894]. 855 

Member of the Council, 1 896-1 906. 

7th in descent from Deputy-Governor Thomas 
259 MoNTGOiMERY, James STEPHENS, Trentou [10 

December, 1921]. 6453 

8th in descent from Capt. Samuel Wilbore, Jr.* 
15 Morgan, Honorable William Fellowes, Short 

Hills \26 July, 1894]. 853 

Member of the Council, 1 895-1 898, 1 899-1 900, 

6th in descent from Captain John Morgan.* 
242 Moses, Walter, Germantown, Pa. [15 January, 

1921]. 6242 

8th in descent from Lieut. James Groves. 

8th in descent from William Lawrence. 

8th in descent from John Porter. 


8th in descent from Richard Stout, Sr. 

8th in descent from Samuel Wilbore, Sr. 

7th in descent from Robert Jones. 

7th in descent from Joseph Paul. 

7th in descent from John Roberts. 

7th in descent from Thomas Seabrook. 

7th in descent from Capt. Samuel Wilbore, Jr.* 

6th in descent from William Emley. 

6th in descent from Elisha Lawrence. 

5th in descent from John Emley. 

4th in descent from Aaron Forman. 

53 ^Murphy, Honorable Franklin [id May, 

1898]. 2519 ,J 

Member of the Council, 1 900-1904. 
Lieutenant-Governor, 1904-1906. 

(Died February 23, 1920.) 
9th in descent from Reverend Abraham Pierson. 
9th in descent from William Swaine. 
8th in descent from Jasper Crane. 
8th in descent from Henry Lyon. 
8th in descent from Captain Samuel Swaine.* 

Ill Murphy, Colonel Franklin, Jr., Newark [3 

May, 1907]. 4076 

Member of the Council, 1909-1915. 

9th in descent from Captain Samuel Swaine.* 

152 Neff, John Thornley, East Orange [31 Janu- 
ary, 1914]. 5160 
7th in descent from Joshua Wright.* 

224 Neff, John Thornley, Jr., East Orange [7 

'May, 1920]. 6089 

8th in descent from Col. Stephen Burritt.* 

195 Neff, Rollin Gray, East Orange [14 April, 

1917]. 5744 

loth in descent from Gov. Thomas Wells.* 


257 Newbury, Frank John, Jr., Trenton [lo De- 
cember, 1921]. 6451 
nth in descent from Stephen Hopkins.* 




Nixon, Horace Franklin, Woodbury [i July, 

1911]. 4752 

Member of Council, 1914-1916, 1918-1919. 

Secretary, 1916-1918, 1919-1922. 

Lieutenant-Governor, 1922 — 

8th in descent from Daniel Leeds. 

7th in descent from William Dare. 

6th in descent from Thomas Harris. 

6th in descent from Jeremiah Nixon.* 

6th in descent from John Ogden. 

5th in descent from Thomas Harris. 

5th in descent from David Ogden. 

Olmsted, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward, 
beth [20 May, 1901]. 
Member of the Council, 1909-1912. 
5th in descent from Jonathan Ingersoll.* 


Pack, Captain 
[26 June, 1919] 
II th in descent 
nth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 
loth in descent 

Arthur Newton, Lakewood 

from Corp. John Doggett. 
from Hon. Richard Treat, 
from John Bouton. 
from Alexander Bryan, 
from Henry Burt, 
from Matthew Canfield. 
from Corp. John Doggett. 
from Samuel Eddy, 
from Capt. Phineas Fiske. 
from Stephen Hart, 
from Joseph Hawley. 
from Thomas Kimberly. 
from Capt. George Lamberton. 




loth in descent from Thomas Nash. 

loth in descent from Henry Rowley. 

loth in descent from Anthony Slocum, Esqr. 

loth in descent from Hon. Richard Treat. 

loth in descent from Gov. Thomas Welles. 

loth in descent from Dep.-Gov. Francis Wil- 

loth in descent from Henry Woodward. 
9th in descent from John Anthony. 
9th in descent from Capt. John Beard. 
9th in descent from Isaac Beecher. 
9th in descent from Daniel Buckingham. 
9th in descent from Nicholas Camp. 
9th in descent from Sergt. Thomas Canfield. 
9th in descent from Richard Chamberlin. 
9th in descent from Corp. John Chidsey. 
9th in descent from George Clark. 
9th in descent from Corp. John Cooper. 
9th in descent from Joseph Crowfoot. 
9th in descent from John Eddy. 
9th in descent from Dep.-Gov. Benjamin Fenn. 
9th in descent from Ens. John Fiske, Sr. 
9th in descent from Capt. Thomas Fitch. 
9th in descent from Major Nathan Gold 

9th in descent from Samuel Gorton. 
9th in descent from John Greene. 
9th in descent from Thomas Gridley. 
9th in descent from John Hall. 
9th in descent from Anthony Hawkins. 
9th in descent from Rev. John Lothrop. 
9th in descent from Thomas Lothrop. 
9th in descent from Daniel Kellogg. 
Qth in descent from Sergt. Isaac Moore. 
9th in descent from Lieut. Anthony Newcomb. 
Qth in descent from Shubael Painter. 


n descent from Isaac Robinson. 

n descent from Henry Rowley. 

n descent from John Russell. 

n descent from George Smith. 

n descent from Capt. John Taylor. 

n descent from Stephen Terry. 

n descent from Gov. Robert Treat. 

n descent from William Tuttle. 

n descent from Sergt. Samuel Wright. 

n descent from James Allen. 

n descent from Ens. Richard Baldwin. 

n descent from Benjamin Barton. 

n descent from Joseph Chamberlin. 

n descent from Ens. George Clark. 

n descent from Dr. John Fiske. 

n descent from Thomas Fitch. 

n descent from James Greene. 

n descent from Samuel Gridley. 

n descent from Capt. John Hart. 

n descent from Capt. Thomas Hart. 

n descent from Jonathan Hatch. 

n descent from Wingle (Wm.) Johnson. 

n descent from Lieut. Joseph Kellogg. 

n descent from Ralph Lines. 

n descent from Capt. Joseph Lothrop.* 

n descent from William Lyon. 

n descent from Capt. Samuel Newton. 

n descent from Ens. Thomas Painter. 

n descent from Joseph Piatt. 

n descent from John Robinson. 

n descent from William Smith. 

n descent from Capt. Joseph Treat. 

n descent from Joseph Russell, Sr. 

n descent from Capt. Benjamin Wright. 

n descent from Capt. Ebenezer Beecher. 

n descent from Nathaniel Chamberlin. 






John Hart. 





Capt. Joseph Hatch. 





Timothy Hatch. 





Capt. Isaac Johnson. 





Ens. Samuel Newell. 





Lieut. Joseph Treat. 





Ens. William Trowbridge 





Remembrance Wright. 

6th ! 




Capt. Barnabas Baldwin. 





Capt. Joseph Beecher. 





Capt. Nathaniel Berry. 





Richard Chamberlin. 





Joseph Hatch. 





Abiel Lyon. 





Capt. Nathaniel Newell. 





Capt. John Smith. 





Lieut. Titus Smith. 





Ephraim Turrell. 





Ens. Barnabas Baldwin. 





John Foreman. 





Lemuel Hatch. 

5th 1 




Ens. David Smith. 

165 Pack, Charles Lathrop, Lakewood [6 Febru- 
ary, 1915]. 

Member of the Council, 1920 — 
loth in descent from Hon. Richard Treat. 
9th in descent from Henry Burt. 
9th in descent from Matthew Canfield. 
9th in descent from Corp. John Doggett. 
9th in descent from Samuel Eddy. 
9th in descent from Rev. John Lothrop. 
9th in descent from Henry Rowley. 
9th in descent from Anthony Slocum, Esqr. 
9th in descent from Dep.-Gov. Francis Wil- 



9th in descent from Quartermaster Henry 


n descent from Corp. John Anthony. 

n descent from Richard Chamberlin. 

n descent from Joseph Crowfoot. 

n descent from John Eddy. 

n descent from Samuel Gorton. 

n descent from Rev. John Lothrop. 

n descent from Thomas Lothrop. 

n descent from Lieut. Andrew Newcomb. 

n descent from Capt. John Taylor. 

n descent from Sergt. Samuel Wright. 

n descent from Benjamin Barton. 

n descent from Joseph Chamberlin. 

n descent from James Greene. 

n descent from Jonathan Hatch. 

n descent from Capt. Joseph Lothrop.* 

n descent from Joseph Russell. 

n descent from Capt. Benjamin Wright. 

n descent from Nathaniel Chamberlin. 

n descent from Capt. Timothy Hatch. 

n descent from Remembrance Wright. 

n descent from Richard Chamberlin. 

n descent from John Foreman. 

250 Pack, Randolph Green, Cleveland, Ohio [6 

May, 1921]. 6327 

9th in descent from Gov. Robert Treat.* 

271 Painter, Thomas Alexis, Upper Montclair 

[18 November, 1922]. 6691 

7th in descent from Shubael Painter.* 

154 Palen, Gilbert J., M.D., Woodbury [11 April, 

1914]. 5171 

6th in descent from Colonel John Burr.* 


241 Parke, Robert Irvin, Williamsport, Pa. [15 

January, 1921]. 6241 

8th in descent from Thomas Parke.* 

88 Parker, Honorable Charles Wolcott, Morris- 
town [13 May, 1904]. 3592 
Member of the Council, 1 907-1 909. 
Chancellor, 1909-1911. 
Governor, 1911-1913. 
Deputy Governor General, 191 8 — 
loth in descent from Elder William Brewster, 
loth in descent from Gov. Thomas Welles. 
9th in descent from Jonathan Brewster. 
9th in descent from Thomas Bunce. 
9th in descent from Major William Chittenden. 
9th in descent from Capt. George Denison. 
9th in descent from Edward Griswold. 
9th in descent from Lieut. Joseph Judson. 
9th in descent from Hon. Thomas Welles. 
8th in descent from Lieut. Thomas Benedict. 
8th in descent from Samuel Boardman. 
8th in descent from Nathaniel Chesebrough 

8th in descent from Capt. John Gallup. 
8th in descent from Ens. William Goodrich. 
8th in descent from Sergt. Isaac Graves. 
8th in descent from John Griswold. 
8th in descent from Capt. James Judson. 
8th in descent from Matthew Marvin. 
8th in descent from Major William Sanford. 
7th in descent from Daniel Benedict. 
7th in descent from Ens. Jonathan Boardman. 
7th in descent from Capt. William Ely. 
7th in descent from Lieut. William Gallop 

7th in descent from Col. David Goodrich. 


7th in descent from Samuel Hinckley. 

7th in descent from Brant Arentse Van Slich- 

6th in descent from Col. Elihu Chauncey. 

6th in descent from Major Daniel Ely. 

6th in descent from Capt. Joseph Piatt. 

6th in descent from Capt. Philip Pieterse 

6th in descent from Col. Oloff Stevensen Van 

5th in descent from Dr. John Johnstone. 

5th in descent from Capt. Elisha Parker. 

5th in descent from Col. Stephanus Van Cort- 

4th in descent from Col. John Parker. 

3rd in descent from Capt. James Parker.* 

Parker, Dudley Fuller, Jersey City [26 June, 

1919]. 5945 

6th in descent from Capt. Elisha Parker.* 

275 Parker, Joseph Brooks Bloodgood, Stratford, 

Pa. [4 May, 1923] . d'j'jy 

9th in descent from Nathaniel Fitz-Randolph.* 

218 Parker, Philip MacGregor, Jersey City [7 May, 

1920]. 6083 

9th in descent from Capt. Richard Olmstead.* 

120 Parmly, Jay Frank, Newark [27 November, 

1909] . 4432 

8th in descent from Jasper Crane.* 

127 Parrot, Honorable George Townley, Elizabeth 

[i April, 1911]. 4674 

8th in descent from Richard Smith. 
7th in descent from Colonel Richard Townley.* 
7th in descent from James Evetts. 


236 Parrot, Raymond Townley, Elizabeth [7 May, 

1920]. 6101 

8th in descent from Col. Richard Townley.* 

147 Pearsall, Leigh Morgan, Westfield [30 Novem- 
ber, 1912]. 4891 
5th in descent from Captain Thomas Terry.''' 

106 Peck, William Hazen, Glen Ridge [26 January, 

1907]. 4027 

9th in descent from Lieutenant William Pratt.* 

125 Perkins, Merritt Greenwood, Newark [21 

January, 1911]. 4672 

7th in descent from Captain George Denison. 
81 Plumer, David Bowdoin, Bristol, N. H. [11 

February, 1903]. 34^6 

6th in descent from James Bowdoin.* 
86 ^Porter, Horace [21 November, 1903]. 3507 

(Died March 6, 1915.) 
3rd in descent from General Jonathan Moulton.* 
I ^ Potts, William John. 470 

Charter Member. 
(Died November 18, 1895.) 
Member of Council. 1894-1895. 
4th in descent from Captain John Hughes. 

155 Presby, Frank Henry, Montcla;ir [11 April, 

1914]. 5172 

7th in descent from Captain John Putnam.* 

204 Rand, The Reverend Edwin Watson, Prince- 
ton [13 April, 1918]. 5867 
6th in descent from William Emley.* 

189 Raymond, Honorable Thomas Lynch, Newark 

[6 January, 1917]. 5680 

8th in descent from Sergeant Walter Hoyt.* 

219 Reichner, Aiken, Philadelphia [7 May, 1920]. 6084 
nth in descent from Gerret Wolfertse Van 


nth in descent from John Fenwick. 

loth in descent from Nicasius DeSille. 

loth in descent from Samuel Hedge. 

9th in descent from Peter Larssen Cock, Sr. 

9th in descent from John Smith of Smith- 

9th in descent from Jan Hendrickse Van Baal. 

9th in descent from Jan Gerretse Van Cowen- 

8th in descent from Capt. Nicholas Evertsen, 

8th in descent from Charles Morgan. 

8th in descent from Edward Quinton. 

8th in descent from Jonathan Smith 

7th in descent from Charles Morgan, Jr. 

7th in descent from Lieut. Garret Vanneman. 

190 Reichner, Major Louis Irving, Philadelphia [6 

January, 191 7]. 5681 

Member of the Council, 1920-1921. 
Chancellor, 1921 — 
loth in descent from John Fenwick. 
9th in descent from Samuel Hedge. 
8th in descent from Peter Larssen Cock, Sr. 
8th in descent from John Smith of Smith- 
7th in descent from Edward Quinton. 
7th in descent from Jonathan Smith. 
6th in descent from Lieut. Garret Vanneman. 

51 ^Revere, Augustus Lefebvre [2 April, 1898]. 2515 
(Died May 20, 1910.) 
Member of the Council, 1902-19 10. 
3rd in descent from Paul Revere.* 

66 ^Richards, George Herbert, M.D. [12 January, 

1901]. 2962 

Surgeon, 1904- 1907. 

(Died September 9, 1919.) 


8th in descent from the Reverend Joseph Hull. 

8th in descent from Henry Lyon. 

8th in descent from Edmund Tapp. 

8th in descent from Richard Treat. 

7th in descent from Jasper Crane. 

7th in descent from Benjamin Hull. 

7th in descent from Benjamin Lyon. 

7th in descent from Governor Robert Treat.* 

6th in descent from Azariah Crane. 

4th in descent from Obadiah Smith. 

225 Richards, Herbert LeVan, Orange [7 May, 

1920] . 6090 

9th in descent from Gov. Robert Treat.* 

153 RiGHTER, The Reverend Stephen Ward, East 

Orange [11 April, 1914]. 5170 

6th in descent from Azariah Crane.* 

112 Robertson, James Morris, Upper Montclair [3 

May, 1907]. 4077 

5th in descent from Governor Lewis Morris.* 

31 iJiRocKwooD, Professor Charles Greene, Jr., 

A.M., Ph.D. [4 April, 1896]. 1528 

(Died July 2, 1913.) 

Member of the Council, 1899-1905, 1909-1913. 

Lieutenant Governor, 1906- 1909. 

8th in descent from Captain Thomas Brad- 

7th in descent from Lieutenant Henry Adams.* 

7th in descent from Captain John Gardner. 

7th in descent from Isaac Vermilye. 

6th in descent from the Reverend Samuel 

6th in descent from Captain Johannes de 

6th in descent from Johannes Vermilye. 


4th in descent from the Reverend Daniel 

4th in descent from Lieutenant Elisha Rock- 

Orange Co., N. Y. [7 May, 1920] . 6091 

loth in descent from Major William Whiting. 

9th in descent from Sergt. Roger Ailing. 

9th in descent from John Briggs. 

9th in descent from John Bronson, 

9th in descent from Corp. Pierre Cresson. 

9th in descent from Capt. Matthew Fuller. 

9th in descent from Cornelis Melyn. 

9th in descent from John Moss. 

9th in descent from Henry Rowley. 

9th in descent from Brant Arentse Van Slich- 

9th in descent from Rev. John Whiting. 

8th in descent from Lieut. Wilhelmus Beekman. 

8th in descent from Sergt. Isaac Bronson. 

8th in descent from Jacob de Loper. 

8th in descent from David Demarest. 

8th in descent from Johannes de Peyster. 

8th in descent from Corp. Simon de Ruine. 

8th in descent from Col. James Graham. 

8th in descent from Capt. Philip Pieterse 

8th in descent from Major Abram Staats. 

7th in descent from Col. Gerardus Beekman. 

7th in descent from Col. Henry Beekman. 

7th in descent from Jan (John) Demarest. 

7th in descent from Col. Robert Livingston. 

7th in descent from Gov. Lewis Morris. 

7th in descent from Dr. Samuel Staats. 

7th in descent from John Vail. 

6th in descent from James Alexander. 


6th in descent from Lieut. Henry Champion. 

6th in descent from Capt. John Hotchkiss. 

6th in descent from James Landon. 

6th in descent from Major Gilbert Livingston. 

6th in descent from Lewis Morris. 

6th in descent from Lieut. Jacob Walton. 

6th in descent from Lieut. Paul Welch. 

51^ in descent from Capt. James Landon. 

5th in descent from Major Walter Rutherfurd,* 

269 Rutherfurd, Livingston, New York [10 June, 

1922]. 661 I 

4th in descent from Major Walter Rutherfurd.* 

193 Rutherfurd, Morris, Warwick, Orange Co., 

N. Y. [14 April, 191 7]. 5742 

Member of the Council, 1918 — 

9th in descent from Major William Whiting. 

8th in descent from Sergt. Roger Ailing. 

8th in descent from John Briggs. 

8th in descent from John Bronson. 

8th in descent from Capt. Matthew Fuller. 

8th in descent from Cornelis Melyn. 

8th in descent from John Moss. 

8th in descent from Henry Rowley. 

8th in descent from Brant Arentse Van Slich- 

8th in descent from Rev. John Whiting. 
7th in descent from Lieut. Wilhelmus Beekman. 
7th in descent from Sergt. Isaac Bronson. 
7th in descent from Johannes dePeyster. 
7th in descent from Col. James Graham. 
7th in descent from Jacob Loper. 
7th in descent from Capt. Philip Pieterse 

7th in descent from Major Abram Staats. 
6th in descent from Col. Gerardus Beekman. 


6th in descent from Col. Hendirck Beekman. 

6th in descent from Robert Livingston. 

6th in descent from Gov. Lewis Morris. 

6th in descent from Dr. Samuel Staats. 

6th in descent from John Vail. 

5th in descent from James Alexander. 

5th in descent from Lieut. Henry Champion. 

5th in descent from Capt. John Hotchkiss. 

5th in descent from James Landon. 

5th in descent from Major Gilbert Livingston. 

5th in descent from Lewis Morris. 

5th in descent from Major Walter Rutherfurd.* 

5th in descent from Lieut. Jacob Walton. 

5th in descent from Lieut. Paul Welch. 

4th in descent from Capt. James Landon. 

Hi 5 1 ^Sadler, General Wilbur Fisk, Jr. [31 Janu- 
ary, 1914]. 5159 

(Died November 10, 1916.) 
Treasurer, 1915-1916. 
Member of Council, 191 6. 
5th in descent from Captain Isaac Sadler.* 

209 Salter, John Lowe, Jr., Glen Ridge [26 June, 

1919]. 5947 

8th in descent from Lieut. Aaron Moses.* 


Princeton [2 April, 1898]. 2516 

Surgeon, i 899-1904. 

Historian, 1 904-1 906. 

Governor, 1906- 1909. 

Registrar, 1909-1911. 

Deputy Governor General, 1912-1915. 

nth in descent from Stephen Hopkins. 

loth in descent from Governor Thomas Dlidley. 

9th in descent from Captain Samuel Ruggles. 

9th in descent from Governor John Webster. 


9th in descent from the Reverend John Wood- 

8th in descent from Nathaniel Boulter. 

8th in descent from Captain John Capen. 

8th in descent from George Colton. 

8th in descent from Governor Thomas Welles. 

8th in descent from Robert Williams. 

7th in descent from Major Nathan Gold. 

7th in descent from William Pitkin. 

7th in descent from Captain Nathaniel Ray- 

7th in descent from Captain Caleb Stanley. 

7th in descent from Captain Joseph Sylvester. 

7th in descent from Thomas Welles, 2nd, 

7th in descent from Lieutenant Daniel White. 

6th in descent from Chief Justice William 

6th in descent from Captain Daniel White. 

5th in descent from the Reverend Stephen Wil- 

232 ScHAUFFLER, Major William Gray, Jr., Prince- 
ton [7 May, 1920]. 6097 
Member of the Council, 1922 — 
6th in descent from Rev. Stephen Williams, 

114 Schuyler, Sidney Schieffelin, Netherwood 

[17 October^ 1908]. 4233 

7th in descent from Captain Filyp Pieterse Van 

JJ Q&Shepard, Benjamin [21 November, 1902]. 3333 

Member of the Council, 1905 — 

(Died January 10, 1918.) 
8th in descent from Governor William Brad- 


54 iJiShields, Reverend Charles Woodruff, D.D., 

LL.D. [lo May, 1898]. 2520 

(Died August 26, 1904.) 
Chaplain, 1 899-1 904. 

7th in descent from Lieutenant Lion Gardiner. 
7th in descent from John Ogden. 
6th in descent from Ensign John Woodruff.* 

12 ^SiMS, Colonel Clifford Stanley. 365 

Charter Member. 
(Died March 3, 1896.) 
Chancellor, 1 894-1 896. 
5th in descent from Hezekiah Brainard. 

150 Smith, Julian Pearce, Upper Montclair [13 

December, 19 13]. 5087 

8th in descent from John Smith, Jr.* 

128 ^ Smith, Stephen Munn [5 May, 1911]. 4689 

(Died May 11, 1913.) 

8th in descent from Governor Robert Treat.* 

164 I^Sprague, John Hobart [6 February, 1915]. 5300 
Member of Council, 19 17. 

(Died May 9, 1918) 
4th in descent from Knight Sprague.* 

142 Sprague, Rufus William, Jr., Montclair [3 

May, 19 12]. 4825 

Chancellor, 191 5-192 1. 

Member of the Council, 1921 — 

nth in descent from Edmund Greenleaf. 

loth in descent from William Beamsley. 

loth in descent from Governor Tristram Coffin. 

loth in descent from Joseph Hills. 

loth in descent from John Whipple. 

9th in descent from Lieutenant Tristram Coffin. 

9th in descent from Robert Cross, Sr. 

9th in descent from Anthony Eames. 


9th in descent from Captain Stephen Green- 

9th in descent from Zechariah Johnson. 

9th in descent from William Titcomb. 

8th in descent from Captain Robert Cross. 

8th in descent from Captain Thomas Hale. 

8th in descent from Captain Joseph Little. 

8th in descent from George Nowell. 

8th in descent from Colonel Daniel Pierce. 

8th in descent from Henry Sewell. 

8th in descent from Henry Short. 

7th in descent from Thomas Mann. 

6th in descent from Ebenezer Sprague. 

5th in descent from Lieutenant Daniel 

20 ^SouiER, Charles Burnham [13 October, 

1894]. 858 

(Died October 6, 1904.) 
Member of Council, 1 895-1 902. 
4th in descent from Stephen Crane.* 
4th in descent from Captain Ephraim Terrill. 

215 Stewart, Frank H., Woodbury [3 April, 1920]. 6067 
5th in descent from Moses Burnett.* 

59 Stockton, Bayard, Princeton [13 January, 1900]. 2919 
4th in descent from Richard Stockton.* 

159 Stockton, Major Richard, Jr., Bordentown [10 

October, 19 14]. 5258 

8th in descent from Lieutenant Richard 

202 Stowe, Benjamin Levi, Jersey City [13 April, 

1918]. 5865 

7th in descent from John Stow.* 


Strong, Alan Hartwell, New Brunswick [lo 
July, IQ02]. 3307 

8th in descent from Governor Thomas Dudley.* 
7th in descent from Governor William Brenton. 
7th in descent from Governor William Leete. 

268 Strong, Theodore, New Brunswick [10 June, 

1922]. 6610 

9th in descent from Gov. Thomas Dudley.* 

3 iJiStryker, General William Scudder. 
Charter Member. 
(Died October 29, 1900.) 
Deputy Governor, 1 894-1 899. 
6th in descent from Captain Jan Strycker. 
5th in descent from Lieut. Richard Scudder. 

158 Synnott, Thomas Whitney, Wenonah [10 

October, 1914]. 5257 

6th in descent from Thomas Whitney.* 

184 Taylor, Irving Kurtz, Orange [8 April, 1916]. 5529 
5th in descent from John Hart, Signer of the 
Declaration of Independence. 

78 )J(Tennille, William Alexander [10 January, 

1903]- 3355 

(Died January 10, 1905.) 
6th in descent from General Nathaniel Bacon.* 

13 ^Thomas, George Cummins [26 July, 1894]. 851 

Member of the Council, 1895-1896. 
Chancellor, 1896-1909. 
Deputy-Governor, igog-igii. 

(Died February 26, 1920.) 
8th in descent from Sergeant David Provoost.* 
7th in descent from Governor Jacob Leisler. 
6th in descent from Colonel David Provoost. 
5th in descent from Captain David Provoost. 


172 Thomas, James Provoost, Elizabeth [2y Sep- 
tember, 1915]. 5398 
9th in descent from Sergeant David Provoost.* 

237 Thompson, Professor William Joseph, LL.D., 

Madison [26 June, 1920] . 6176 

6th in descent from Col. Roger Woolford.* 

234 TowNLEY, Philip Beardsley, Newark [7 May, 

1920]. 6099 

8th in descent from Col. Richard Tov^^nley.* 

186 Townley, Stephen Bertram, Newark [21 Oc- 
tober, I 91 6]. 5665 
7th in descent from Colonel Richard Townley.* 

233 Townley, William Richard, Newark [7 May, 

1920]. 6098 

8th in descent from Col. Richard Townley.* 

79 ^Truman, Henry Hertel [id January, 1903]. 3356 
(Died March 30, 19 16.) 
8th in descent from Tristram Coffin. 
8th in descent from Elder William Brewster.* 

35 ^Tyler, Mason Whiting [3 October, 1896]. 1745 
(Died July 2, 1907.) 
Member of the Council, 1905-1906. 
8th in descent from Governor William Brad- 
7th in descent from Deputy-Governor John 

4th in descent from Lieutenant-Colonel William 

251 Vail, Carl Montaigne, Ridgewood [6 May, 

1921]. 6328 

7th in descent from Philip Sherman.* 

254 Van Syckel, James Stephens, Trenton [10 De- 
cember, 1921]. 6448 
9th in descent from Capt. James Sands.* 


9 iJiVermilye, Reverend Ashbel Green, D.D. 341 

Charter Member. 
(Died July 9, 1905.) 
Historian, 1899-1903. 
Chaplain, 1 894-1 899. 
7th in descent from Isaac Vermilye.* 

32 Vernon, William Bryan, Montclair [4 April, 

1896]. 1529 

6th in descent from Governor Richard Ward.* 

235 Vernon, William Ward, Montclair [7 May, 

1920]. 6100 

7th in descent from Gov. Richard Ward.* 

177 VooRHEEs, Captain George Van Wickle, 

Somerville [29 January, 1916]. 5512 

7th in descent from Captain Coerte Stevens Van 

144 iJ(Vroom, Honorable Garret Dorset Wall 

[26 October, 19 12]. 4865 

(Died March 4, 1914.) 
2nd in descent from Lieutenant Peter Dumont 

131 Walker, Honorable Edwin Robert, LL.D., 

Trenton [i July, 191 1]. 4751 

6th in descent from Mahlon Stacy.* 
4th in descent from Henry Paxson. 

lyy Ward, Alfred Lewis, Philadelphia [2 June, 


6th in descent from John Ward.* 

:82 WicoFF, John Van Buren, Trenton [8 April, 

1916]. 5527 

5th in descent from Colonel John Wetherill.* 

122 Wight, Lieutenant Goulding Kumler, Mont- 
clair [7 May, 1920]. 6087 
7th in descent from Col. Walter Smith.* 


I40 Iji Wight, John Brewer [3 May, 1912]. 4824 

Historian, 1919-1923. 
Treasurer General, 1921-1923. 

(Died March 31, 1923.) 
6th in descent from Colonel Walter Smith.* 
83 Williams, John Camp, Morristown [18 April, 


8th in descent from Governor Thomas Welles.* 

135 Williams, Thomas Wright, East Orange [16 

March, 1912]. 4786 

Member of Council, 191 5-1920. 

Treasurer, 1920 — 

9th in descent from Anthony Slocum. 

8th in descent from Richard Borden. 

8th in descent from John Maddox. 

7th in descent from Jedediah Allen. 

7th in descent from Joshua Wright. 

6th in descent from Richard Allison. 

6th in descent from William Ford. 

6th in descent from Peter Fretwell.* 

6th in descent from Thomas Wright. 

5th in descent from Rowland ElHs. 

5th in descent from Jonathan Wright. 
203 Wood, Arthur Heulings, Trenton [13 April, 

1918]. 5866 

8th in descent from Lieut. Robert Feake.* 

169 Wood, Henry Abiel, New York [25 March, 

1915]. 5323 

9th in descent from Governor John Haynes.* 

145 Wood, Lieutenant Rush more, Brooklyn [26 

October, 1912]. 4866 

8th in descent from Captain John Underbill.* 

248 Wright, Albert Southard, Montclair [9 April, 

1921]. 6297 

7th in descent from Peter Fretwell.* 


143 Wright, Joseph Haddaway, Trenton [26 Oc- 
tober, 1912]. 4864 
9th in descent from Anthony Slocum. 
8th in descent from Richard Borden. 
8th in descent from John Maddox. 
7th in descent from Jedediah Allen. 
7th in descent from Joshua Wright. 
6th in descent from Richard Allison. 
6th in descent from William Ford. 
6th in descent from Peter Fretwell.* 
6th in descent from Thomas Wright. 
5th in descent from Rowland Ellis. 
5th in descent from Jonathan Wright. 

18 ijiWylie, George Sandford. 856 

Charter Member. 
(Died June 2, 1901.) 
Treasurer, 1897- 1900. 
Member of the Council, 1 895-1 897. 
5th in descent from John Miles.* 

92 Yardley, Honorable Farnham, West Orange 

[8 April, 1905]. 3837 

Member of the Council, 1906-19 13, 191 6-1 91 8. 

Deputy Governor, 1913-1916. 

Governor, 1918-1920. 

6th in descent from William Biles.* 


3n jWcmoriam. 


number. Date of decease. 

24 Robert Stockton Green 7 May, 1895 

(March 20, 1895) 

I William John Potts 18 November, 1895 

(Charter Member) 

12 Colonel Clifford Stanley Sims 3 March, 1896 

(Charter Member) 

7 Malcolm Macdonald 10 July, 1900 

(Charter Member) 

3 General William Scudder Stryker, 29 October, 1900 
(Charter Member) 

18 George Sanford Wylie 2 June, 1901 

(Charter Member) 

62 Charlton Tyler Lewis, Ph.D., LL.D. .26 May, 1904 
(July 14, 1900) 

54 Rev. Charles Woodruff Shields, D.D., LL.D. 

26 August, 1904 
(May 10, 1898) 

20 Charles Burnham Squier 6 October, 1904 

(October 13, 1894) 

78 William Alexander Tennille 10 January, 1905 

(January 10, 1903) 

9 Rev. Ashbel Green Vermilye, D.D 9 July, 1905 

(Charter Member) il 

70 Henry Harrington Hall 9 April, 1906 

(April 12, 1902) 

35 Colonel Mason Whiting Tyler 2 July, 1907 

(October 3, 1896) 


»ii William Morris Deen 7 October, 1909 
(Charter Member) 

43 Colonel Dudley Evans .27 March, 1910 

(April 7, 1897) 

51 Augustus Lefebvre Revere 20 May, 19 10 

(April 2, 1898) 

90 Rev. Charles Harris Hayes, D.D. ..16 August, 1910 
(November 19, 1904) 

' "jd Joel Francis Freeman 16 November, 1910 

(November 21, 1902) 

134 Charles Arthur Greene 3 January, 191 1 
^ (October 3, 1896) 
115 Rev. William White Hance 14 November, 191 1 

(November 21, 1908) 

8 PiERREPONT Edwards 22 January, 19 12 

(Charter Member) 

38 Leander Newton Lovell .19 February, 1912 

(January 16, 1897) 

22i Hon. Frank Obadiah Briggs 8 May, 1913 

(January 5, 1895) 

128 Stephen Munn Smith 11 May, 1913 

(May 5, 1911) 

31 Professor Charles Greene Rockwood, Ph.D. 

2 July, 1913 
(April 4, 1896) 

2 General Edward Burd Grubb 7 July, 1913 

(Charter Member) 

144 Hon. Garret Dorset Wall Vroom, LL.D. 
^ 4 March, 1914 

H;., (October 26, 19 12) 

H|55 John Edward Marsh 22 March, 1914 

^^ (October 8, 1898) 


86 Horace Porter 6 March, 191 5 

(November 21, 1903) 

26 Rev. Daniel Requa Foster, D.D. . . .25 October, 1915 

(January 21, 191 1) 

79 Henry Hertel Truman 30 March, 1916 

(January 10, 1903) 

46 Emory McClintock, Ph.D., LL.D 10 July, 1916 

(July 10, 1897) 
151 General Wilbur Fisk Sadler, Jr. 

10 November, 191 6 
(January 31, 1914) 

99 Hamilton Wright Mabie, LL.D., L.H.D. 

31 December, 191 6 
(April 21, 1906) 

110 Henry Leber Coit, M.D March, 1917 

(May 3, 1907) 

64 George Rowland Howe 9 June, 191 7 

(October 13, 1900) 

"^y Benjamin Shepard 10 January, 1918 

(November 21, 1902) 

164 John Hobart Sprague 9 May, 1918 

(February 6, 191 5) 

5 George Elsworth Koues 8 February, 1919 

(Charter Member) 

66 George Herbert Richards, M.D....9 September, 1919 
(January 12, 1901) 

180 General Thomas Stryker Chambers 

21 October, 19 19 
(January 29, 191 6) 

185 Jonathan Hunt Blackwell 16 November, 1919 

(June 16, 1916) 

119 Horace Holden 7 December, 1919 

(April 17, 1909) 



130 James Monroe Buckley 8 February, 1920 

(July I, 191 1 ) 

53 Franklin Murphy 23 February, 1920 

(May 10, 1898) 

p. 13 George Cummins Thomas 26 February, 1920 

(July 26, 1894) 

220 William Pierson Field i August, 1920 

(May 7, 1920) 
212 The Reverend Edgar Eugene Brooks 

18 February, 1921 
(January 17, 1920) 

14 Bradford Darrach, Sr 16 April, 1021 

(July 26, 1894) 

156 Harry Peake MacDonald 7 August, 1921 

(May 8, 1914) 

6 Howard Coghill 30 January, 1922 

(Charter Member) 

2X1 Isaac Marselis Loughead 17 February, 1922 

(October 30, 19 19) 
87 The Reverend Cornelius Brett, D.D. 

24 February, 1922 
(January 23, 1907) 

140 John Brewer Wight 31 March, 1923 

(May 3, 1912) 
97 Charles Cheever Hardwick 

(January 13, 1906) 
175 Floyd Charles Furlow 

(October 23, 1915) 

183 Manion Bradley Metcalf 12 October, 1923 

(April 8, 1916) 

137 Honorable James J. Bergen 19 October, 1923 

(March 16, 1912) 



Henry Leber Coit. 

Henry Leber Coit was born at Peapack, New Jersey, on 
March 16, 1854, the son of Rev. John Summerfield Coit, and 
died at his home in Newark, New Jersey, in March, 191 7. He 
was descended, being the eighth in the line of descendants, 
from Ensign ComeHus Nevius, who was engaged in Queen 
Anne's war in 1689, being stationed at a fort on Staten Island. 

Dr. Coit was admitted to membership in our Society May 3, 
1907, State Number no, General Number 4108. He served 
as Surgeon of the Society from 1907-1909 and from 1911-1915. 

The Physician's first education was acquired in the Newark 
Public Schools. He afterwards attended the College of 
Pharmacy in New York City, graduating as valedictorian of 
his class in 1876, and followed the profession of chemistry for 
four years. He then entered the College of Physicians and 
Surgeons in New York City, from which Institution he was 
graduated in 1883, after which he began the practice of medi- 
cine in Newark. 

In 1876 he married Miss Emma Gwinnell, daughter of Mr. 
J. M. Gwinnell of Newark. 

The two great movements that will be identified with the 
life work of Dr. Coit are the Certified Milk Crusade, and the 
Babies' Hospital in Newark, the latter being the first Institu- 
tion of its kind in the United States. The Babies' Hospital 
was incorporated in May, 1896, and Dr. Coit's first interest 
was always in the Babies' Hospital; it was the dream of 
his life that some day enough money would be obtained to 
build a new structure which would be in keeping with the 
fact that Newark's Institution was the pioneer in this work. 

Dr. Coit was Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Relief of 
the Citizens' Health Committee of Newark, appointed by the 



Mayor to raise a fund for, and superintend the care of infantile 
paralysis victims. Although this work fell upon the Physician 
at the time when his health was none too robust, his great 
interest in children led him to enter into the duties with unusual 
fervor. He sacrificed all but three or four days of his vacation 
in order to perfect an organization to handle properly the 
children that had been stricken. Under his personal direction 
a corps of trained nurses was selected, and each day through- 
out last Winter this staff went forth to the various homes in 
Newark where lived these paralysis victims, and administered 
such treatment as was necessary to restore their limbs to 
usefulness. All details of this work were personally looked 
after by Dr. Coit. 

It has been said by an eminent Physician that Dr. Coit did 
greater service in the preventative medicine practice than Pas- 
teur or Koch, and he was as well known in Europe as in this 
country, through his work for babies and pure milk. 

He was Vice-President of the International Society of 
Goutte de Lait (Milk Dispensaries) with headquarters at 
Budapest. He was a member of the American Association of 
Medical Milk Commissions, having been its first President ; a 
Fellow of the American Club of Physicians, Inc., from which 
he received a handsome gold medal in 191 5. He was also 
a member of the American Pediatric Society, member of the 
New Jersey Pediatric Society, a member of the New Jersey 
State Medical, and Essex County Medical Societies, and of 
the Practitioners' Club of Newark. He belonged to the Essex 
Club, and to the St. John's Lodge F. & A. M. He was Con- 
sulting Physician at many Institutions, including St. Vincent's 
Foundling Asylum in Montclair, New Jersey, and the Home 
for Crippled Children in Newark. He represented the Medical 
Societies of this country at the International Congress for the 
Prevention of Infants' Diseases, held in Berlin in 191 1. He 
was also an Officer of the Halsey Street M. E. Church in 
Newark, and was active in Church and Sunday School work, 
founding several young men's clubs in former years. 


What a splendid record and what a wonderful thing it is 
for a man to have lived and died having accomplished some- 
thing that lives after him and especially in the saving of life 
and the alleviation of pain ; and what a contrast to the thou- 
sands of men who are born and live and die, and never 
accomplish anything more than an existence which is soon 
forgotten and for which the world is never any better. 

Of all the Societies to which Dr. Coit belonged, he seemed 
most devoted to the Society of the Colonial Wars ; the button 
of our Society was the only indication of membership in any 
of the many Societies to which he belonged, that he wore 
upon his breast at the time of his funeral. 

George Rowland Howe. 

George Rowland Howe was born in New York City on 
October 31, 1847, son of Dr. John and Emaline G. Howe. 
He was the grandson of Major Bezaleel Howe, Lieutenant 
First New Hampshire Line, and served in the Guard of Honor 
which shielded Washington from perils and intrigues con- 
tinually besetting him during the War for Independence. 

Mr. Howe was admitted to membership in our Society on 
October 13, 1900, State Number 64, National Number 2960, 
being the fifth descendant from Colonel Thomas Howe. He 
died at his residence in East Orange on June 9, 191 7. 

Mr. Howe was educated by a private tutor in his early years 
and then entered the New York University. Before com- 
pleting his course there, he entered actively into mercantile 
business, beginning as a traveling salesman. His natural 
ability, however, soon manifested itself and he rapidly rose in 
business and was admitted to membership in the firm of 
Carter, Hawkins, & Sloane, manufacturing jewelers, which 
afterwards became the firm of Carter, Howe, & Company, and 
at the time of his death Mr. Howe was the active member of 
this firm. 

His was one of the quiet lives that are deep and steadfast, 
and while not so prominently before the public in his patriotic 


life, he was devoted to the Societies of which he was a member 
and gladly gave of his time and talents to serve in every way 
possible. He had unusual ability in being able to see clearly 
into various plans presented for consideration, and always 
insisted in shaping the proceedings of these organizations much 
to their benefit. 

It has been said of him that he was a devoted father and 
husband, and a royal host — "His family circle was charming 
and typically American." 

He was a man of deep piety and was as devoted and earnest 
in his Church as in his patriotic duties. His religion was not 
simply a profession — he made it practical in his broad and 
generous gifts to charities and assistance to them in every way 
that he could. He did not give blindly nor thoughtlessly, but 
always intelligently and consistently. 

Mr. Howe was equally faithful in the discharge of his civic 
duties, and was noted for his faithful attendance in his visits 
to the polling places, and thought it not the least of his duties 
to acquaint himself with the men for whom he was called upon 
to vote. 

His last illness was long and trying, but the end came peace- 
, fully, and he passed into his eternal home and reward. 

m Benjamin Shepard. 

^ Benjamin Shepard was admitted to membership in the 
. Society of Colonial Wars of the State of New Jersey on 
November 21, 1902, with State No. yy and the National 
No. 3333. 

Mr. Shepard was born in Shepardville, Mass., in 1838, and 
died at his home in East Orange, N. J., on January loth, this 
year (1918). He was eighth in descent from William Brad- 
ford and from Miles Standish, and ninth in the line from John 
Alden of the Mayflower and early Massachusetts days. 

In 1855 he entered the woolen business in New York City 
as a member of the firm of H. B. Smith & Co., which later 
became Rockefeller & Shepard. During the Civil War Mr. 


Shepard served as a Captain in the 23rd Regiment of Brooklyn. 

He was an elder of the Presbyterian Church in Orange for 
many years, and compiled several hymn books. 

In addition to his membership in our Society, he was a mem- 
ber of the Society of Mayflower Descendants, the Sons of the 
American Revolution, Society of the War of 1812, and the 
Huguenot Society. 

A little less than a year ago Mr. Shepard met with us at 
the residence of Mr. Gardner, and in the absence of our Chap- 
lain read a most appropriate prayer. He appeared in excellent 
health at that time, and spoke particularly of the pleasure he 
had in working in his garden. To all who knew him he was 
the kindly and courteous gentleman, delightful in his manners, 
and his life was marked by his Christian characteristics and 
sterling integrity. 

It is with real sorrow that we announce Mr. Shepard's death 
and realize that we will never again have the pleasure of seeing 
him in our meetings. 

John H. Sprague, Esquire. 

John H. Sprague, Esquire, whose death occurred at his 
residence. Short Hills, New Jersey, on May 9, 19 18, was 
admitted to membership in the Society of Colonial Wars in 
the State of New Jersey February 6, 19 15, State Number 
164, General Society Number 5300. He was elected a member 
of the Council May 4, 19 17, to serve an unexpired term for 
2 years. 

He was fourth in descent from Knight Sprague, who was 
born in 171 1 and died in 1804, and served as Private in the 
Massachusetts Militia in the French and Indian Wars in 1759. 
Mr. Sprague was of New England parentage, but he himself 
was born in New York City in 185 1. His grandfather was 
one of the partners of Sprague, Robinson, & Company, a well- 
known and successful shipping firm. Mr. Sprague's father 
did not engage in any active business, but was a public spirited 
man, prominent in Church and Sunday School affairs, as well 




as in politics, representing the Democratic Party at several State 

He married, as his first v^ife, Miss Susie Ketcham, daughter 
of Enoch Ketcham, who was a manufacturer of stamped tin- 
ware, the business becoming finally consolidated in the Central 
Stamping Company, and Mr. Sprague was for many years an 
Officer of that Corporation. His first wife died in 1899 and 
in 1901 he married, as his second wife, Miss Annie F. Randall, 
of New York City. 

He left the Central Stamping Company after the death of 
Mr. Ketcham, and became President of the Standard Rope 
and Twine Company, and afterwards became the Treasurer 
of the D. P. Winne Company, of Worth Street, New York 
City, which position he was filling at the time of his death. 

He was President and Director of the Wheatena Company; 
he was also a member of the Union League Club and the 
Merchants Club, of the Society of Descendants of the May- 
flower, as well as of our own Society of the Colonial Wars. 

Mr. Sprague had two sons by his first wife, both of whom 
are married and living in California. Mr. Sprague in his 
religious belief was originally a Presbyterian, but in the later 
years of his life was a member of the Episcopal Church. 

It is said that he never enjoyed good health, having been 
threatened with tuberculosis several times, and he also suffered 
several attacks of pneumonia. 

Mr. Sprague because of his courteous and cordial manner was 
a most popular man. We recall his having entertained us at the 
Union League Club last January, and we can never forget his 
fcordial and delightful manner or the charming entertainment 
he gave us. 

George Els worth Koues. 

George Els worth Koues, State Number 5, General Number 
^367, was a charter member of our Society and served as Secre- 
tary of it from 1894 to 1898. Mr. Koues died at his late 
residence, 70 East 79th Street, New York, February 8, 19 19. 

163 . 

His business was that of banking. He was connected with 
the MetropoHtan Life Insurance Company and with the 
Equitable Trust Company. He was Governor of the Dudley 
Family Association. He was a Vestryman of St. John's 
Church in Elizabeth and also Trinity Church in New York 
City. He was born February 28, 1849, ^^^ was married to 
Mary Parmley Tobey, a member of a prominent New Orleans 
family, and a member of the Society of the Colonial Dames in 
New Jersey, by whom he had six daughters. In a letter 
received by our Secretary, Mr. Nixon, from Miss Helen 
Koues, informing us of the death of her Father, she spoke of 
his membership in our Society and said that he was always 
most interested in it. He was also a member of the New York 

Perhaps Mr. Koues was not known to many of the newer 
members of the Society, but there is evidence of the good work 
he did in its earlier days, especially when he acted as its 

Dr. George Herbert Richards. 

Dr. George Herbert Richards, State Number 66, General 
Number 2962, was admitted to membership in our Society 
January 12, 1901. He was seventh in descent from Governor 
Robert Treat. He died at his home on the morning of Sep- 
tember 9, 19 19. 

Dr. Richards was an enthusiastic member of various patriotic 
Societies. He served the Society of the Order of the Founders 
and Patriots of America as Genealogist, Historian, Councilor, 
and Deputy Governor, as well as Governor. He was also 
active in the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, 
serving the New Jersey State Society as Registrar for five 
years, and was President of the Orange Chapter. He was also 
a member of the Society of the War of 1812 of New Jersey, 
and at one time served the Society as President. 

He was President of the Homeopathic Hospital of Essex 
County and a member of the staff, and was connected with 


other hospitals in New Jersey. He was President of the Board 
of Health of Orange and Chairman of the Building Committee 
of the Board of Education. When war was declared with 
Germany, Dr. Richards tendered his services to the Army, and 
in May, 1917, was commissioned a First Lieutenant in the 
Medical Reserve Corps and assigned to active duty in the 
base hospital at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. He retired from 
the Army a little more than a year before his death. 

Thomas Stryker Chambers. 

Thomas Stryker Chambers, State Number 180, General 
Number 5515, was elected to membership in our Society on the 
29th day of January, 19 16. His death occurred in his home 
in Trenton, N. J., on October 21, 19 19, in his sixty-eighth 
year, following a long illness. 

General Chambers was the last member of a family that 
settled in Trenton during the early days of that community's 
history, and whose members through succeeding generations 
took a leading part in its affairs, and contributed materially to 
its progress. 

General Chambers was born on March 13, 1852, received 
his education at the Trenton Academy, and entered into 
mercantile life with the Trenton Gaslight Company. He was 
elected a Director in the Trenton Banking Company in Feb- 
ruary, 1892, and served until 1899, when he resigned to enter 
the Army at the outbreak of the Spanish- American War. He 
was a member of the Trenton Battle Monument Association, 
and was a member of the Committee to secure appropriations 
from the thirteen original States. He was one of the orig- 
inators of the Young Men's Republican Club, now the 
Republican Club, and was its President in 1886-7-9. He was 
Secretary and Treasurer of the Mercer County Republican 
Executive Committee from September, 1887, to June, 1898, 
vacating both offices upon entering the United States Volunteer 
service during the Spanish-American War. 

He was elected to the House of Assembly for the year 1889 


and served on the Committee for Militia. He was appointed 
to the Board of Health upon its organization, July, 1882, and 
served as a member for many years. He was Treasurer of 
the First Presbyterian Church from March, 1885, to 1889, and 
Trustee from April, 1901, to the time of his death. In No- 
vember, 1899, he was appointed Bank Examiner, and later 
named as Manager of the Trenton Clearing House, a position 
which he also held up to the time of his death. 

General Chambers was a member of many Clubs and organ- 
izations, social and patriotic. He served at one time as 
President of the Sons of the Revolution of the State of New 
Jersey. His military career covered a period of forty years, 
and was distinguished by faithful and efficient service which 
won recognition in the form of rapid advancement in rank. 
Entering the National Guard service in March, 1873, as a 
Private, he passed rapidly from one to another of the higher 
grades, finally receiving the rank of Brevet Brigadier General, 
at which he was retired in March, 191 3. 

In the Spanish-American War, General Chambers served 
in the Fourth New Jersey Volunteers, in which he was com- 
missioned a Major June 30, 1898, and advanced to the 
Lieutenant-Colonelcy, March 4, 1899, serving in this office 
until the regiment was mustered out in Greene ville, N. C, 
April 6, 1899. 

General Chambers' entire life was marked with unusual 
devotion to his duties as a citizen and as a patriot. Few men 
have filled so many different positions with such fidelity 
and distinction. As a member of our Council, he is remem- 
bered with the greatest pleasure by those who had the good 
fortune to know him. He entertained the Council at his 
residence in April, 19 18, and the dinner following the meeting 
of the Council was marked by old-fashioned Southern hospi- 
tality both as to the delightful viands which he provided and 
also by the manner in which the dinner was served and the 
evident enjoyment of General Chambers in having the table 
surrounded by his friends. 



It is with great regret that we are called upon to record the 
death of General Chambers, and to realize that hereafter in 
our meetings we shall never again enjoy the pleasure of his 
presence with us. 

Jonathan Hunt Blackwell. 

Jonathan Hunt Blackwell, State Number 185, General 
Number 5598, was admitted to membership in our Society on 
the 1 6th day of June, 19 16. Mr. Blackwell was perhaps not 
known personally to many of our members, but he was a man 
of affairs and very well known in the city of Trenton, where 
he made his home for fifty-seven years. 

Mr. Blackwell was born near Hopewell, N. J., December 
20, 1841. After receiving a common school education and 
a business training at Eastman Commercial College at Pough- 
keepsie, he went into the grocery business in the store kept 
by his Father. At the age of 21 he went to Trenton and 
entered into the wholesale grocery business. 

At the outbreak of the Civil War Mr. Blackwell enlisted as 
a Sutler's Clerk, and to join his command, the Third New 
Jersey Cavalry, he rode horseback from Trenton to Washing- 
ton. Sutlers were not allowed to proceed with the Army of 
the Potomac, so Mr. Blackwell returned to Trenton and 
re-entered business there. 

Mr. Blackwell was a Democrat. In 1873 he was elected to 
Common Council and served three years, when he was elected 
to the State Senate. He was appointed by Governor Abbott 
to serve as State Treasurer upon the death of Mr. George M. 
Wright. In 1878 he was a member of the Commission named 
by Governor McClellan to the Paris Exposition. His active 
political career ended in 1885, and from then on he gave all 
his attention to his varied business interests. He was a member 
of the Commission that built Trenton's present City Hall. 

Mr. Blackwell was deeply interested in the welfare of the 
Werner Hospital at Trenton, and it is said that for many 
years it was his custom to visit the Hospital every Sunday 


afternoon. The patients and those in charge looked forward 
to his visits, for he never failed to have a cheering word and 
a warm hand clasp for everyone. 

For many years he was a member of the Board of Directors 
of the Interstate Fair. He was President of the Spring Lake 
Golf Club and active in the affairs of the Country Club. He 
served twenty years as President of the Lotus Qub, and he 
was President of the New Jersey Society of the Sons of the 
Revolution. He had large and active interest in the Wholesale 
Grocers' Association. He was President of the Standard Fire 
Insurance Company, Vice-President of the First National 
Bank, and a Director of the Trenton Savings Fund Society. 

Mr. Blackwell's death occurred on November i6th. The 
funeral services were held at his residence the following 
Saturday morning and the interment was made at Hopewell, 
where he was born seventy-eight years ago. 

Horace Holx>en. 

Horace Holden, State Number 119, General Number 4434, 
died suddenly at Asheville, North Carolina, on December 7, 
1919. He was admitted to our Society April 17, 1907. He 
was the son of the late Horace and Abigail Rankin Holden, 
and died in his fortieth year. Funeral services were held at 
the home of his Father, Edward P. Holden, Madison, New 
Jersey, on Friday, December 12th. 

The latter part of Mr. Holden's life was devoted to the 
education of young men along the lines of the English system 
of teaching. 

Mr. Holden became a member of the Society of the War 
of 1 81 2 in 1908, and was elected President of the New Jersey 
State Society in 1918, serving for one year. He derived his 
eligibility to membership in that Society by descent from 
Horace Holden, his Great-Grandfather, who was a member of 
Captain Daniel Kilbum's Company of Artillery, of Orange, 
which was attached to the Second Regiment of Infantry of 


New Jersey. He served as a Lieutenant and afterwards as a 
Major and Aide-de-Camp on the staff of Brigadier-General 
Colfax, of the New Jersey Militia. 

James Monroe Buckley. 

James Monroe Buckley, State Number 130, General Num- 
ber 4750. From the great wealth of what could be said of Dr. 
Buckley, it is difficult to condense into this short Memorial 
anything that will adequately describe his ability, his accom- 
plishments, and his character. He was perhaps the most 
remarkable man ever connected with our Society. 

He was of English ancestry, his Father coming from 
Lancashire in 1827, and was born in 1836. Early in life he 
developed tuberculosis, of which his Father had died. At the 
age of fourteen he entered the Pennington Seminary in New 
Jersey, after which he tried his hand at various occupations 
until 1854, when he again returned to school and made a name 
for himself as a brilliant but erratic student, a ready and witty 
debater, and here he began to emerge from the shadows of 
skepticism and infidelity and to learn from his young friend 
Landon "the Alphabet of the New Life." 

In his twentieth year he entered Wesleyan University at 
Middletown, Connecticut, intending to prepare himself for the 
practice of Law. Llis health was frail and his funds low, 
and, as at Pennington, he helped himself by teaching 
Winter terms of school. On the stump in the Fremont Cam- 
paign in 1856 he had discovered his gifts as a popular speaker 
and he was sought after on many occasions. In Bakerville, 
Conn., he was set to debate on "Immortality" with an Adventist 
from Boston, and the seriousness of that combat had a reflex 
influence on his own beliefs. From that epoch he took a new 
and higher view of life, and in a revival about that time, which 
shook a neighboring community under the leadership of a man 
by the name of Abbott, the young teacher at last found himself 
and his life work. He determined to leave college and devote 
the scant remainder of his days — as the weakness of his lungs 


seemed to destine him to an early grave — to ''preach as a dying 
man to dying men/' 

His first charge was at Exeter, N. H. He was then so 
enfeebled in health from frequent hemorrhages from the lungs, 
that he doubted whether a Methodist Episcopal Conference 
would accept him, but with the extraordinary characteristics 
which enabled him to triumph in so many things in life, he 
fought this disease to a finish and conquered it. 

The record of his life is filled with marvelous records of his 
Church work and especially his editorial work. In his pastoral 
work he established a reputation as a preacher who appealed tO' 
men of a high intellectual type. In i860 he easily won at the 
General Conference of the Methodist Church the position as 
Editor of the "Christian Advocate" and continued in this 
position without opposition until 19 12, when he declined re- 
election on account of advancing years, and went into voluntary 
retirement at the age of seventy-six, receiving such tributes 
of esteem and affection as have come to few men in Methodist 

As an editor, he belonged to the Greeleys, Danas, Bowleses, 
McKelways, and Wattersons, and these journalists were proud 
to admit his kinship. The Advocate was ''Buckley's Paper'* 
as the Tribune was "Greeley's." He was unquestionably 
one of the greatest leaders in the Methodist Church, never 
seeking for himself any of its honors or positions. 

As an evidence of his versatility, it is said of him that he 
excelled as Pastor, Preacher, Lecturer, Editor, Churchman, and 
Humanitarian, and he achieved distinction in many other fields. 
He was sufficiently versed in the Law to enable him to discuss 
principles, statutes, and cases with jurists ; he knew more of 
the art of healing than some physicians and he was an honorary 
member of Medical Societies. He had studied all memory 
systems and made incomparable use of the best of them; he 
was an authority on epilepsy and insanity; his acquaintance 
with the literature of tuberculosis, indigestion, alienism, and 


other pathologic fields was only less than professional. He 
attended lecture courses in Law and Medicine. 

Bishop Fowler describes his outward appearance as follows : 

"Dr. Buckley is short of stature, like Saint Paul, standing 
five and a half feet in his stockings and weighing one hundred 
and fifty pounds. He is bald-headed like Socrates. His eyes 
are round, dark, and steady. He is nervous, quick, and ready, 
yet calm, deliberate, and authoritative." 

He fought the liquor traffic with wisdom and power at a 
time when the Eighteenth Amendment was but a dream. He 
summoned his fellow Christians to their duty toward suffering 
humanity, and Methodist hospitals began to dot the land. He 
destroyed illusions, exposed fakirs, demolished shams, and kept 
ever before the Church the fundamentals of its faith. And 
because his place in the nation was so conspicuous, and his 
pen and voice were so eloquent, and the religious body for 
which he spoke so numerous, he brought a tremendous 
reinforcement to those in other Churches who stood for the 
same principles. When evangelical Christianity was challenged 
Dr. Buckley was one of its recognized champions. And upon 
more than one occasion it was his presence in the lists that 
saved the day. 

He died on Sunday morning, February 8, 1920, at his 
home in Morristown, N. J., in the eighty-fourth year of his age, 
rounding out one of the most complete and useful lives of 
anyone in the long list of New Jersey's distinguished sons. 

Franklin Murphy. 

Franklin Murphy, State Number 53, General Number 2519, 
died at Palm Beach, Florida, on February 23, 1920, in the 
seventy-fifth year of his age. 

Born in Jersey City January 3, 1846, his life record is 
most remarkable for its activities, its successes, its patriotism, 
and its usefulness. At the early age of sixteen he enlisted as 
a private in Company A, Thirteenth New Jersey Volunteers, 


for the Civil War; three years later he was mustered out as a 

He entered the varnish business and established the Murphy 
Varnish Company, of which he was Chairman of the Board 
of Directors when he died. 

He was a member of the Board of Aldermen of Newark 
and became its President. He was elected to the State 
Assembly in 1885. He was unanimously nominated for 
Governor in 1901 by the Republican State Convention and 
was elected. During his career as Governor many important 
beneficial Laws were enacted. He was offered the post of 
Ambassador to Russia by President McKinley, but declined it. 

He was a member of the Executive Committee of the 
Republican National Committee for seventeen years. In 1908 
he received 158 votes for Vice-Presidential nominee at the 
Republican National Convention. He was a delegate to five 
Republican National Conventions. 

He was a member and at one time President-General of the 
Sons of the American Revolution. He was a member of the 
Loyal Legion, the Grand Army of the Republic, and the Society 
of the Cincinnati, as well as a member of our own Society, and 
was a Mason. 

Mr. Murphy was easily one of the foremost citizens of the 
State of New Jersey in political and business life. He came 
of Connecticut Colonial stock, transplanted to Bergen County, 
N. J., in 1766. 

Throughout his entire life, in addition to all the successes 
that he had as a business man and politically, one of the out- 
standing traits of his character which were so distinctly 
noticed in Mr. Murphy's life was that of his pure American 
patriotism. Much of the time of his busy life was given to the 
furtherance of patriotic organizations and patriotic endeavours, 
to maintain for this country the principles on which it was 
established. As a member of our own Society, he was a 
member of the Council from 1900 to 1904, and filled the office 
of Lieutenant-Governor from 1904 to 1906. 


Few of the members of our Society have been more con- 
spicuously known and helpful in their life and few will be 
more sincerely missed in their departure. 

George Cummins Thomas. 

George Cummins Thomas, State Number 13, General 
Number 851, one of the most prominent residents of Elizabeth 
and well known in the Law circles of New York, died, on 
February 26, 1920, at his home, 860 North Broad Street, 
Elizabeth, N. J. He was sixty-one years old. He lived in 
Elizabeth more than fifty years. He was ill about a year and 
was in a much weakened condition during the last two weeks 
of his life. 

Mr. Thomas was a classmate of President Wilson in Prince- 
ton University, and was born in New York City on September 
28, 1858. He was a descendant on the maternal and paternal 
sides from old New Jersey families who had participated in all 
the wars since Colonial days. 

On his paternal side, he was a grandson of Colonel 
Thomas, U. S. A., and he was also a great-grandson of Colonel 
Edward Thomas of Revolutionary fame, whose residence is now 
Carteret Arms. 

He was a member of St. John's Episcopal Church, of 
Elizabeth, and for many years was a Warden of the Church. 
He was interested in the various activities of the Church and 
was one of the earnest workers when its welfare was concerned. 

He was a member of the New Jersey Historical Society, The 
Suburban Club, The Elizabeth Town and Country Club, and 
other societies. Mr. Thomas was a member of the Council 
of our Society from 1896 to 1909. He was Deputy Governor 
from 1909 to 191 1, and was Chancellor from 1896 to 1909. 
He aided very much in draughting our Constitution, which is 
acknowledged as one most complete and in many respects a 


William Pierson Field. 

William Pierson Field, of Newark, N. J., was received into 
the membership of our Society last June, and died on the ist 
day of August of this year (1920). He was born in 1862, son 
of the late Moses and Anna J. (Pierson) Field. He came of 
a long line of distinguished ancestors, who were among the 
earliest settlers of Newark, being a direct descendant of the 
Rev. Abraham Pierson, the first Minister of the old First 
Church, and of his son, Abraham Pierson, the first President 
of Yale College. On his Father's side, he was a descendant 
from the original John Field, the Astronomer, who came to 
this country in 16 — , the exact date being unknown. He was 
therefore related to the distinguished family of Cyrus Field 
and Dudley Field. 

After receiving his preparatory education, Mr. Field entered 
Princeton University, from which he was graduated in the 
class of 1883 with the degree of C.E. He was a member of 
the Ivy Club. 

Immediately after his graduation he entered the Engineering 
Corps of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and remained with them 
until 1890, during which time he did much technical and con- 
structive work. On July i, 1888, he was granted a leave of 
absence by the Railroad Company, in order to take a course of 
Engineering at the Royal Polytechnic School of Wiirtemberg, 
at Stuttgart, Germany. 

On July I, 1890, Mr. Field opened an office in Newark for 
the private practice of his profession, and in the course of his 
practice he supervised the construction of many and extensive 
works which involved difficult problems in various lines of 
engineering. It is said of him that he was among the first to 
recognize the value of and to use reinforced concrete for 
building construction. Many of the buildings and industrial 
plants in and around Newark were designed and constructed 
by him. Among his later works were the design and construc- 
tion of groups of buildings for Colgate and Company, the 
Essex Park County Commission, and the Crocker-Wheeler 



Company. He also' acted as Consulting Engineer for several 
of the Water Companies in New Jersey, 

Mr. Field's record in his profession is that of a man of the 
most scrupulous integrity, a careful and painstaking engineer, 
and an inspiring personality. There are many evidences of 
Mr. Field's conscientious devotion to his profession, and he 
enjoyed the confidence of all with whom he came into contact. 

He was for many years a devoted member of the First 
Presbyterian Church of Newark, and served on its Board of 
Trustees for twenty-one years, for seven years as President of 
the Board, until forced by ill-health to resign. He alv/ays 
maintained his interest in the affairs of Princeton Uni- 
versity, and was the first President of the Princeton Engineer- 
ing Association. As a member of the Board chosen to direct 
the policy of its Engineering Course, he was frequently called 
on to address the students along technical lines. 

He was a member of the University Club, the Essex County 
Club, the Baltusrol Golf Club, and was elected a member of 
the American Society of Civil Engineers in March, 1901. In 
1887 he married Miss Josephine D. Smith, a descendant of the 
Thayers of Newark, whose ancestry is traced back to William 
the Conqueror. Mr. Field leaves one son, William Thayer 
Field, who married the daughter of our own Colonel William 

Rev. Edgar E. Brooks. 

Rev. Edgar E. Brooks, General Society Number 6024, State 
Number 212, was elected to our Society on January 17, 1920. 
He was an Episcopal Clergyman, educated in the Wyoming 
Seminary, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., and the 
General Theological Seminary. He was at one time Rector 
of the Episcopal Church at Bernardsville, N. J., and later was 
an Assistant Minister in St. John's Church at Dover, in the 
Newark Diocese. 

After ending his rectorship at Dover, he went into Social 
Service Work, serving in New York, Illinois, the Sandwich 
Islands, and in Massachusetts. 


During the war he served as a member of the Fosdick Com- 
mission at Long Branch, N. J. 

He was a member of our Society by virtue of descent from 
John Brooks of Woburn, Mass., who served in the Expedition 
against Quebec in 1690. His death occurred in Springfield, 
Mass., on February 18, 1921. 

Bradford Darrach, Sr. 

Bradford Darrach, Sr. General Society Number 852, State 
Number 14, a member of our Council, died suddenly at his 
home in Elizabeth, N. J., April 16, 1921. 

Mr. Darrach served as an Assistant to the President of the 
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company of New York up to a 
few months before his death, having been in the service of that 
Company for fifty-four years, rising step by step from the 
position of a humble clerk to the post he had filled so well and 
so long. 

Mr. Darrach served in many positions of trust and responsi- 
bility; he was a member of the Elizabeth Town and Country 
Club, of the Baltusrol Golf Club, and of the Suburban Club 
of Elizabeth. He was elected to membership in our Society 
on July 26, 1894. He was said to be an enthusiastic golfer 
and indulged in this game up to the time of his death. In 
his younger days Mr. Darrach is said to have been a strong 
oarsman and was a member of the Viking Rowing Club of 
Bayonne. He was a member of the Trinity Episcopal Church 
of Elizabeth and was at one time Vestryman of that Church. 

Harry Peake MacDonald. 

Harry Peake MacDonald, State Number 156, General 
Society 5102, was admitted to membership in our Society May 
8, 1914. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky, May 19, 1880, 
and died August 7, 1921. 

His earliest American ancestor was Angus MacDonald of 
Glasgow, Scotland, who landed in Falmouth, Virginia, in 
1746. He was graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of 


Technology in 1901 with a degree of B.S. in Civil Engineering. 
He entered business with Snead & Company, Iron Works, in 
Jersey City, in July, 1901, and he rapidly rose to positions of 
trust and responsibility, being made Superintendent of their 
plant and Vice-President in 191 5. 

He was the inventor of the MacDonald Rolling, Ramming, 
and Molding Machine for Foundries, Electrical Heat Treating 
Machinery, and automobile patents. During the war, besides 
his most active duties at his own plant, which was making a 
variety of munitions, he served on the staff of the Montclair 
Battalion as Ordnance Officer, and with the Lewis Machine 
Gun Company of Montclair as Chief Mechanician. 

He was a member of the Jersey City Chamber of Commerce, 
Chairman of the Safety and Sanitation Committee of the 
National Founders Associations, Secretary and Treasurer of 
the Forbes Leigneurie Hunting Club, a member of the Society 
of Automotive Engineers, a member of the Committee on In- 
dustrial Training for War Engineering of the Council of 
National Defense. He was also Advisor to the Metal Trades 
Board on War Labor Policies in 191 8. 

As will be noticed from reading the above account of Mr. 
MacDonald's active life, he did not depend on the accident of 
descent from a Colonial ancestor, but in a busy and useful life 
cut short in its prime, he did what he could and all that he 
could, socially, scientifically, and patriotically for perpetuating 
those things for which his ancestors stood. 

Howard Coghill. 

Howard Coghill, son of James H. and Mary Mulford 
Coghill, was bom at New Rochelle, N. Y., August 27, 1858 
He was educated at private schools and at Columbia University, 
where he graduated, with honors, in 1880. After a year spent 
in foreign travel he entered the Columbia Law School, gradu- 
ating in 1883. He practised law in New York City from 1883 
to 1898, and then retired from active business life. In i 


he married Edith Dunbar, who survives him, together with 
one son, James Henry Coghill. 

Mr. Coghill inherited a fine library from his father, and 
added largely to it, specializing in French history and fiction. 
He took a keen interest in political and social issues, and was a 
frequent contributor to the columns of the N. Y. Evening Post. 
He was a charter member of the Society of Colonial Wars, and 
at one time served as its Historian. 

As a man, Mr. Coghill was distinguished for his fine sense 
of honor in both public and private life. He was much inter- 
ested in music, and was a member for many years of a semi- 
professional flute quartet; he also helped to organize the 
Morristown (N. J.) Amateur Orchestra, and took an active 
part in its work. He died at Roosevelt Hospital, New York, 
on January 30, 1922, following an apparently successful 

A good citizen, a scholar of cosmopolitan culture, and a 
loyal friend, his early death is sincerely and widely mourned. 

Isaac M. Lougheed. 

Isaac M. Lougheed, General Number 5990, State Number 
211, was admitted to membership in our Society October 30, 
191 9. He had not been very active in his membership, but he 
attended the last General Assembly of the Society as a delegate, 
and it was my good fortune to see him intimately on that 
occasion. He was engaged in the business of Stationer and 
Engraver in Philadelphia, but resided in New Jersey. 

Mr. Lougheed met with a sudden death on February 17, 
1922. While hurrying to catch a train at his residence in 
Atlantic City, he was stricken with heart trouble and died 
almost immediately. 

He was a direct descendant of one of the old Colonial 
families of Philadelphia, a member of the Union League, the 
Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Sons of the Revolution, 
the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and our own Society 
of Colonial Wars. He was also a Vestryman of All Saints 
Episcopal Church in Atlantic City. 


Rev. Cornelius Brett, D.D. 

Rev. Cornelius Brett, D.D., General Number 3567, State 
Number 87, was admitted to membership in our Society 
January 23, 1904, and served us as Chaplain from 1910 to 1919. 

Dr. Brett was a most lovable character, and his association 
with us in the Society and as a member of the Council was 
greatly enjoyed. He was a man of many talents and used all 
of them to the best advantage. He was a well educated man, 
a devoted Minister of the Gospel, and a broad-minded, useful 
citizen. He was Pastor of the Bergen Reformed Church for 
forty-two years and his funeral services were most impressive, 
a very large crowd testifying their devotion to his memory by 
their attendance. Included in those present were some thirty- 
six clergymen of various denominations, either participating in 
the funeral services, or by their presence testifying to the 
esteem in which their fellow Pastor was held. He died Feb- 
ruary 24, 1922. 

Dr. Brett was President of the Phi Beta Kappa Society in 
New York, and for eight years was Chaplain of the old Fourth 
Regiment, National Guard, New Jersey. 

In the latter part of his life he was afflicted with blindness, 
but even this terrible calamity did not prevent his activities in 
either his religious or civic life. He lived to the ripe age of 
eighty years, a life of usefulness and honor, and his going out 
was like the setting of the evening sun after the close of a 
perfect day. 

John Brewer Wight. 

John Brewer Wight was born in Washington, D. C, March 
2, 1853. His father was Otis Caleb Wight, and his great- 
grandfather was Nahum Wight, who was an officer in Col. 
Brewer's regiment in the Continental Army; he was also a 
direct descendant of Thomas Wight, who settled in Dedham, 
Mass., in 1635. 


Mr. Wight was educated in Rittenhouse Academy, in Wash- 
ington, which was owned by his father. 

In 1877 he became Secretary and Business Manager of 
Gallaudet College, Washington. In 1890 he entered the real 
estate business in Washington. In 1897 he was appointed 
Commissioner of the District of Columbia, by President 
McKinley, in which office he served until 1901. 

In 1903 he moved to New York, to assume control of the 
New York office of the Alpha Portland Cement Co., with 
which Company he remained until his retirement in 1921. 
His home was in Montclair, N. J. 

Mr. Wight married October 10, 1883, Miss Anna Kumler, 
and is survived by his wife and his son, Goulding Kumler 
Wight, of Montclair, N. J. He passed away at his home in 
Montclair, March 31, 1923. 

For many years, Mr. Wight was keenly interested in 
patriotic work and was a member of various such societies. 
He became a member of the S. A. R. in 1890, and was one of 
the founders of the Montclair Chapter of the New Jersey 
Society, when it was organized in 191 1. He was also President 
of this Chapter. 

In 1 91 2 he became a member of the New Jersey Society of 
the Colonial Wars, and at the time of his death, was Historian 
of the N. J. Society, and Treasurer General of the General 

He was also a member of the Order of the Founders and 
Patriots of America. 

Mr. Wight's remains are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, 
Washington, D. C. 


The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of New Jersey 
in Annual Court assembled, having heard with profound grief 
of the death of John Brewer Wight, Esq., desiring to record 


their sense of loss and their appreciation of his noble qualities 
of intellect and heart and their appreciation of his distinguished 
services to this Society and to the General Society, adopting 
this minute, order it spread on their record and a copy sent 
to the family of Mr. Wight. 

Of a distinguished American family, Mr. Wight embodied 
the best traditions of our past. He was a gentleman and 
possessed in high degree those good qualities of unselfishness, 
consideration for others, and of service that characterize *'a 
gentleman of the old school." 

For many years he was a member of the Council and 
Historian of the Society. He discharged his duties with con- 
scientious fidelity, and brought to his task a genuine personal 
interest and a mastery of polished and stately English. At 
the General Assembly of 1921, Mr. Wight was chosen 
Treasurer-General and at once endeared himself to his asso- 
ciates of the General Council. His painstaking discharge of his 
duties deserves highest commendation. 

In the death of John Brewer Wight, the State has lost a 
citizen of the purest patriotism, the Society a loyal member, 
the Council a wise advisor, and each of us a friend. 



All services of Ancestors appearing in this publication have 
been verified by the Genealogist and the aim has been to prove 
each paper from established evidence. 

A. & H. A. Co. is the abbreviation for Member of the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery Company of Boston. 

Abbey, Thomas, 1656-1728. Conn. 
In Capt. Appleton's Co., King 
Philip's War ; wounded at the 
taking of the Indian Fort at 
Narragansett, December 19, 
1675. One of the first settlers 
of Enfield. 
Freemen, Alden. 

Abbey, Lieut. Thomas, 1686- 1759. 
Conn. Sergeant and Lieuten- 
ant 1712-1713, Enfield. 
Freemen, Alden. 

Abbey, Thomas, 1731-1811. Conn. 
Soldier in French and Indian 
War, 1758-1761; Corps, ist 
Reg. Conn. Troops. 1758; 
Lieut, in Capt. Seth King's 
Co., ist Reg. Conn. Troops, 
April I, 1 761. 
Freeman, Alden. 

Adams, Lieut. Henry, 1604- 1675- 
6. Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 1652. 
Lieut. Medfield Militia. 
Killed by the Indians at the 
burning of Medfield, Febru- 
ary 21, 1675-1676. 
Rockwood, Charles G. 

Adams,^ James, 1651. Mass. 

Member of Marshfield Mili- 
tary Co., 1643. 
Freeman, Alden. 

Adams, Jeremy, 1604- 1683, Hart- 
ford, Conn. With Capt. Ma- 
son against the Indians, 1638. 
Member of Hartford Trained 
Band up to 1665. 

Adams, Arthur. 

Adams, Charles Franklin. 

Addoms, Lewis Paddock. 

Adams, Jesse, 1739 . Served 

as a Private in the French 
and Indian War from Scars- 
dale, Westchester Co., N. Y., 

Adams, Washington Irving Lin- 
Adams, Wilson Irving. 

Albertson, William, c. 1632- 
1709, N. J. and Pa. Member 
of the N. J. Assembly from 
Gloucester County in 1685. 
Albertson, John Jarrett. 

Alden, Dep.-Gov. John, 1599- 
■ 1687. Mass. Seventh and 
last surviving signer of the 
Mayflower Compact. Mem- 
ber of Capt. Myles Standish's 
Duxbury Co., 1643. Assistant 
Dept.-Gov. Member of Coun- 
cil of War, 1 646- 1 676 Plym- 
Baker, George F. 

1 Service not now qualifying. 

Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 
Freeman, Alden. 

Alden,^ Joseph, 1627-1697. Mass. 
Son of John Alden. Member 
of Capt. Myles Standish's 
Duxbury Co., 1643. 
Freeman, Alden. 

Alexander, James, 1693-1756. 
King's Council, N. Y., 1721, — 
Council N. J., 1722. Secre- 
tary of Prov. N. Y. Sur- 
veyor Gen, of East and West 
New Jersey. 
Rutherfurd, John. 
Rutherfurd, Morris. 

Alexander, William, 1726-1783. 
Styled Lord Stirling. A. D. 
C. on the staff of Gov. Shir- 
ley, 1756. Served in the war 
against the French. Commis- 
sary. Capt. of Company of 
Grenadiers, N. Y., 1760. 
Member of the King's Coun- 
cil, N. J., 1761. 
Irving, Washington. 

Allen, James, 1636-1714, Chil- 
mark and Tisbury, Mass. As- 
sistant, 1675; Justice on the 
King's Bench six years at 
Quarterly Sessions of Peace. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Allen, Jedediah, 1646-1712 
Shrewsbury, N. J. Assembly, 
Hance, William White 
Hudnut, Alex. M. 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Alling, John, 1647- 1717. Judge 
of the County Courts, 1704- 
17 14, and Court of Probate, 

1704-1716. Assistant, Col. ot 
Conn., 1704-1716. Deputy for 
New Haven, 1685, 1692-1793, 
Member Governor's Council, 
1707, et seq. 

Alling, Sergt. Roger, 1674, 

New Haven, Conn. Treas. N. 
H. Col., i66i-'64. Corp., 1652. 
Sergt., 1661. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Allison, Capt. Richard, 1660- 
1716. Captain of Militia in 
Springfield and Northampton, 
Hudnut, Alex. Malieu 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Allyn, Samuel, 1644-1726, Barn- 
stable, Mass. In King Philip's 
War. Deputy, i682-'84. 

Almy, William, 1601-1676. As- 
sembly, R. I., i656-'57-'63. 
Adams, Washington I. L. 

Alston, John, prob. 1690-1743, 
Woodbridge, N. J. Soldier, 

Libbey, Wm. 

Alston, Ens. Jonathan, 1718- 
1778, Woodbridge, N. J. Ens., 
Capt. David Alston's Middle- 
sex Co., 1753. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Anderson, Capt. John, 1694-1774. 
Captain of Maidenhead Com- 
pany, New Jersey, Colonel 
John Reading, 1727, 
Hudnut, Alex Malieu 

1 Service not now qualifying. 


Anthony, Corp. John, 1607-1675. 
Commissioner for Providence, 
1661. Deputy from Ports- 
mouth, 1666. Corporal, 1644. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Arms (Ames), William, 1654- 

173 1. Soldier under Capt. 
William Turner in the Falls 
Fight, King Philip's War, 

McClintock, Emory 

Avery, Capt. James, 1620-1691, 
New London, Conn. Ens., 
Lieut., and Capt. In King 
Philip's War. Deputy, 1656- 

Avery, Lieut. James, Jr., 1646- 

1732. Lieut, in the Conn. Co- 
lonial Forces during the 
frontier wars. ^ 

Ayer, Cornet Peter, 1633-1699. 
Cornet Haverhill Co. and 
Deputy, 1680, et seq., Col. of 
Mass. Bay. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood 

Bacon, Capt. William, 1716-1761, 
Dedham, Mass. In Crown 
Point Expedition in Col. 
Gridley's Regt., 1756. 
Ballantyne, Lewis Bacon. 

Bacon, Gen. Nathaniel, 1644- 
1676. Member of Assembly. 
Hero of "Bacon's Rebellion." 
Led campaign against Indians, 
Tennille, William A. 

Baldwin, Capt. Barnabas, 1698- 
1769, Milford, Conn. Ens., 
1739; Lieut., 1740; Capt., 1749. 
Pack, Arthur Newton. 

Baldwin, Ens, Barnabas, 1726- 
1804, Conn. Ens. of Tenth 
Co., Second Regt., 1774. He 
was called "Lieutenant." 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Baldwin, Sergt. John, 1635-1681. 
Sergt., Milford, Conn., Militia, 
McKeon, Newton F. 

Baldwin, Ens. Richard, 1622- 
1665, Milford, Conn. Ens., 
1654. Deputy, 1662-64. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Ballinger, Henry, 1733. 

Evesham, N. J. Member of 
the Assembly of West N. J., 
for Burlington Co., 1697. 
Served as Assessor for Eves- 
ham Township, 1700. 

Adams, Arthur 

Ballinger, Thomas French 

Banks, Lieutenant John, • 

1684. Connecticut. Deputy to 
General Court, 19 terms, be- 
tween 1651 and 1683. Lieu- 
tenant, 1678. Standing Coun- 
cil, King Philip's War. 
McClintock, Emory. 

Barclay, Rev. Thomas, 1668-1725. 
Chaplain in the Fort at Al- 
bany, in 1708, etc. 
Brown, Bache Hamilton 

Barrell, Ens. John, 1618-1658, 
A. & H. A. Co., 1643. 4th 
Sergt., 1651. 1st Sergt., 1656. 
Ens., 1656. Sergt. in Boston 
Militia, i65i-'53. 

Barton, Benjamin, 1645-1720. 
Warwick, R. I. Lieut, of 
Militia, Warwick. Assistant, 


i674-'75, i683-'8s, 1699-1703. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop. 

Bayley, Richard, 17 17 , Hav- 
erhill, Mass. Soldier in 
French and Indian War, 1757. 
Member of "Second Foot 
Company," Militia of Haver- 

Grove, George Wilson 

Grove, Leslie Styer 

Beamsley, William, 1632-1658. 
Boston, Mass. Member of A. 
& H. A. Co., 1656. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Beard, Capt. John, 1716, 

Milford, Conn. Commissioned 
Capt. 1675. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Beech ER, Capt. Ebenezer, 1686- 
1763, New Haven. Sergt., 
1725; Lieut., 1735; Ens., 1727; 
Capt., 1740. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Beecher, Isaac, 1623- 1690. Mem- 
ber of New Haven Train 
Band, i639-'44. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Beecher, Capt. Joseph, 171 8- 1776, 
New Haven. Ens., 1759; 
Lieut., 1760; Capt. 1763. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Beekman, Col. Gerardus, M. D., 
1653- 1723. Capt. of Militia, 
Flatbush, 1681. Major, 1689. 
Lieut.-Col., King's Co. Militia, 
1698. Gov. Leisler's Council, 
1690-1691. Council, 1705-1723. 

Pres. and Dep.-Gov., 1709- 

Hawke, Edward S. 
Rutherfurd, John 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

Beekman, Col. Henry, ist, 1649- 
1716, Kingston, N. Y. Cadet 
on the South River, 1662. 
Capt. Ulster Co. Troop, 1685. 
Expedition to Albany. Legis- 
lative Assembly, 1691-1716. 
Col. of Militia, Prov. N. Y. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Beekman, Lieut. Wilhelmus, 
1623-1707. Lieut. Burgher 
Corps, New Amsterdam, 1652- 
'58, and New Orange, 1673- 
1674. Vice-Director on the 
South River, 1658-1664. 
Schout at Esopus, 1664. 

McCracken, Charles D. 

McCracken, Frederick Beekman 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Beers, John, 1652-1683. In King 
Philip's War, 1675. 

Beers, Capt. Richard, 1612-1675. 
Capt., King Philip's War. 
Killed at Northfield. 

Belden, Daniel, 1647-1731, Hat- 
field and Deerfield, Mass. In 
King Philip's War. On Com- 
mittee of Fortification with 
Col. Partridge. 
McClintock, Emory 

Belden, Sergeant William, 1671- 
1760. Sergeant 1703-4, Mass. 
McClintock, Emory 

Benedict, Daniel, 1655 about. 
Soldier in King Philip's War, 
Parker, Chas. W. 


Benedict, Lieutenant Thomas, 
1617-1690. Lieut, in Capt. 
Byron Newton's Foot Co., 
Jamaica, 1665. Member Co- 
lonial Assembly at Hemp- 
stead, 1665. Deputy from 
Norwalk, Conn., 1670-1675. 
Parker, Chas. W. 

Benson, Capt. Johannes, 1655- 
171 5, Lieutenant of Albany 
troop, 1688. Captain, 1689. 
Brett, Cornelius. 

Bergen, Jores Hansen, 1649-1736. 

Captain of Militia, Brooklyn, 

Long Island, 1700. 
Bergen, Francis Livingston 
Bergen, James J. 
Cobbert, Frederick Burford 

Berry, Capt. Nathaniel, 

1757, Kent, Conn. Ens. of 
Train Band, Kent, Conn., 
1740; Lieut, 1745; Capt., 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Betts, Capt. Richard, 1613-1681. 
Member Hempstead Conven- 
tion, 1665. High Sheriff of 
Yorkshire, Long Island, 1678- 
168 1. Captain 1663. 
Hendry, Paul Augustine 

Biles, William, Sr., 1710. 

Member first Council, Prov. 
of Penn., 1683, '95, '98, 1700. 
Member of Assembly from 
Bucks Co., 1686-1710. 
Yardley, Farnham 

Bishop, Dep.-Gov. James, 

1691. Conn. Dept.-Gov., 1683- 
1691. Secretary New Haven 
Colony, 1661-1665. Assistant, 
Conn. Colony, 1668- 1683. 

Bishop, James, Member of Mili- 
tia, N. Y. & N. J. In Wood- 
bridge Company, 171 5. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Bishop, John, Sr., 1684. 

Member of Assembly, 1667- 
1668. Member of Council, 

Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Libbey, William 

Bishop, Capt. John, 1648-1722. 
Member of Assembly, N. J., 
1680, 1685. Member of Coun- 
cil, 1 692- 1 703. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Blake, William, 1594- 1663, Dor- 
chester, Mass. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1646. 
Barry, Herbert 

Bleecher, Capt. Jan Jansen, 
1642- 1732. Commissioned as 
Capt., Dec. 15, 1684. Capt. 
in Indian War of 1689-1690. 
Member Provincial Assembly, 
1698-1701, Mayor of Albany, 
N. Y'., 1700-1701. 

Barry, Herbert 

Brown, Bache Hamilton 

Bloomfield, Ezekiel, 1653-1702- 
3. N. J. Dep. from Wood- 
bridge to General Assembly, 
N. J., 1687. 

Libbey, Frederick Abbey 

Libbey, William. 

Bloomfield, Joseph, Wood- 
bridge, N. J. Member Capt 
Parker's Co., Col. Farmer's 
Regt, N. J., Militia, 171 5. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Bloomfield, Thomas, Jr., 1648 
, Woodbridge, N. J. Dep- 
uty, 1675. 
Libbey, Wm. 


BoARDMAN, Ensign Jonathan, 
1660-1712, Wethersfield. En- 
sign of Train Band, 1698. 
Lieut., 1703. 
Parker, Chas. Wolcott 

Boardman, Samuel, 1615 - 1673, 
Wethersfield. Governor's As- 
sistant, 1676, Colony of 
Parker, Chas. Wolcott 

Borden, Richard, 1596 - 1671. 

Portsmouth, R. I. Governor's 

Asst. 1653-54. 
Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Botsford, Henry, 1606-1686. Cor- 
poral, Expedition against the 
Dutch, 1654. 
McKeon, Newton F. 

Boulter, Nathaniel, 1625-1693. 
N. H. Private in King Phil- 
ip's War. 
Schauffler, William G. 

BouTON (Boughton), John, 
1615-1672, Norwalk, Conn. 
Deputy, 1669, et seq. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

BowDoiN, James, 1676-1747. Mass. 
Member of the Council, 1744- 
Plumer, David B. 

BowNE, James, 1636-1695. Mem- 
ber Assembly of Patentees 
and Deputies, Shrewsbury, 
1667; Portland Point, 1669. 
Member Assembly, New Jer- 
sey, 1670, et seq. 
Cowart, Samuel Craig 

Bradbury, Capt. Thomas, 1610- 
1693-5. Mass. Ens. of Mili- 
tary Co. of Salisbury, Mass., 
1647-1648. Capt., 1660-1661. 
Dept. to General Court, 1651- 

Briggs, Frank O. 

Briggs, Frankland 

Rockwood, Charles G. 

Bradford, Gov. William, 1589- 
1657. Mass, Governor of 
Plymouth Colony, 1621, until 
his death, except five years 
when he declined re-election. 

Little, Charles Porter 

McGregor, Graham B. 

Metcalf, Jesse 

Metcalf, Manton Bradley 

Metcalf, Manton Bradley, Jr. 

Metcalf. Rowe Browning 

Shepard, Benjamin 

Tyler, Mason W. 

Bradford, Maj. William, 1624- 
1702. Served in King Philip's 
War. Commander of the Ply- 
mouth Forces, and wounded 
in the Narragansett Fight. 
Baker, George F. 

Bradford, Capt. William, 1721- 
1791. Penn. Member of the 
Philadelphia Associators for 
General Defense of the City 
and Province. Lieut. 4th Co., 
1647. Capt., 1756. 
Darrach, Bradford. 

Bradley, Captain Daniel, 1704- 
1765. Ensign, 1743. ist Lieut., 
1743. Cape Breton Expedi- 
tion, Captain, 1747. 
McClintock, Emory. 

Brady, Captain John, i733-i778. 
Capt. Penn. Regiment en- 
gaged against Indians, 1766. 


Brainerd, Hezekiah, 1680-1727. 
Member Colonial Assembly, 
Conn., 1713, 1719, 1721, 1722. 
King's Council of Conn., 1723, 
'4, '5 and 1727. 
Sims, Clifford S, 

Brenton, Gov. William, 

1674. R. I. Dep.-Gov. of 
Colony of Rhode Island and 
Providence Plantations, 1663- 
1666. Gov., 1666-1669. Mem- 
ber of Troop of Horse, 1667. 

Beach, Sylvester Woodbridge 

Deen, William M. 

Strong, Alan H. 

Brett, Francis, 1707-1767. Fish- 
kill, N. Y. Ensign in Dutchess 
Co. Militia, 1737; Captain, 
Brett, Cornelius. 

Brett, Lieut. Roger, 1720. 

Lieutenant in Expedition 
against Cauda, 171 1. 
Brett, Cornelius. 

Breed, Allen, (Alw^yn), 

1707. Soldier in King Phil- 
ip's War under Capt. Nicholas 
Libbey, Wm. 

Breed, Ens. Joseph, 1657-1713) 
Lynn, Mass. A soldier in 
King Philip's War; Ensign, 
17 13. Selectman. 
Libbey, William 

Brewer, Deliverance, Phil- 

ipsborough. Westchester Mi- 
litia. Capt. Del. Concklin, 
1758. Co. of Provincials, Capt. 
1758. Co. of Provincials, 
Capt. Wm. Gilchrist, Col. 
Corsa's Regiment, Niagara 
Expedition, 1759. 

Brewster, Jonathan, 1593-1659, 
Duxbury, Mass. Representa- 
tive, Mass., i639-'4i-'42-'44. 
Deputy, Conn., 1650, '55-'58. 
Member of Capt. Myles Stand- 
ish's Duxbury Co., Military 
Commissioner, Pequot War. 
Parker, Chas. Wolcott. 

Brewster, Elder William, 1566- 
1644. Mass. 4th Signer of the 
Mayflower Compact. Member 
and Chaplain of Capt. Myles 
Standish's First Military Co. 
Served against the Indians. 

Parker, Charles W. 

Truman, Henry H. 

Foster, Daniel Requa. 

Briggs, John, 1609- 1690. Deputy, 
1664, et seq. Assistant, 1648, 
Rhode Island Commissioner, 
1654, et seq. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Briggs, John, 1697, Kingston, 

R. I. Clerk of Military Com- 
pany, Kingstown, 1671. 
Adams, Washington Irving Lin- 

Bronson, Sergt. Isaac, 1645-1719. 
Sergt., Waterbury, Conn., 
1695. Deputy, 1697-1701. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Bronson, John, 1600-1680. In 
the Pequot War. Deputy 
from Farmington, Colony of 
Conn., 1651, et seq. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Brooks, Ebenezer, 1666 , Wo- 

burn, Mass. Soldier in Phips' 


Expedition against Quebec, 
Brooks, Edgar Eugene 

Brooks, John, 1623-1691, Woburn, 
Mass. In King Philip's War, 
i675-'76, serving unaer Major 
Simon Willard and Capt. Cut- 
ler. In Phips' Expedition to 
Quebec, 1690. 
Brooks, Edgar Eugene 

Brown, John, 1631-1706. R. I. 
Gov.'s Asst., 1665-1669. Dep. 
1663- 1664. Founder of Brown 
Greene, Charles A. 

Bruen, Obadiah, Gloucester, 
Mass., and New London, 
Conn. Deputy from Glouces- 
ter, 1644, et seq. Commis- 
sioner for New London, 1660- 
'64. Member of Committee to 
treat with the Indians, 1663. 
Deputy from New London, 

Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

McKeon, Newton Felch 

Bryan, Alexander, 1602 - 1679. 
Governor's Assistant, Colony 
of Conn., i668-'79. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Buckingham, Daniel, 1636-1712. 
Milford, Conn. Sergt. of Mi- 
litia, 1665. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Bull, Gov. Henry, 1610-1694. 
Corp., 1638. Sergt., 1639. 
Assistant, 1674-1675. Gov., 
Bull, Charles 

Bunce, Thomas, 1612-1683, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Soldier in the 
Pequot War, 1637. 

Loomis, Archie Harwood 
Parker, Charles Wolcott 

BuRD, CoL. James, 1726 - 1793. 
Penn. Capt., 1754. Commis- 
sary, Braddock's Expedition. 
Major, 3rd Battalion, Augusta 
Regt., 1756. Lieut.-Col., 2d 
Battalion, 1757. Col., 1758- 
1760, Provincial Forces of 

Grubb, Charles R. 

Grubb, Edward B. 

Burnett, Moses, 1741, Long 

Island. Private in Capt. 
Joseph Tookers' Brookhaven, 
Long Island, Company in 17 15. 
Stewart, Frank H. 

Burnett, Robert, 1714- One 

of the Proprietors of the 
Province of New Jersey, and 

BuRNHAM, Lieut. Thomas, Sr., 
1623-1694. Mass. Joined Pe- 
quot Expedition under Endi- 
cott, 1636. Selectman 1647. 
Corp., Ipswich Co., 1662. 
Sergt., 1664. Ens., 1665. 
Army Ens., Essex Regt. King 
Philip's War. Lieut., 1683. 
Dep. to General Court, 1683- 
Burnham, Frederick G. 

Burr, Captain Jehu, 1692. 

Lieutenant, 1673. Conn. Capt. 
King Philip's War. In Stand- 
ing Council for that War, 
McClintock, Emory. 

Burr, Major John (called CoL), 
1673-1750. Fairfield Co., Conn. 
Capt., 1690. Commissary, 


i6g3- Major, 1694. Major in 
Expedition to Port Royal, 
1710. Judge of Court of 
Chancery, 1733. 
Palen, Gilbert J. 

BuRRiTT, Lieut. Stephen, 

1698. Stratford, Conn. Ens., 
Train Band, Stratford, 1672; 
Lieut, 1675; Commissary of 
the Army, 1675. 
Neff, John T., Jr. 

Burt, Henry, 1600- 1662. Spring- 
field, Mass. Member of Mil- 
itary Company at Springfield. 
Clerk of the Company. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Bussing, Arent Harmens, 

1718. Aided in the defense of 
Harlem against the Indians, 
1663. Corporal of the Night 
Watch, 1676. 
Brett, Cornelius. 

Buttolph, Lieut. John, 1640-1693, 
Wethersfield, Conn., Deputy. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Buttolph, Lieut. John, 1664-1713. 
Lieut, in Capt. John Higgin- 
son's Co., Salem, 1695. 
Libbey, Wm. 

BuTZ, Michael^ 1730-1779. Penn. 
Member of Capt. Jacob 
Arndt's Co., ist- Colonial Co. 
formed in Northampton Co., 
Penn., Oct., 1763. 

Camp, Nicholas, Jr., i629-'30- 
1705, Milford, Conn. Deputy 
to Conn. General Court, 1670, 

'71, '72. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Campbell, John, 1689. N. J. 

One of the earliest Lords 
Proprietor of East Jersey. 
Member of the General As- 
sembly of East Jersey. Dep. 
to represent the town of Perth 
Amboy, Apr. 8, 1686. Mem- 
ber of the Court of Common 

Freeman, Alden 

Freeman, Joel F. 

Canfield, Matthew, 1673, 

Conn. Representative in Gen- 
eral Court, 1654. Named in 
Royal Charter uniting Conn, 
and New Haven Colonies. 
Judge of Fairfield Court. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Canfield, Sergt. Thomas, 

1689. Sergt. Milford, Conn,, 
Train Band, 1669. Deputy 
from Milford, i674-'76. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Capen, Capt. John, 1612-1692. 
Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 1646. 
Deputy from Dorchester, 
Mass., 1671, 1673, 1678. Lieut., 
1674. Capt., 1683, 4th Sergt. 
A. & H. A. Co., 1650. 
Schauffler, William G. 

Card, John, 1705. R. 1- 

Governor's Assistant, 1665- 
Deen, William M. 

Carhart, Thomas. Served in the 
Expedition to Canada, 1746. 
Adams, Washington Irving Lin- 

Carter, Capt. John, 1616-1692. 
Woburn, Mass. Ensign, 1651. 


Lieutenant, 1664. Captain in 
King Philip's War. 
Griffin, Henry A. 

Castle, Captain Samuel, 

1781. Captain, 1754. Conn. 
McClintock, Emory. 

Chamberlin, Joseph, 1651-1721. 
In King Philip's War, 1676. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop. 

Chamberlin, Nathaniel, 1689- 
1780. Northfield, Mass. Served 
against the Indians at Fort 
Dummer, 1725. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop. 

Chamberlin,^ Richard, 1673. 

Roxbury and Sudbury, Mass. 

Member of Roxbury Military 

Co., 1643. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop. 

Chamberlin, Richard, 1714-1784. 
Newbury, N. H. Served in 
the French and Indian Wars, 
1747, 1748, 1758. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop. 

Champion, Lieut. Henry, 1695- 
1779, East Haddam, Conn. 
Lieut, Train Band, East Had- 
dam, 1750. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Chandler, Maj. Job. 1659. 

Md. Maj. Maryland and Pro- 
vincial Forces, 1651-56. Mem- 
ber of King's Council. Re- 
ceiver-General, Justice and 
Commissioner of Provincial 

Court, 1651 ; reappointed 1656. 
Taken prisoner at the battle 
of Providence, near Annapo- 
Hs, between Puritans and Lord 
Baltimore's Adherents, and 
with all other Councilors, 
soldiers, and officers of Lord 
Baltimore was condemned to 
die. Mar. 26, 1655. 
Chandler, Walter. 

Chapman, Edward, 1675, 

Conn. Soldier in King Phil- 
ip's War, and died from 
wounds received in attack on 
Fort Narragansett. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood 

Chapman, Capt. Robert, 1616- 
1687. Soldier in the Pequot 
War under Lieut. Lion Gard- 
ner, and in King Philip's War. 
Captain 1675. Deputy and 
Assistant from Saybrook 1654- 

Chapman, Francis. 

Chauncey, Colonel Elihu, 1710- 
1790. Colonel of Regiment, 
French and Indian War. 
Chief Justice, Colony of 
Parker, Charles W. 

Cheever, Ezekiel, . Private 

in Capt. Flint's Co., Col. 
Plaisted's Regt., 1755. Private 
in Capt. Fuller's Co., same 
Regt., 1756. Private in Capt. 
Jos. Smith's Co., 1759, up the 
Quebec River, 
McKeon, Newton F. 

Cheever, Richard, — — 1709. Sol- 
dier in King Philip's War 
under Capt. William Turner. 

^ Service not now accepted. 


Cheever, Ens. Thomas, 1753. 

Lynn, Mass. Ensign, 1732. 
McKeon, Newton F. 

Chesebrough, Nathaniel, 1630- 
1678. Served in Narragansett 
War, 1675-6. 
Parker, Charles W. 

Chidsey, Corp. John, 1621-1688. 
Corp., New Haven Troops, 
1667. Deputy, 1678-1680. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Chittenden, Major William, 
1593-1660, Guilford, Conn. In 
1643 elected principal military 
man of New Haven Colony. 
Magistrate of the Plantation. 
Deputy, 1643, et seq. Sergt., 
1648. Lieut., 1653. 
Parker, Charles Wolcott 

Clapp, Captain Roger, 1609-1692. 
Dorchester, Mass. Lieut., 
Dorchester Co., 1644. 2nd 
Sergeant, A. & H. A. Co., 
1646. Lieut., 1655. Capt. Dor- 
chester Co. Capt. at the Cas- 
tle, 1 665- 1 686. Deputy, 1652- 

Clapp, Edward E. 

Clark, George, 1610-1690. Dep- 
uty, General Court of Conn., 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Clark, Ens. George, 1648-1734, 
Milford, Conn. Ensign, 1693. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Clark, Lieut. Thaddeus, 

1690, of Falmouth, Me. Killed 
there in the second Indian 

Clarke, Richard, 1697. Sol- 
dier in Indian alarm at 
Southampton, 1657. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Clarke, Joseph, 1618-1691. R. I. 
Gov.'s Assistant, i648-'58-'59- 
'77-79- Named Gov.'s Assist- 
ant in the 2d Royal Charter 
of R. I., 1663. Dep., 1668- 

Deen, William M. 

Greene, Charles A. 

Clarke, Thomas, 1599-1697. Dep- 
uty, Plymouth Colony, 1651- 
1655. In Pequot War. 
Baker, George F. 

Clinton, James, 1736-1812. Little 
Britain, N. Y. Lieut, in French 
and Indian War, 1756. 
Brown, Bache Hamilton 

Cock, Peter Larssen, Sr., 1611- 
1688. Member of the Council, 
Province of Penn., 1668. 

Reichner, Aiken 

Reichner, Louis Irving 

Codwise, Adjutant Christopher, 
1689 -1767. Adjutant, Kings 
Co. Militia, 1722. Field Offi- 
cer, 1728. 

Coe, John, 1658-1741. Stratford, 
Conn. Deputy General Court, 
1701,, 1715. Ensign, 1698. 
Lieut., 1706. Captain, 1709. 
In French and Indian War, 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

CoE, Jonathan, 1710-1795. Win- 
chester, Conn. Member of 
Assembly, 1762, 1764, 1765. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 


CoE, Robert, 1596- 1677. Deputy, 
New Haven General Court, 
1643-44. Deputy from Ja- 
maica to the Conn. Gen. 
Court, 1664. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

CoE, Robert, 1684- 1741. Durham, 
Conn. Ensign in Conn. 
Forces, 1718. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Coffin,^ Tristram, 1605-1681. 
Commissioner at Salisbury, 
Mass., 1655. Chief Magistrate 
for Nantucket under Gov. 
Lovelace, 1671. 

Merrill, John Lenord. 

Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Truman, Henry H. 

Coffin, Lieut. Tristram, Jr., 
1632-1704. Newbury, Mass. 
Lieut., 1683. Deputy to Gen- 
eral Court, 1695-1700, 1701, 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 


I. President of Colony and 
Providence Plantations, 1647. 
Gov.'s Assistant, 1640-1644. 
Moderator, 1647, Corp., 1644. 
Dept, Mass., 1634-1637. 
Greene, Charles A. 

CoGGESHALL, JoSHUA, 1623-1688. 

R. I. Dep., Rhode Island, 
1664- 1 670. Gov.'s Assistant, 
Rhode Island, 1669-1676. 
Greene, Charles A. 

Philip's War. Dep., 1669, 
1 67 1, 1677.' 
Schauffler, William G. 

CoNKLiNG, Benjamin, 1709. 

Soldier at Easthampton in In- 
dian Alarm, 1653. 
Libbey, Wm. 


1748, Easthampton. Ensign, 
1700; Capt., 1715. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Conkling, Elisha, 1691 - 1722, 
Easthampton. Soldier in 1715. 
Libbey, William 

Conkling, Jeremiah, 1631 - 1712. 
Soldier at Easthampton in the 
Indian alarm of 1653. 
Libbey, Wm, 

Conkling, John, 1746, East- 
hampton. In Capt. Matthias 
Burnett's Easthampton Co., 
Libbey, Wm. 

Conner, Thomas, 1738 . Capt. 

Robt. Curry's Company be- 
longing to "Ye Penna's Regi- 
ment," June, 1759. Later 
served in the Wyoming Reg. 
Conner, John G. 

Converse, Lieut. James, 1620- 
1715. Charlestown and Wo- 
burn, Mass. Lieutenant in 
King Philip's War, Deputy, 

Griffin, Henry A. 

Colton, George, 1699. Mass. Converse, Major James, 1645- 

Quarter-Master, Hampshire 1706. Woburn, Mass. Dep- 

Co. Troop, 1663. In King uty, 1679-1692. Speaker, 1699, 

* Service not now accepted. 

1702- 1703. Commander at de- 
fence of Storer's Garrison, 
1 69 1- 1 692, Major. 
Griffin, Henry A. 

CoocH, Capt. Thomas, 1788. 

Capt. Del. Colonial Militia, 
French and Indian War, 1756. 
Gest, Alexander Purves 
Gest, John Barnard, 2nd. 

Cook, John, 1751. Torring- 

ton, Conn. Member of As- 
sembly, 1731, 1732, i735-'38. 
Soldier in Old French War, 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Cook (e), Major Aaron, 1610- 
1690, Westfield, Mass. Mem- 
ber of Windsor Troop of 
Horse, 1658. Maj. of Hart- 
ford Troop, 1658. Deputy, 
1668. Ens., 1676. Capt. of 
garrison at Westfield in King 
Philip's War. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Cooke, Francis, 1577- 1663. Mass. 
17th signer of the Mayflower 
Compact. Served in Myles 
Standish's Expedition against 
the Indians, 1621, and is spe- 
cially named in that connec- 
tion in Scheever's Journal. 
Member of Plymouth Militia, 

Greene, Charles A. 

Cooper, Corp. John, 1689. 

Member New Haven Militia, 
1643. Corp. under Lieut. 
Robert Seeley, Dutch and In- 
dian troubles, i654-'55. Dep- 
uty, i66i-'62, '65-66, '71, '74. 
Signer of the Compact, 1639. 

Governor's Assistant and 
member of Council of War. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Crane, Azariah, 1647-1730. N. J. 
Dept. to the Provincial As- 
sembly, i693-'4-'5. 

Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Richards, George H. 

Righter, Stephen Ward. 

Crane, Jasper, of Conn. 1590- 
1600-1678-80. Dept. to Gen- 
eral Court, 1653-1668. Dep. 
of New Haveii, 1646-1649. 
Assistant. Member of Gov- 
ernor's Council, Conn., 1662- 
1667. Member of Council, 
i658-'64-'68. Dep. to General 
Court of East Jersey, 1669- 
1673. One of the Founders 
of New Haven Colony, 1638, 
and of Newark Plantation, 
1665. 1st Magistrate of New- 
ark, 1667. Schepen at New 
ark under Dutch Reign, Aug. 
24, 1673. 

Booth, Edward H. 

Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Chandler, Walter. 

Halsey, Charles D. T. 

Murphy, Franklin. 

Parmly, J. F. 

Richards, George H. 

Crane, Jasper, Jr., 1651-1712. 
East Jersey Provincial Forces, 

Crane, Nathaniel, 1680- 1760. 
Newark, N. J. Major in Colo- 
nial Forces. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Crane, Sir Robert, 1644. One 

of the Governors of New 
England Colony, Mass. Bay, 
Chandler, Walter 


Crane, Stephen, 1709-1780. Q. 
M., 1758. Member Assembly 
of N. J., 1765, et seq. Speaker, 
i77o-'72. Pres., Provincial 
Convention, 1774. 
Squier, Charles B. 

Crawford, Ensign Robert, 1722- 
1778. Ensign in Penn. Militia, 
Meyers, Charles Lee. 

Cresson, Corp. Pierre, 1681. 

In Expedition against the In- 
dians at Esopus, 1663. 
Rutherfurd, John 

Crosman, Robert, 1 692. 

Mass. A. & H. A. Co. 1664. 
One of the first proprietors of 
Freeman, Alden. 

Cross, Robert, Sr., 1612-1695. 
Ipswich, Mass. Soldier in the 
Pequot War. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Cross, Capt. Robert, 1642-1713. 
Ipswich, Mass. Served in the 
Expedition to Quebec, 1690. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Crowfoot (Crowfott), Joseph, 

1678, Northampton. In 

"The Falls Fight," 1676. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop. 

Cutter, Ephraim, 1651 , 

Watertown, Mass. Under 
Maj. Appleton, King Philip's 
Barnaby, Kenneth Tuttle 

Dare, Capt. William, 1720, 

Bridgetown, N. J. Capt. of 
Militia, 1706. 
Nixon, Horace Franklin. 

Dayton, Robert, 1628-1712. Sol- 
dier at Easthampton in Indian 
Alarm of 1653. 
Libbey, William 

Dayton, Samuel, i665-i745-'46. 
Soldier in 1715. 
Libbey, Wm. 

De La Montagne, Vice-Director 
Gen. Johannes, 1596-1670. 
N. Y. Chief in MiHtary Com- 
mand at Manhattan Island 
1640-1645. Sent with fifty 
men to the defense of Fort 
Good Hope (Hartford, 
Conn.), 1641. Supreme Coun- 
cilor under Gov. Kieft, 1638- 
1646. Member of Stuyves- 
ant's Council, 1647- 1656. Vice- 
Director Fort Orange, 1656- 
1664. Member Convention of 
1653. Commissioner on Forti- 
cation, 1654. 

Brett, Cornelius. 

Koues, George E. 

Delano, Lieutenant Jonathan, 
1647-1720. Dartmouth, Mass. 
Under Capt. Church in King 
Philip's War, 1676. Lieut., 
1689. Representative, 1689. 

De Loper, Jacob, 1650. 

Member of Council, New 
Netherland, 1647. 
Rutherfurd, John 

Demarest, David, 1620- 1693. Dele- 
gate from Staten Island, As- 
sembly of New Netherlands, 
1664, 2d war with English, 
and surrender of Providence. 
Rutherfurd, John 

Demarest, Jan (John), 1645- 
1719. Committee of Safety. 
Member of Council, 1689. 


Lieut, of Militia at Fort 
William Henry, 1689. 
Rutherfurd, John 

Deming, Sergt, John, 1615-1705, 
Wethersfield, Conn. Repre- 
sentative, 1646, et seq. Named 
in Conn, Charter of Charles 
II, 1662. Sergt, 1687. 
King, Charles Daly 

Denison, Maj. - Gen. Daniel^ 
1612-1682. Mass. Capt, Pe- 
quot War, 1637. Maj. -Gen,, 
Mass. . Colonial Forces, 1652- 
1680. Representative General 
Court, 1635- 1652. Secretary 
of the Colony, 1653. Commis- 
sioner for the United Colonies, 
1654- I 662. 
Chandler, Walter. 

Denison, Captain George, 1620- 
1694. Capt. New London Co. 
Forces, King Philip's War, 
under Major Mann and Ma- 
jor Talcott, Second in com- 
mand to Major Treat, Great 
Swamp Fight. Served on the 
frontier. Captured Indian 
Chief Canonchet, 1676. Cap- 
tain of the Volunteers, 1689. 
Chosen with Major Mason to 
assist the Pequot chiefs to 
govern their tribes. Assistant 
and Deputy from Stonington, 

Macdonald, Malcolm 

Macdonald, Malcolm, Jr. 

Parker, Charles W. 

Perkins, Merritt G. 

De Peyster, Johannes, 1620-1685. 
Cadet, Burgher Corps at New 
Amsterdam, 1653. Burgomas- 
ter and Commissioner. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd. Morris 

De Peyster, Capt. Johannes, 
1666-1711. N. Y. Ens. under 
his brother, Abraham de Pey- 
ster, 1686. Lieut, of Foot, 
Dock Ward, N. Y., 1689. 
Capt. of Troop of Horse, N. 
Y. Militia, 1700-1702. 
Rockwood, Charles G, 

De Ruine, Corp. Simon, 1615- 
1688, New Amsterdam. 
Served at Esopus, 1663. 
Rutherfurd, John 

De Sille, Nicasius, 1600-1674. 
Council, i653-'6o. Schout Fis- 
cal, New Netherland, i658-'6o. 
Reichner, Aiken 

DiSBROw (Desborough), Nich- 
olas, 1612-1683. In Capt. 
Mason's Co. from Hartford, 
Pequot War. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Dickerman, Lieut. Abram, 1634- 
1711. Conn. Lieut. New Ha- 
ven Militia, 1683, et seq. Dep- 
uty, 1 682- 1 696. 

Dickinson, Nathaniel, 1600-1676, 
Conn. In Hampshire Guard 
under Capt. John Pynchon, 
1663, against the Indians. 
Deputy, 1642. 

DiMON, Captain Moses, 1672- 
1748. Lieutenant of train 
band, 1709, Conn. Captain un- 
der Col. Whiting "to take 
Canada," 1711. 
McClintock, Emory. 

DoDD, Daniel, 1650-1701. Newark, 
N. J. Member of Assembly, 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 


DoGGETT, John, Sr., 1673. 

Plymouth, Mass. Corporal at 
Edgartown, 1651. Assistant 
for Martha's Vineyard, Dep- 
uty, 1648. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

DoRSEY, Hon. John, 1663-1715. 
Member of Lower House of 
Assembly, Md., 1692. Mem- 
ber of Upper House, 1701. 
Gov.'s Council, Prov. of Md., 
Lawrence, F. Walter 

DoTEY (Doty), Edward, 1599- 
1655, Plymouth. In "First 
Encounter," Dec. 8 (O. S.), 

1620. Member of Capt. Myles 
Standish's first Military Co., 

1621, at Plymouth. Also 1643. 

Drake, Abraham, about 1618- 
1712, Hampton, N. H. Sol- 
dier in King Philip's War 
from Hampton, 1676. 
Libbey, William 

Dreyer (Drauyer), Andries, 
Commandant of Fort Nassau, 
1673. Commander and Schout. 
"Schout by Nacht." Admiral 
in the Dutch service. Com- 
manded Dutch Squadron at 
New Amsterdam. 
Brown, Bache Hamilton 

Dudley^ Gov. Thomas, i 576-1653. 
Mass. Dep.-Gov., Mass. Col- 
ony, 1630 et. seq. ad. int. 2nd 
Gov., 1634, et. seq. Assistant, 
i629-'35-'4i. Signed Charter 
of Harvard College, 1650. 
Commissioner, 1643, et seq. 
for and twice President of the 
United Colonies, 1647-1649. 

Maj.-Gen. of the Colony, 1644. 

Maj.-Gen. A. & H. A. Co. 

Capt. in the service of Henry 

of Navarre at siege of 

Beach, Sylvester W. 
Brown, Irving Swan 
Chandler, Walter 
Gardner, Edmund Le B 
Gardner, Prescott Le Breton 
Green, Robert S. 
Koues, George E. 
Schauffler, William G. 
Strong, Alan H. 
Strong, Theodore 

Dunham, The Hon. John, 1588- 
1669. Mass. Member of the 
Plymouth Military Company, 
1643. Deputy, 1 639- 1664. 

Freeman, Alden 

Libbey, Wm. 

Dunham, Jonathan, 1672-1706. 
In Capt. Thos. Farmer's 3d 
Co. N. J. Troops, 1715. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Dunham,^ Thomas, 1626 . 

Member of Plymouth Co. in 
Indian Alarms of i642-'43. 
Libbey, William 

Dyer, Captain Edward, 1725 

Kingstown, R. I. Captain of 
the North Kingstown Co., 

Adams, Washington Irving Lin- 

Dyer, William, 1667. Com- 
missioner at Newport to act 
against the Dutch, 1648. 
Commissioner to the Assem- 
bly from Providence, 1655; 
from Warwick, 1661; from 
Newport, 1662 ; Captain, 

^ Service not now accepted. 


"Commander-in-Chief-u p o n - 
Sea," against the Dutch, 

Adams, Washington Irving Lin- 

Eames, Anthony. Hingham, 
Mass. Capt. Hingham Co., 
i644-'45. Member of Council 
of War, 1657. Deputy, 1637- 
'38, 1643, 1653, 1658, 1661. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Earle, Edward, Jr., 1713. 

Commissioner of Revenue. 
French and Indian Wars, 
Hance, Wm. W. 

Eaton, Hon. John, 1689-1750, 
Monmouth Co., N. J. Repre- 
sentative, i727-'5o. Trustee 
from Province, 1740, West In- 
dian Expedition. Paymaster, 
Expedition to Canada, 1746. 

Eddy, John, 1637-1715. Tisbury, 
Martha's Vineyard. Member 
of Military Company, 1662. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Eddy,^ Samuel, 1604-1685. Plym- 
outh, Mass. Member of the 
Plymouth Military Co., 1643. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Edsall, Samuel, 1630-1706. Eso- 
pus War, 1663. Member Gov. 
Carteret's Council, Prov. East 
Jersey, 1668, et seq. Indian 
Interpreter, New Castle, on 
Delaware, 167s- 76. Council- 
lor under Leisler, Prov. N. Y., 
Barry, Herbert 

Edwards, Capt. James, . 

Capt. of a Co. of Kent Coun- 
ty, 1748, in Pa. Served under 
Gen. Braddock. 
Cranmer, George T. 

Edwards, The Rev. Timothy, 
1669-1758. Conn. Chaplain, 
Conn. Colonial Forces, Cana- 
dian Expedition, 171 1. ist 
Minister at East Windsor, 
serving nearly 64 years, 1694- 
Edwards, Pierrepont 

Eells, Major Samuel, 1639-1709. 
Milford, Conn. Sergt., 1669. 
Lieut., 1676. Commanded 
Garrison at Dartmouth, Mass., 
King Philip's War. Deputy, 
Milford, 1678, et seq. Capt., 
1683, Commissioner, i683-'87. 
Representative from Hing- 
ham, Mass., i705-'o6. Major. 
Dix, Wm. F. 

Ellis, Rowland, 1738, Bur- 
lington, N. J. Naval Officer 
for Western N. J., 1731 
Clerk in Chancery, 1733. 
Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Elstone, Peter, 1660-1746, Wood- 
bridge, N. J. Soldier in 1715, 
in Col. Thos. Farmer's 3d Co., 
N. J. Regt. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Ely, Daniel, 1693-1776. Ensign, 
1728. Lieutenant, 1733. Cap- 
tain, 1738. Major, Conn. Reg- 
iment, 1739. 
Parker, Charles W. 

Ely, Captain William, 1647- 
1717. Captain, 1697. Mem- 

^ Service not now accepted. 


ber of Governor's Council, 
Parker, Charles W. 

Emley, John, 1691-1761. Mem- 
ber of Provincial Assembly of 
New Jersey, 1738, '46, '51. 
Moses, Walter 

Emley, William, 1648- 1704, The 
Falls, N. J. Member of 
Gov.'s Council, 1684 - '85 ,* 
Member of Assembly of West 
New Jersey, i682-'85; Justice; 
Assessor ; Member of Comm. 
for disposing of Bills and 
Charters ; Commissioner, 1677. 

Moses, Walter 

Rand, Edwin Watson 

Emerson, The Rev. Daniel, 
1716-1801. Mass. Chaplain 
in Colonel Joseph Blanchard's 
Regiment, 1755. Expedition, 
New Hampshire, to Crown 
Rockwood, Charles G. 

Emery, Col. Stephen, 1710-1795. 
Mass. Ens. Co. of Foot, May, 
1746. Col. 7th Reg. of Militia, 
May, 1767. Capt., 1757. Col. 
of 2d Reg. (2d Division), 
Newbury and Rowley, 1771. 
Briggs, Frank O. 

Evans, Lieut. John, 1738-1834. 
Lieut, in Dunmore's War in 
Virginia Campaign under the 
Earl of Duhmore. Gov. of 
Virginia, 1774. 
Evans, Dudley. 

EvERTSEN, Capt. Nicholas, 1657- 
1723, N. Y. Capt. of N. Y. 
Troops in an Expedition 
against a French privateer in 
Reichner. Aiken 

EvETTS, Adjt. James. Adjutant 
of Foot under command of 
Maj. Henry Cuyler in the City 
and County of New York, 
Canada Expedition, 1690. 
Parrot, George Townley 

Farnham, Henry, 1 700. 

Conn. Dep. to General Court 
(Conn.), 1670. Member of 
the Military Co. of Massa- 
chusetts, 1644. 

Farrar, Thomas, 1694. Sol- 
dier from Lynn in King Phil- 
ip's War, 1676. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Feake, Lieut. Robert, 1610-1663. 
Lieut., Capt. Patrick's Co., 
Colonial Forces, i632-'36. 
General Court, Col. of Mass. 
Bay, i635-'36. 
Wood, Arthur Heulings 

Fenn, Dep.-Gov. Benjamin, 

1672, Milford, Conn. Gover- 
nor's Assistant, 1654-65-72. 
Col. of Militia. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Fenwick, John, i6i8-i683-'84, 
Salem, N. J. Proprietor of 
one tenth West New Jersey. 
Member of Assembly, N. J., 

Reichner, Aiken 

Reichner, Louis Irving 

Field, Maj. Peter, 1647-1707. 
Virginia. Capt. Henrico Co. 
Militia, 1693. Maj. New Kent 
Co. Militia, 1705. Justice, 
1678. Member of House of 
Burgesses, 1692. 
Deen, William M. 


Field, Sect. Samuel, 1651-1697. 
In Falls Fight, King Philip's 
War ; killed by Indians. 
Field, Wm. Pierson 

Field, Zachariah, 1596 -1666, 
Hartford, Conn., and Hatfield, 
Mass. Soldier from Hartford 
in Pequot War. 
Field, Wm. Pierson 

Fish, Benjamin, 1697- 1773, 
Ewing, N. J. Soldier in the 
Co. of Foot, under Capt. 
James Dickinson, Queens Co., 
N. Y., 1715. 
Chambers, Thomas S. 

FisKE, Ens. John, Sr., 1693, 

Wenham, Mass. Wounded in 
"The Falls Fight"; Ens. in 
Wenham, 1683. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

FiSKE, Dr. John, i654-i7I5-'i8, 
Wenham, Mass., and Milford 
Conn. Wounded in "The 
Great Swamp Fight." 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

FiSKE, Capt. Phineas, 1673, 

Wenham, Mass. Capt. of 
Wenham Co. Deputy, 1653. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Fitch, Thomas, 1612-1704, Nor- 
walk. Conn. Deputy to the 
General Court, i654-'57. Com- 
missioner for Norwalk, 1670, 
'71, '72, '72>' Clerk of Train 
Band, 1656. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Fitch, Capt. Thomas, 2d, 1630- 
1690. Ens., 1665. Commis- 
sioner, 1669. Capt., 1673, 
King Philip's War. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Fitz-Randolph,^ Benjamin, Barn- 
stable Company, 1643. 
Libbey, William 

Fitz-Randolph,^ Edward, 

1669. A member of the Barn- 
stable Militia Co. under Lieut. 
Thomas Dimmock, Aug., 1643. 
Libbey, William 

Fitz-Randolph, Nathaniel, 1642- 
17 13, Woodbridge, New Jer- 
sey. Member of East Jersey 
Assembly, 1693. 
Parker, Joseph Brooks Blood- 

Ford, William, 1675-1765. On 
duty at Schenectady, 1696. 
Court Martial, etc. 
Hudnut, Alex. M. 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Foreman, John, i739-i792. Fought 
in French War at age of 17. 
Settled in Bath, Me. Ren- 
dered Revolutionary service, 

Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles L. 

FoRMAN, Aaron, 1745-1805. Com- 
missioned Adjutant, 2d Bat- 
talion, Foot Militia, New Jer- 
sey, 1 77 1. 
Moses, Walter 

Freeman, Major John, 1622- 
1719. Eastham, Mass. First 
Lieutenant, afterwards Cap- 
tain, afterwards, Major in In- 
dian Wars. 
Foster, Daniel Requa 

Fretwell, Peter, 1659-1718, Bur- 
lington, N. J. Member of Her 
Majesty's Council, 1703. Gov- 

* Service not now accepted. 



ernor's Council, I7i7-'i8. 
Council of N. J. Proprietors, 
1712. Speaker of Gen. As- 
sembly, i703-'o4. Treasurer 
of Prov. of N. J., 1699. 
Anderson, Robert Morris 
Hudnut, Alex. Malieu 
Williams, Thos. Wright 
Wright, Albert Southard 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Fuller, Edward, 1654- 1743, Lynn, 
Mass. Soldier under Major 
Richard Walderne, King Phil- 
ip's War. 
Libbey, William 

Fuller, Lieut. John, 1631-1695, 
Lynn, Mass. Ens., i66i-'74^ 
Essex Regt., Maj. Daniel 
Denison; also at Lynn, 1677. 
Corp., 1675, Capt. Moseley, 
mustering at Dedham ; served 
at Woodcock's Garrison, same 
year. Lieut, 1691. Deputy, 
Libbey, William 

Fuller, Capt. Matthew, 1610- 
1678. Sergt. under Myles 
Standish, 1643. Lieut. at 
Barnstable, 1652 Lieut., Capt. 
Standish's Exposition against 
Manhattoes, 1654. Chairman, 
Council of War. Lieut, of the 
Forces against the Saconet In- 
dians, 1671. Surg.-Gen., 1673. 
Capt., King Philip's War. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Gallup, Captain John, 1650. 

Boston. In fight with Pequot 
Indians oflf Block Island, 1636. 
This is the first naval engage- 
ment in American waters. 
Baker, George F. 

Gallup, Captain John, 16 16- 1675. 
New London, Conn. Capt. of 

1st Co. Conn. Forces, Maj. 

Robert Treat, Great Swamp 

Dix, Wm. F. 

Haynes, Nathan Williams 
Parker, Charles W. 

Gallup, Lieutenant William, 
1658- 1 73 1. Ens. in Conn. 
Forces, 1705. Lieut, 1713. 
In Narragansett War. Dep- 
uty from Stonington to Gen- 
eral Court, i703-'25. 
Parker, Charles W. 

Gardiner, Lieut. Lion, 1599-1663. 
N. Y. Lieut, in the English 
Army. Engineer and Master 
of Works of Fortifications in 
the Low Countries. Engi- 
neer at Boston. Constructor 
and Commander of Saybrook 
Fort Pequot War. Lord of 
the Isle of Wight (Gardiner's 

Libbey, Frederick Abbay 

Libbey, William 

Shields, Charles W. 

Gardner, Capt. John, 1624- 1706. 
Mass. Capt of Militia, 7 
times, 1637, et seq. Commis- 
sioned by Gov. Lovelace 
Chief Military Officer of 
Nantucket, 1673. Civil Mag- 
istrate, 1680. Justice of Pro- 
bate, 1699. 
Rockwood, Charles G. 

Garfield, Capt. Benjamin, 1643- 
1717, Watertown, Mass. Capt. 
of Militia, in command of 2d 
Military Precinct of Water- 
town. Representative, 1689- 

Gerritsen, Lubberts, Harlem. 
Cadet or Adelborst in Har- 
lem, 1663. 
Brett, Cornelius. 


Giles, John, Jr., 1671-1731. Mass. 
Served in French and Indian 
Wars, Member of Co. of 40 
men, under Maj. Turner, sta- 
tioned at Haverhill for its 
defense, and wounded there 
by the Indians, Aug. 29, 1708. 

GiLMAN, Capt. John, 1624-1708. 
N. H. Lieut. Exeter, 1669. 
Member of First Council 
Province of New Hampshire. 
Member of Assembly, 1693- 
1697. Speaker, 1695. 
Koues, George E. 

Gould (or Gold), Major Nathan 
(Nathaniel),- 1694. As- 
sistant, i657-'62-'94. Major, 
1666. Member of Committee 
of Defence against Dutch, 
1662. Representative to the 
first Colonial Congress in N. 
Y., 1690. Major of Dragoons, 

Pack, Arthur Newton 
Schauffler, Wm. G. 

Goodrich, Colonel David, 1667- 
1755. Lieut., Capt. Matthew 
Allyn, Expedition against In- 
dians, 1704, Capt. Hamp- 
shire Co., March, 1712. Adj. 
and Q. M., Wood Creek Ex- 
pedition, 1709. Capt., Father 
Rasle's War, 1723-24. Col. 
and Member of Council, 1724- 
Parker, Charles W. 

Goodrich, Ens. William, 

1676, Wethersfield, Conn. Ens. 
under Capt. Samuel Welles. 
Deputy, i66o-'66. 

Goodyear, Dep.-Gov. Stephen, 
1658. Conn. Magistrate, 

New Haven Colony. Joint 
Gov. with Eaton, 1641-1643. 
Dep.-Gov., New Haven, 1643- 
1658. Council of War, New 
Haven, 1644, et seq. Commis- 
sioner of the United Colonies, 
1643, et seq. 
McClintock, Emory. 

Gorham, (Gorum) Capt. John, 

1676. Plymouth, Mass. 

Deputy General Court, 1653. 
Lieut., 1673. Capt. 2d Barn- 
stable Co. under Maj. Wil- 
liam Bradford, Great Swamp 
Fight, 1675 (died in service, 
of fever). 

Coghill, Howard. 

Melvin, Frank Worthington 

Gorton, Samuel, 1593-1677. War- 
wick, R. I. Governor's As- 
sistant, 1649, 1652. Commis- 
sioner i65i-'52, 1656-60, 1662- 
'63, i665-'66. Captain of the 
Military Company of War- 
wick. Deputy, i664-'66, 1670. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Goss, Richard. Served in Capt. 
John Gilman's Company, 
New Hampshire, 1710. 
Libbey, William 

Graham, Col. James, 1660-1701. 
Att.-Gen., N. Y., i685-'87, and 
1691-1701. Member and Speak- 
er, Prov. Assembly, N. Y. 
First Recorder of N. Y., 1683- 
Rutherfurd, John 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

Granniss, Capt. John, 1674-1740, 
Conn. Lieut., Train Band, 
New Haven, 1718. Capt., 1733. 
Granniss, Robert A. 


Grant, Noah, 1718-1756, of Tol- 
land, Conn. Lieut, at Lake 
George, 1755. Capt. Conn. 
Militia, 1756. 

Graves, Sergt. Isaac, 1620-1677, 
Hatfield, Mass. Killed by In- 
dians at attack on Hatfield 
Settlement, Sept. 19, 1677. 
Sergt. in Colonial Militia. 
Parker, Chas. Wolcott 

Gray, Edward, Sr., 1629-1681. 
Soldier, King Philip's War. 
Deputy for Plymouth, 1676- 

Baker, George F. 

Green, Lieut. Henry, 1638-1717. 
Maiden, Mass. Deputy, 1689, 
et seq. Lieut, in King Phil- 
ip's War. 
Green, Robert S. 

Greene, James, 1626- 1698. War- 
wick, R. I. Commissioner, 
1660-63. Deputy, 1664-70, 
1672-7S, i685-'86, 1690. Gov- 
ernor's Asst., i67o-'7i. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Greene, John, 1597-1658, R. I. 
One of the original Proprie- 
tors of Providence. Commis- 
sioner to England, 1644. Com- 
missioner to the Court of 
Commissioners, i654-'57. Mag- 
istrate, 1655, '56. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Greene, Dep.-Gov. John, 1620- 
1708. Commissioner to the 
General Court, i652-'63. 
Atty.-Gen., i657-'6o. Assis- 
tant, i66o-'90. Colonial Agent 
to England, 1670. Member of 
Gov. Andros's Council, 1686. 

Deputy, i664-'8o. "Major for 
the Main," 1696. Dep.-Gov., 
1690-1700. Capt., 1676. Maj., 
1683. Col. of R. I. 
Adams, Washington I. L. 

Greenleaf, Edmund, i 574-1671. 
Boston, Mass. Ensign of New- 
bury Company, 1639. Lieu- 
tenant, 1642- 1647. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Greenleaf, Capt. Stephen, New- 
bury, Mass. Ensign of New- 
bury Co., 1670. Capt. in Ex- 
pedition to Canada, 1690. 
Deputy to General Court, 
1676, 1686, 1689, 1690. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Gregson, Thomas, 1646-1647. 

Conn. Governor's Assistant, 
Colony of New Haven, 1643- 
1646. First Treasurer; First 
Commissioner for the United 
Colonies, 1643-1647. Commis- 
sioner to Parliament, 1646. 

Gridley, Samuel, 1647- 17 12. Had 
Garrison House, Farmington, 
Conn., 1689, King William's 
War. Member of Farmington 
Militia Co., 1678. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Gridley, Thomas, 1596 - 1655, 
Windsor, Conn. In the Pe- 
quot War. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Grinnell, Daniel, 1636 - 1703. 
Trooper in King Philip's 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Griswold, Edward, 1607 - 1691, 
Conn. Built "Old Fort," 
Springfield. Deputy, Windsor 


and Killingworth, Conn. 
Deputy, 16S6-63, i667-'89. 
Parker, Charles Wolcott 

Griswold, Captain John, 1652- 
1716. Captain of Train Band, 
1712. Deputy for Killing- 
worth, Conn., 1690-1716. 
Parker, Charles W. 

Grover, Lieut. James, 1648 , 

Gravesend, L. I. Deputy to 
treat with the Admirals and 
Commanders of the Fleet be- 
longing to the States General 
and the Prince of Orange, 
1673. General Assembly, 1670. 
Lieut., 1683. Court of Ses- 
sions at Shrewsbury, 1676. 
Moses, Walter 

Grubb, John, 1648-1708. Del. 
Member of the Provincial 
Council, 1697. One of the 
Signers of the form of Gov- 
ernment for N. J., 1677. One 
of the largest landed Proprie- 
tors in Del., Penn., and N. J. 
Grubb, Edward Burd 
Grubb, Jr., Edward Burd 

Hale, Capt. Thomas, 1659-1730. 
Newbury, Mass. Served in 
Capt. John March's Co., Ca- 
nadian Expedition, 1690. 
Captain in Expedition to the 
Eastward, 1697. In service, 
i698-'99, i703-'o5. Represen- 
tative to General Court, 17 13- 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Hall, David, 1705- 1755. Soldier, 
1755. Capt. Street Hall's Co., 
N. Y. Killed, Battle of Lake 
George, Sept 8, 1755. 
Hall, Samuel S. 

Hall, John, 1606-1676, Conn. In 
the Pequot War. Deputy, 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Halsey, Thomas, 1592-1679. N. 
Y. Deputy from Southamp- 
ton, L. I., to General Court, 
Hartford, 1664. Adj. South- 
ampton Militia, Indian War, 
Oct. 8, 1650. 

Conkling, Wm. Johnson 

Halsey, William A. 

Hance, John, 16 1709-10. 

Deputy to New Jersey As- 
sembly, 1680 . 

Hance, Irwin H. 

Hance, William W. 

Hancock, Richard, ^1689. 

Member of Assembly for Sa- 
lem County, N. J., 1682. Sur- 
veyor Gen. of Fenwick's Col- 
ony, 1676 - 1680. Magistrate 
for West Jersey, 1679. Justice 
of Salem County, 1682. 
Adams, Arthur 

Hapgood, Shadrach, 1642-1675, 
Sudbury, Mass. One of eight 
slain in fight with Indians, 
Brookfield, Aug. 2, 1675. 

Harris, Thomas, 1749. Pri- 
vate Fairfield, Cumberland 
Co., Militia, 1715. 
Nixon, Horace Franklin 

Harris, Thomas, 1710-1783. En- 
sign of Militia, Fairfield, 
Cumberland Co., N. J., 1749. 
Nixon, Horace Franklin 

Harris, Maj. William, 1678- 

1679. Virginia. Capt. of Reg. 
of Charles City and Henrico 
Counties, Va. Maj., Dec, 


1656. Member of the House 
of Burgesses, 1652-1658. 
Deen, William M. 

Hart, Capt. John, 2d, 1655-1714, 
New Haven, Conn. Ens., 
1695. Lieut., 1703. Capt., 1707, 
defense of the frontier. 
Served in Hampshire, 1707- 
1708. Deputy, 1702 -1705. 
Auditor, 1705. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Hart, John, 1684-1753, Farming- 
ton, Conn. Deputy, i7i7-'43. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Hart, John, 1713-1779. Signer 
of the Declaration of Inde- 
pendence, Hunderton Co., N. 
J. Member of General As- 
sembly, 1768. Member of 
Provincial Council, 1775. 
Taylor, Irving Kurtz 

Hart, Stephen, 1605- 1682. Cam- 
bridge and Farmington, Conn. 
Under Maj. John Mason, Pe- 
quot War. Deputy, 1647, et 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Hart, Capt. Thomas, 1644-1726, 
Farmington, Conn. Ens., 1678. 
Lieut., 1693. Capt., 1695. 
Deputy, 1690- 171 1. Speaker, 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Harvey,^ Thomas, 1617-1651. 
Mass. Member of the Taun- 
ton Military Company, 1643. 
Freeman, Alden 

Harvey, Thomas, Jr., 1643- 1726. 
Mass. Sergt. in the Taunton 
Company, December 17, 1673, 
in expedition to be sent 
against the Dutch (N. J. and 

N. Y.). Fourth Serg. (1691) 
of "First Military Company 
(Train Band) of Taunton." 
Freeman, Alden 

Hatch, Jonathan, 1625 - 1710, 
Barnstable and Falmouth. 
Under Capt. Myles Standish, 
1645, against the Narragan- 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Hatch, Capt. Joseph, 1654- 1736- 
8. Soldier in King Philip's 
War. Lieut., 1702. Capt. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Hatch, Joseph, 1689-1750, Tol- 
land, Conn. Lieut., 1722; 
Capt 1725; he was the first 
military officer in Tolland. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Hatch, Lemuel, 1735-1827, Fal- 
mouth and Lee, Mass., Tol- 
land and Sharon, Conn. In 
I2th Co., 1st Regt. Maj. -Gen. 
Phineas Lyman, Capt. Samuel 
Chapman of Tolland, Conn. 
Campaign of 1758, French and 
Indian War. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Hatch, Capt. Timothy, 1695- 
1766, Tolland and Kent, Conn. 
Commissioned, Capt. of Kent 
Company, May, 1740. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Chas. Lathrop. 

Hathaway, John, 1629 - 1704, 
Taunton, Mass. In King Wil- 
liam's War, 1690. In King 
Philip's War. 
Hathaway, Harry St. Clair 

Hawkins, Anthony, 1674, 

Farmington, Conn. One of 

^ Service not now accepted. 


the Patentees of Conn, under 
Charter from Charles II, 1662, 
Deputy, i665-'67. Gov.'s 
Asst., i668-'70. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Hawley, Joseph, 1603-1690. Quar- 
termaster, Conn. King Phil- 
ip's War. In Treat's forces, 

1675. Deputy, Conn., i665-'87. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 
McClintock, Emory. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Hayden, William, 1600 -1669, 
Windsor, Conn. Deputy, 1667. 
In Pequot War. In Maj. 
Mason's Troop, i657-'58. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood 

Haynes, Gov. John, 1594-1654. 
Hartford, Conn. Gov. Mass. 
Bay Colony, 1653. Gov. of 
Conn. Colony, Pres., First 
General Court, 1637. Gov. 
alternate years until death. 
Commissioner of United Col- 
onies, 1650. Col. of Regt. 
raised against Indians, 1636. 

Green, Robert S. 

Wood, Henry Abiel 

Hayward, Nathaniel. Mass. Sol- 
dier in King Philip's War. 
One of a party of twenty-one 
who fought a band of Indians, 

1676, taking seventeen prison- 

Freeman, Alden 

Hayward,^ Thomas, 1681. 

Mass. Member of Capt. 
Myles Standish's Duxbury 
Military Co., 1643. Original 
proprietor and earliest settler 
of Bridgewater, Mass. 
Freeman, Alden 

Hedge, Samuel, , Salem, N. J. 

Signer of Concessions and 
Agreements of West N. J. 
Surveyor-Gen. of Salem Tenth 
Sec. and Register in Salem. 
Member of Assembly of N. J., 

Reichner, Aiken 

Reichner, Louis Irving 

Herpin, Col. John, Jr., . Col., 

Conn. Troops, Expedition to 
Eaton, Theo. H. 

Hills, Captain Joseph, 1602-1688. 
Newbury, Mass. Deputy from 
Charlestown and Speaker of 
the House, 1647; from Mai- 
den, i650-'56, '6o-'64, from 
Newbury, 1667, '69. Capt. 
Maiden Military Co. 

Hardwick, Charles C. 

Hills, Wm., Jr. 

McKeon, Newton Felch 

Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Hilton, The Hon. Col. Win- 
THROP, 1671 - 1710. N. H. 
Lieut., 1689. Capt., 1703. 
Lieut. - Col., Expedition to 
Nova Scotia, 1705. Judge of 
Court of Common Fleas, 
1706 - 1710. Chosen Member 
of the Council, but was killed 
on his farm by Indians in 
ambush, and never took his 
seat. May, 1704. 
Koues, George E. 

Hinckley,^ Samuel, 1662. In 

Lieut. Thomas Dymoke's Co., 
Barnstable, Mass., 1643. 
Parker, Charles Wolcott 

Hinman, Sergeant Edward, 

168 1. Stratford, Conn. With 

* Service not now accepted. 

Capt. John Underbill, under 
Stuyvesant, against the In- 
McQintock, Emory. 

Hoffman, Col. Martinus, 1706- 
1772. N. Y. Adj. Dutchess 
Co. Militia, 1739. Col. of 
Militia Dutchess Co., 1756- 
1758. Justice, 1750. County 
Judge, 1749. Judge of Court 
of Common Pleas, 1751. 
Hoffman, Samuel V. 

HoLDEN, Justinian, 1611-1691. 
Cambridge, Mass. Soldier in 
King Philip's War. 
Holden, Horace. 

Hopkins, Lieut. John, 1665-1732. 
Sergt., Conn. Colonial Troops, 
1714. Ens., 1715. Lieut., 

Hopkins, Stephen, 1580-1644. 
Mass. I4tb Signer of the 
May-flower compact. Member 
of Capt. Myles Standish's Co., 
1621. Member of Governor's 
Council, 1633-1636. Council 
of War for Plymouth, 1642. 
Assistant, i634-'5-'6. Volun- 
teer in Pequot War, but did 
not serve. 

Newbury, Frank John 

Schauffler, William G. 

HoTCHKiss, Capt. John, 1673- 
1732. Capt. of Train Band, 
Wallingford, Conn., 1725. 
Deputy, i724-'25. Justice of 
Peace, i730-'3i. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

eral Court. Justice of the 
Peace, Col. of Militia. Took 
active part in early Indian 

Howe, George R. 

Howe, Herbert Barber 

Howell, Capt. Daniel, 1680-1732. 
Capt., 1727. Justice of Peace, 
Hunterdon Co., N. J., 1725. 
Chambers, Thomas S. 

Howell, Edward, 1585- 1656, Lynn, 
Mass., and Southampton, L. I. 
Gov.'s Asst., i647-'53, Conn. 

Auten, Frederick Probasco 

Baker, Charles Henry 

Darrach, Bradford 

Howell, Lieut. Hezekiah, 1677- 
. N. Y. Lieut, of Mili- 
tary Forces of Conn, from 
Darrach, Bradford 

Howell, Major John, 1626-1696. 
Southampton, L. I. Deputy, 
1 662- 1 664. Governor's As- 
sistant, 1664. Command 
against the Dutch, i673-'74. 
Major of Troop, 1684. 
Howell, Benjamin Franklin 

Howland, John, 1592-1673. Mass. 
13th Signer of the Mayflower 
Compact, 1620. In the "First 
Encounter," Great Meadow, 
December 8th (O. S.), 1620. 
Governor's Assistant, 1634- 
1635. In command of Kenne- 
bec Trading Post, 1634. Dep- 
uty, General Court, 1641, et 
seq. The "Beloved Pilgrim." 
Lovell, Leader N. 

How, Col. Thomas, 1656-1733. Hoyt, Sergt. Walter, 1698. 

Mass. Represented the town Norwalk, Conn. Sergeant at 

of Marlborough in the Gen- Norwalk, 1659. Deputy to 


the General Court, 1658, 1659, 
1661, 1667, 1668, 1670, 1671, 
1673, 1674, 1678, 1681. 
Raymond, Thomas Lynch. 

Hughes, Capt. John, 1711-1772. 
Capt. Associated Regiment of 
Foot, Philadelphia, Dec. 29, 

Potts, William J. 

HuiTT, Lieutenant Thomas. 
Lieut., 1681. Member Mili- 
tary Commission for Shrews- 
bury, N. J. 
Hance, Wm. W. 

Hull, Benjamin, 1639 - 1713. 
Served in New Hampshire 
Troop of Horse in Indian 
Wars, 1679. 
Richards, George Herbert. 

Hull, Rev. Joseph, 1595-1665. 
Barnstable, Plymouth Col- 
ony. Deputy from Hingham, 
1638; to Plymouth Colony, 
1639. Served in Narragan- 
sett War, 1645. 
Richards, George Herbert. 

Humphreys, Lieut. Samuel, 
1656-1736. Conn. Represen- 
tative for Simsbury to Gen- 
eral Assembly, 1702 -1725. 
Lieut, and Commander of Co. 
raised at Simsbury to quell 
the hostile Indians in Hamp- 
shire Co., Mass., 1710. 
Humphreys, Frederick H. 

Hunt, John, 1690-1748. Hope- 
well, N. J. Ensign Hopewell 
Militia, Hunderton County, 
N. J., 1722. 
Blackwell, Jonathan Hunt 

Hunt. Capt. Ralph, 1655-1732, 
Maidenhead, N. J. Commis- 

sioned Capt. of Militia in Bur- 
lington, N. J., 1703. justice, 
Burroughs, Chas. Frederick 

Hurlbut, Sergt. Daniel, Sr., 

1710 , Woodbury, Conn. 

Corporal in Capt. Bellows' Co., 
Conn. Militia, 1755; in Col. 
Hinman's Co., 1758. Sergt. in 
Capt. Stoddard's Co., 1769. 
Beers, Louis Gilbert. 

Hutchinson, Capt. Edward, 1613- 
1675, Capt. A. & H. A. Co., 
1657. Deputy, 1658. Captain 
of "Three County Troupe" 
i659-'74. Capt. of Expedition 
against Nipmuck Indians, and 
died from wounds received 
August 2, 1675. 
Adams, W. I. Lincoln 

Ingersoll, Jonathan, 1713-1778. 
Conn. Chaplain in Conn. 
Militia, French and Indian 
War, 1758. 
Olmsted, Edward, 

Jackson, Col. John, 1735. 

Long Island Militia. Member 
of Assembly. 
Bowman, Oliver O., 2d 

Jefferson, Hon. John, . 

Member of the Council, Sir 
George Yeardly, Dominion 
of Va. 
Deen, William M. 

Jefferson, Capt. Thomas, 1679- 
1680-1731. Osborne, Henrico 
Co., Va. Capt. Henrico Co. 
Militia, 1708. Justice, Hen- 
rico Co., 1706 Of the Quo- 
rum, 1714. High Sheriff, 
Deen, William M. 


Jenings, Gov. Samuel, 

1708. Burlington, N. J. Dep.- 
Gov. of West Jersey, 1680-82. 
Gov., 1683-84. Assembly, 
1685. Member of Council of 
Proprietors, 1687. Receiver- 
Gen, of Penn., 1690. Member 
Governor's Council in West 
Jersey, 1702. Speaker, N. J. 
Assembly, 1707. 
Deats, Hiram Edmund 

Jennings, Gov. Edward, 1659- 
1727. Va. Son of Sir Ed- 
mund Jennings, of Ripon. At- 
torney-General to the Colony 
of Virginia, 1684. Member 
General Court, 1692. Mem- 
ber of the King's Council, 
i684-'98. Secretary of the 
Colony and President of the 
Council. Acting Governor, 
Deen, William M. 

Johnson, Captain Edward, Sr., 
1599-1672, Woburn, Mass. One 
of the founders of A. & H. A. 
Co., 1637. Ens. in Capt. George 
Cooke's Co., 1638. Lieut, of 
Middlesex Co. Troop, 1643; 
Capt., 1644. Surveyor-General 
of the Military Stores of the 
Colony, 1659. Deputy, 1643- 
'47, '49-'70. Speaker, 1655. 

Johnson, Capt. Isaac, 1672-1750, 
New Haven, Conn. Capt. of 
the North West Co. in New 
Haven, 1724. Deputy to Gen- 
eral Court, 1733. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Johnson, Richard, 1649 - ^7^9- 
Member General Assembly, N. 
J., 1685. 
Allen, Ybrke 

Johnson, Wingle (Wm.), — 

1716, New Haven. Sergeant 

in New Haven, 1665; member 

of Train Band, 1665; Deputy. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Johnson, Zechariah, 1645-1727. 
Boston, Mass. Served against 
the Indians, 1676, 1686, 1689. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Johnstone, Dr. John, 1661-1732. 
Member of King's Council 
for Prov. of N. J., 1686-1690; 
for N. Y., 1716-1732. Repre- 
sented Middlesex Co. in the 
General Assembly. Speaker. 
Parker, Charles W. 

Jones, Robert, 1665- 1746. Member 
of Pa. Assembly, 1706, '07, 
I7ii-'i5, i7i7-'22. 
Moses, Walter 

Jones, Capt. Josiah, 1640-1714, 
Watertown, Mass. As Lieut, 
of Militia, commanded one of 
3 Military Precincts of Water- 
town, viz., Weston. Capt, 

Joy, Nathaniel, 1733-1763. Mass. 
Company of Foot under Capt. 
E. Ward, Col. William's Reg., 
raised for the reduction of 
Canada, 1758. In Col. Benja- 
min Lincoln's Reg., 1759; and 
in Col. Thomas's Reg., 1759. 
Lost his life in service. 
Dix, William F. 

Joy, Thomas, 1611-1678, Hing- 
ham, Mass. Member A. & H. 
A. Co., 1658. 
Dix, William F. 

Judson, Captain James, 1650- 
1721. Lieut, of Dragoons, 
1690. Stratford, Conn., 1697. 


King Philip's War. Capt., 
1698. Deputy, 1689-1706. 
Parker, Charles W. 

JuDSON, Lieutenant Joseph, 
1619-1690. Ensign, Stratford, 
Conn. Committee to defend 
the coast, Stratford to Rye, 
against the Dutch, under Ad- 
miral DeReuter. Lieut., 
Woodbury Train Band, 1684. 
Deputy, i684-'86. 
Parker, Charles W. 

Kachlein, Col. Peter, 1722- 1789. 
Penn. Commissioner, 1759. 
Col. of Militia, 1762, "render- 
ing good service during the 
outbreak of 1763." High 
Sheriff of Northampton, 1762- 
1772. Commander of the 
Wyoming Expedition, 177 1. 
Deputy to the Provincial Con- 
vention, 1774. Justice of the 
Northampton Courts. Mem- 
ber of Colonial Assembly, 
1775- County Lieutenant. 
Judge of Court of Common 
Pleas. First Chief Magistrate 
of Easton. 

Keller, Lieut. Samuel, 1656- 
1713. Norwalk, Conn. Sol- 
dier in King Philip's War, 

McPherson, Chauncey Ryder 

Kellogg, Daniel, 1689, Nor- 
walk, Conn. Deputy, 1670, 
'79-'8o, '83. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Kellogg, Lieut. Joseph, 1627- 1707. 
Lieut, at Hadley, 1662. Sergt. 
in Capt. William Turner's 
Co., Falls Fight, 1676. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Kelsey, Lieut. John, Conn. Ens. 

and Lieut, in Killingworth 

Train Band. 
Brown, Paul 
Libbey, Wm. 


Stratford, Conn. Marshall of 
New Haven Colony, i653-'6i. 
Deputy, 1639. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Kingsbury, Lieut. Joseph, 1656- 
1741, Norwich. Ensign, 1719; 
Lieut., 1727. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood 

Kingsland, Capt. Isaac, 1648- 
1698. Governor's Council, N. 
J., i684-'98. Capt. Militia. 

Kyn, Joran, 1620-1693. Soldier 
in the Gov.'s Life Guard at 
Tinicum, 1644. 
Chambers, Thomas Stryker 

Lamberton, Capt. George, 

1646, New Haven, Conn. 
Member Genl. Court, 1640. 
Deputy, i643-'45. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Landon, James, 1685-1738. Mem- 
ber, Southold Military Co., 
Benj. Youngs, Capt., 1715. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Landon, Capt. James, 1722- 1785. 
Capt. of two Train Bands of 
Salisbury, Conn., i752-'57. 
Rutherfurd, John 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

Lawrence, Elisha, 1666 - 1724. 
Member General Assembly, 
Prov. N. J., 1708, '09, '16, '21. 
Lieut, of Militia, 1705. 
Moses, Walter 



Lawrence, William, 1704. 

Member Assembly, N. J., 
i667-'72-'88-'93-'94-'95-'96 - '98. 
Katzenbach, Edw. Lawrence 
Katzenbach, Frederick Freling- 

Moses, Walter 

Leaycraft, Capt. Viner, 1784. 

Capt. of Privateers King 
George, 1758; Elizabeth and 
Mary, 1759. War Commis- 
sioner, 1758. 

Leeds, Daniel, 1652-1720. Member 
of Lord Cornbury's Council 
between years I70i-'o8-'io. 
Member of N. J. Assembly, 
Disston, William Dunlop 
Nixon, Horace Franklin 

Leete, Governor William, 1613- 
1683. Guilford, Conn. Dep- 
uty, 1644. Secretary, 1646. 
Gov.'s Asst., New Haven Col- 
ony, 1653-1658. Dep.-Gov., 
1658-1661. Commissioner for 
the United Colonies, 1655- 
1679. Gov., 1661-1665. Gov.'s 
Asst., Conn. Colony, 1665- 
1669. Dep.-Gov., 1669- 1676. 
Gov., 1 676- 1 683. 

Beach, Sylvester Woodbridge 

Strong, Alan H. 

Leisler, Gov. Jacob, 1691. N. 

Y. Soldier from Frankfort 
to New Netherland, 1660. 
Capt. of the Fort and Mili- 
tary Commandment. Lieut.- 
Gov., 1689, and Gov. of Prov- 
ince of New York, 1689-1691. 
Capt. of Militia, 1684. Ex- 
ecuted for treason. May 16, 
1691, attaintor subsequently 
reversed by Parliament in 

Thomas, George C. 

^ Service not 

Lewis, Lieut. John, 1631 , 

Lynn, Mass. In Capt. Daniel 
Henchman's Co. in King Phil- 
ip's War, 1675. Under Capt. 
Nicholas Manning and also 
under Capt. Scottow in 1676. 
Libbey, Wm. 

Libbey, Anthony, 1649-1718. 
Scarborough, Maine. In gar- 
rison at Black Point, 1676; 
under Capt. Scottow, 1677. 
Libbey, William 

Libbey, John, 1602- 1682. Scar- 
borough, Maine. Defended 
Black Point against the In- 
dians, 1676. 
Libbey, William 

Libby, Isaac, 1690-after 1746. 
Member of Rye, N. H., Co. at 
Fort William and Mary, 1746. 
Libbey, William 

Lindall,^ James, 1652. In 

Capt. Myles Standish's Co., at 
Libbey, William 

LiNDON, Ensign Henry, 1660. 

Ensign of Artillery, 1648. 
McClintock, Emory. 

Lines, Ralph, 1689, New 

Haven. Member of Train 
Band, 1646. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 


toine, 1643-1696. Bearer of 
despatches from Gov. of N. 
Y. to Gov. of Canada, 1687. 
Returning alone in the dead 
of winter, he warned the Eng- 
lish of the French Expedition, 
known as the "Snowshoe 
now accepted. 


Expedition," which resulted 
in its defeat. 
Brown, Bache Hamilton 


1758. Capt. of a company 
raised at New Rochelle, N. Y., 
to take part in war against 
Spain, i740-'42. 
Brown, Bache Hamilton 

Little, Capt. Joseph, 1653-1740. 
Newbury, Mass. Served in 
King Philip's War. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Little,^ Thomas, 1671. Plym- 
outh and Marshfield, Mass. 
In Plymouth Co., 1643. 
Baker, George F, 

Livingston, Major Gilbert, 1689- 
1746. Major of Foot, 1737- 
Rutherfurd, John 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

Livingston, Col. Philip, 1686- 
1749. 2d Lord of the Manor. 
At capture of Port Royal, 
1710. Col. of Provincial 
Forces. Member of Council, 
i725-'49. Secretary for Indian 
Affairs, Prov. of N. Y., 1721- 

Livingston, Col. Robert, 1654- 
1728. ist Lord of the Manor 
of Livingston. Member of 
Council, Prov. of N. Y., 1698- 
1701. Member of Assembly, 

Barry, Herbert 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Lloyd, Dep.-Gov. Thomas, 1640- 
1694. Penn. Member and 
President of the Council and 

Dep.-Gov. of the Province of 
Penn., 1684- 1693. Master of 
the Rolls and Keeper of the 
Great Seal, 1683. 
Milnor, Thomas W. 

LocKWooD, Sergeant Robert, 

1658. Sergeant, Fairfield, 
Conn., Regt., Capt. Nathaniel 
McClintock, Emory. 

LooMis, Captain and Deacon 
Amasa, 1737-1793. Windsor, 
Conn. Ensign for East Wind- 
sor, 1769. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood. 

LooMis, Nathaniel, 1688, 

Windsor, Conn. Trooper un- 
der Mai. John iVlason, ist 
Conn. Cavalry, 1658. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood, 

LooMis, Thomas, 1656 - 1746. 
Windsor, Conn. In King 
Philip's War, 1676. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood. 

LoPER, Capt. Jacob, before 

1653, New Amsterdam. Mem- 
ber of Council of New Neth- 
erland, 1649. Capt.-Lieut. of 
the Dutch Navy. 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

Lord, Lieut. Richard, 1647- 1727. 
Ens. Lyme, Conn., Train 
Band, 1703. Lieut., 1708, of 
New London Co., Queen 
Anne's War. 

Lothrop,^ Rev. John, 1584-1653. 
Barnstable, Mass. Member of 
Military Co. under Capt. 
Thomas Dimmock, 1643. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

* Service not now accepted. 


LoTHROP, Capt. Joseph, 1624- 
1702. Barnstable, Mass. 
Member of Military Co., 1643. 
Member of Council of War, 
1676. Lieut, and Capt. In- 
dian Wars, 1668- 1 682. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

LoTHROP, Lieutenant Nathan- 
iel, 1693-1774. Lieutenant at 
the capture of Louisburg, 
Conn, troops, 1746. Served 
against the Indians, 1757. 
Hutchings, George Long. 

LoTHROP,^ Thomas, 1613 - 1707. 
Barnstable, Mass. Member of 
Barnstable Military Co., 1643. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Lyman, Elias, 1710-1790, North- 
ampton. In Capt. Pomeroy's 
Co., French and Indian War, 
and engaged in the attack upon 
Louisburg, 1745. 
Beach, Sylvester Woodbridge 

Lyman, Lieut. John, 1623-1690. 
In command after death of 
Capt. William Turner, North- 
ampton soldiers, Falls Fight, 
Beach, Sylvester Woodbridge 

Lynde, Capt. John, 1648- 1723. 
Appointed Member of Coun- 
cil of the Colony of Mass. by 
Royal Charter, 1692. 

Green, Robert S. 

McKeon, Newton F. 

Lynde, Ens. Thomas. i6i.'^-i693, 
Maiden, Mass. Sergt., Maiden 
Co., 1658. Ens., 1675- 
McKeon, Newton F. 

> Service not 

Lyon, Abiel, 1680- 1756. Deputy 
for Pomfret, Conn., 1721, '25, 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Lyon, Benjamin, 1668 - 1720. 
Member of Assembly, New Jer- 
sey, 1708. 
Richards, George H. 

Lyon, Henry, 1618-1703. Conn. 
One of the Founders of Mil- 
ford, Conn., Newark, and 
Elizabeth. Deputy, General 
Court, 1680. 

Murphy, Franklin 

Richards, George H. 

Lyon, William, 1620- 1692, Rox- 
bury, Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Macey, George, 1693. Mass. 

Taunton, Mass. Deputy 
(Mass.), 1672, 1677, 1686. 
Lieut, during King Philip's 

Maddox, John, 1700. Mem- 
ber of Assembly, Salem Co., 
N. J., 1683-85. 
Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Mann, Thomas, 1600 -1694. 
Wounded in the Great Swamp 
Fight, 1676. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Maris, George, 1632-1705. Mem- 
ber Prov. Council, 1695, Prov. 
Penn. Member Assembly, 
1684-1693, Pa. 
Hanna, Charles Augustus 

now accepted. 


Marselis, Ahasuerus, 1678-1724. 
Private in Capt. John Sanderse 
Glen's Co. of Militia of Sche- 
nectady, N. Y., 1715. 
Loughead, Isaac Marselis 

Marshall, Capt. Thomas, 1613- 
1689, Lynn, Mass. Capt. of 
Militia Co., 1664. Deputy, 
1659 et seq. 
Libbey, William 

Marvin, Matthew. i6go - 1687. 
One of Winthrop's outposts 
on the Conn., i636-'37. Dep- 
uty, 1653. 
Parker, Chas. Wolcott 

Mason, Dept.-Gov. John, 1600- 
1672. Conn. With the aid oi 
a Co. of Settlers and Mohi- 
can Indians under Uncas he 
destroyed a tribe of 1000 In- 
dians near New London, 1637. 
Appointed Military Officer of 
Conn., 1638. Dep.-Gov. 1660- 
Tyler, Mason W. 

Mayhew, Gov. Thomas, 1592- 
1681. Deputy from Water- 
town, Mass., i636-'37. Gov., 
i647-'8i, and Commander of 
Martha's Vineyard, Prov. of 
N. Y., under commissions 
from Govs. Lovelace and 

McDonald, Lieut. Col. Angus, 
1727- 1778. Winchester, Va. 
Capt., 1754. Major, Frederick 
Co., Md., 1765. Lieut.-Col., 
1774. In Washington's Cam- 
paign against the French, 

MacDonald, Harry Peake. 

Melyn,^ Cornelis, 1602 -1674. 

President of Eight-Men, 1643, 

Prov. of New Netherland. 

Patroon of Staten Island, 

Libbey, William 
Rutherfurd, John 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

Melyn, Jacob, 1640- 1706. In Foot 
Co. at Esopus, 1660, Capt. 
Dirck Schmidt. Capt. and 
Deputy, Elizabeth Town, 1673- 
'74, Dutch Restoration. 

Meriweather, Nicholas, 1667- 
1744. House of Burgesses, 
Va., 1710-1712. 
Furlow, Floyd Charles 

Meyer, Adolph, 1661-1711. Cor- 
poral of the Night Watch, 
Harlem, i675-'76. 
Brett, Cornelius. 

Miles, John, 1644-1704. Served 
under Major Robert Treat in 
Great Swamp Fight, 
Wylie, George S. 

Miner (Minor), Thomas, 1608- 
1690. Conn. One of a Com- 
mittee to hear the case be- 
tween Uncas and people of 
New London, about lands, 
1663. Appointed Chief Mili- 
tary Officer of Mystic Train 
Band, 1665. 
Lewis, Charlton T. 

Mitchell, Matthew, 1590-1645. 
Conn. Deputy to the General 
Court of Conn., 1637. Gov- 
ernor's Assistant, 1638. 
Served in garrison at Sav- 
brook Fort under Lieut. Lion 
Gardiner, Pequot War. In 

Service not now accepted. 


the encounter with the In- 
dians on the Connecticut 
River, 1636. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Moody, The Rev. Samuel, 1675- 
1747. Mass. Chaplain to the 
York, Maine, Garrison, 1698- 
1699. Chaplain in Louisburg 
Expedition, 1745. 
Rockwood, Charles G. 

MooRE, Sergt. Isaac, 1622- 1705, 
Farmington, Conn. Sergt., 
Train Band, 1649. Deputy, 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Moore, Capt. Samuel, 1662-1717. 
Capt. Militia, Newtown, L. I., 
1689. Under Major Thomas 
Lawrence, after the burning 
of Schenectady. 

Baker, Charles Henry 

Chambers, Thomas S. 

Morehouse, Lieutenant Samuel, 

1687. Lieutenant, Conn., 

McClintock, Emory 

Morgan, Charles, 1649 - I7i9. 
Monmouth Co., N. J. Quar- 
termaster of Militia for 
Queen's Co., N. Y., i689-'90. 
Reichner, Aiken 

Morgan, Charles, Jr., c. 1683- 
1750. Member of Provincial 
Assembly of New Jersey from 
Middlesex County, 1716. 
Reichner, Aiken 

Morgan, Capt. John, 1667-1746. 
Conn. Lieut., ist Co. of Gro- 
ton, April, 1692, Capt., 1714- 
Morgan, William F. 

Morgan, Capt. Myles, 1615-1699. 
Mass., The "Hero of Spring- 
field." Erected a block-house 
and stockade which he de- 
fended against the Indians at 
the sacking of Springfield in 
Freeman, Alden 

Morris, Gov. Lewis, 1671-1746. 
Chief Justice of New York, 
i720-'38. 1st Gov. Prov. of 
N. J., i738-'46. 

Robertson, James M. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Morris, Lewis, 1698-1762. Mem- 
ber of Governor's Council, 
New York, 1720. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Moses, Lieut. Aaron, before 

1713, Sagamore Creek, N. H. 
Lieut, in Capt. Tobias Lang- 
don's Co. Member of a Court 
Martial called by Gov. Usher 
at Newcastle, 1696. 
Salter, John Lowe, Jr. 

Moses, James, . Served at 

her Majesty's Fort William 
and Mary, at Newcastle, N. 
H., 1708. 
Libbey, William 

Moss, John, 1604-1707, New Ha- 
ven and Wallingford, Conn. 
Trooper under Major John 
Mason. Representative, 1667- 

Rutherfurd, John 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

MouLTON, General Jonathan, 
1726-1797. Hampton, N. H. 
Under Capt. John Ladd, 1757. 


Lieut.-Col., 3rd Regt. of Mili- 
tia, 1760. Brig.-Gen., N. H. 
Militia, 1785. 
Porter, Horace. 

MuLFORD, John, 1606-1686. Sol- 
dier at Easthampton in the 
Indian alarm of 1653. 
Libbey, William 

MuNRO, Alexander. Member of 
Highland Grenadiers under 
Wolfe at the Battle of Quebec. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Nash, Thomas, — 1658, New 
Haven, Conn. Deputy, 1640. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Nevius, Ensign Cornelis, 1661- 

171 1. Ensign, 1689 , Foot 

Co., Staten Island, Queen 
Anne's War. 
Coit, Henry L. 

Newcomb, Andrew, 17 10. 

Martha's Vineyard. Lieuten- 
ant, 1691. In command at 
Edgartown, 1691. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Newell, Capt. Nathaniel, 1703- 

1753, Farmington, Conn. Ens., 

26. Co. of Farmington, 1745. 

Lieut. 1750. Capt., 175 1. 
Deputy, i750-'5i- 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Newell, Ens. Samuel, 1660-1753, 
Farmington, Conn. Ens. of 
the Farmington Train Band, 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Newhall, Ens. Joseph, 1658-1706. 
A soldier in Major Thos. Sav- 
age's Co. under command of 
Lieut. Benj. Gillman, in Mt. 

Hope Campaign, King Philip's 
War, 1676. Ens. of the Lynn 
Co., 1705. 
Libbey, William 

ewhall, Ens. Thomas, 


1687. Lynn, Mass. 



Libbey, William 

Newton, Captain Samuel, 1646- 
1708. Ensign, King Philip's 
War. Capt., 1698. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Nixon, Jeremiah, 1727. Pri- 
vate, Capt. Joseph Seeley's 
Company of Militia, Fairfield 
Township, Cumberland Co., 
New Jersey, 1715. 
Nixon, Horace Franklin 

NoRRis, Henry, 1706. N. J. 

Deputy from Elizabethtown 
to the Assembly, 1692. 
Bibb, William Garrett 
Marsh, Charles Capron 
Marsh, John E. 
Marsh, Ralph Thayer 

NoTT, Sergt. John. Commanded 
men from Wethersfield, Conn., 
Pequot War. 

No WELL, George, 1635 - 1689. 
Charlestown, Mass. Member 
A. & H. a. Co., 1662. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Ogden, David, 1707-1760. N. 
Ensign of Militia, 1747. 
Nixon, Horace Franklin 


Ogden, John, i 600-1682, Stam- 
ford and Rye. Assistant, Col- 
ony of Connecticut, 1675. 
Adams, W. I. Lincoln 


Ogden, John, 1610-1684. N. J, 
Charterer of Conn., 1662. 
Member of the General Court, 
Hartford, from Southampton, 
L. I., 1659. Member of the 
Upper House, Conn., 1661. 
Member of the King's Coun- 
cil, N. J., 1665. Magistrate, 
1656. Gov. of East Jersey 
under the Dutch, 1673. 

Chandler, Walter 

Kays, Henry Thomas 

Shields, Charles W. 

Ogden, John, 1671-1745. Lieut, 
of Militia, Fairfield, Cumber- 
land Co., N. J., 1715. 
Nixon, Horace Franklin 

Ogden, Col. Josiah, 1679- 1763. 
N. J. Maj. in Col. Johnston's 
Reg., N. J. Provincial Forces, 
1718-1740. Col. appointed to 
raise troops for Spanish War, 
Chandler, Walter 

Olmstead, Capt. Richard, 1612- 
1686, Hartford, Conn. Sergt., 
1635. Lieut., 1659. Deputy, 
1665, et seq. Commissioner 
for Norwalk, 1668. Muster- 
master, 1673. Capt., 1680. 
Parker, Philip MacGregor 

Osborne, Captain Richard, 1615- 
1684. Captain, Pequot War, 
1637. New York, 1674. 
McClintock, Emory 

Pabodie, William, 1619- 1620- 1707. 
Member under arms of Cap- 
tain Myles Standish's Co., 
1643. Deputy, 1654, et seq ad 
int. Duxbury, Mass. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Paine, Colonel Nathaniel, Jr., 
1661-1729. Deputy at Plym- 
outh. Representative, 1641. 
Baker, George F. 

Painter, Shubael, 1677, 

Westerly, R. L, and New Ha- 
ven. Deputy to R. L General 
Court, i67o-'72. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 
Painter, Thomas Alexis 

Painter, Ens. Thomas, 1670- 
1747, Westerley, R. L, and 
New Haven. Ens. at West 
Haven, Conn., 1720. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Parke, Thomas, 1706, Weth- 

ersfield, Stonington, New Lon- 
don, and Preston, Conn. In 
King Philip's War. 
Parke, Robert Irvin 

Parker, Captain Elisha, 1660- 
1717. Capt. of Provincial 
Forces, N. J., 1707. Member 
of Gov.'s Council, 1711-13. 

Parker, Charles W. 

Parker, Dudley Fuller 

Parker, Captain James, 1725- 
1797, Captain in Canada Ex- 
pedition. 1746; Member 
King's Council of N. J., 1764- 

Parker, Charles W. 

Parker, Colonel John, 1693- 
1732. Member Gov.'s Coun- 
cil, Province of N. J., 1718- 
1732. Col., Provincial Forces, 
Parker, Charles W. 

Parmelee, John, 1659-1725. Guil- 
ford, Conn. Sergeant in In- 
dian Wars. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 


Parsons, Hugh, 1613-1684. Ports- 
mouth, R. I. Soldier, 1667. 
Deputy, 1678. 
Adams, Washington Irving Lin- 

Paul, Joseph, 1717, Phila- 
delphia Co., Pa. Member of 
Provincial Assembly, Pa., 
Moses, Walter 

Paxson, Henry, 1719-1778. Mem- 
ber of Assembly, N. J., 1754- 
Walker, Edwin Robert 

Peabody, Capt. John, 1642- 1720, 
Boxford, Mass. Deputy, 1689, 
et seq. Ens., 1682. Lieut., 
1691. Capt., 1699. 
Barry, Herbert 

Peabody, William, 1620-1707. In 
Capt. Myles Standish's Co., 
1643. Deputy from Duxbury. 
Baker, George F. 

Pease, Capt. John, 1630 - 1689. 
Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 1661. 
One of the earliest settlers of 
Enfield, 1680. 
Freeman, Alden 

Pease, Capt. John, 1654-1734- 
Conn. Capt. of Militia, En- 
Freeman, Alden 

Peck, Lieut. Samuel, 1736- 1822. 
Milford, Ct. ist Lieut, Capt. 
Willmot's nth Co., 2d Regt, 
Conn. Militia, Campaign of 
1759, French and Indian War. 
Glenney, Walter L. 

Peeck, Jan. Burgher Corps of 
New Amsterdam, 1653. 
Brett, Cornelius 

Pell, Maj. Sir John, 1643-1702. 
N. Y. 2d Lord of Pelham 
Manor. Representative in 
First Legislative Assembly in 
N. Y., April 9, 1691. Capt. 
of Horse, N. Y. Forces. 1684. 
Maj. French and Indian War, 
1692. First Justice, 1688. 
Darrach, Bradford 

Phillips, Maj. William, 

1683. Mass. Commander of 
Yorkshire Forces of Maine, 
Sept., 1663. King's Commis- 
sioner and Justice for settling 
the affairs of New England. 
Major Commandmant of Mil- 
itary Forces, Province of 
Maine, 1665. House burned 
and his garrison long besieged 
by savages at Saco, 1675. 

Pickering, Lieut. John, 1637- 
1694, Salem, Mass. Lieutj, 
served under Capt. Samuel 
Moseley, King Philip's War, 
1676. Ens. of the 2d Military 
Co., Essex Regt., Major Dan- 
iel Denison, 1674. 
Libbey, William 

PiCKMAN, Capt. Benjamin, 1671- 
1719. Salem. Master of the 
Scout Shallop Phoenix in Mil- 
itary and Naval expedition 
under Capt. Benj. Church, 
Libbey, William 

Pierce, Col. Daniel, 1642-1704. 
Newbury, Mass. Member of 
the Council of Safety, 1689. 
Colonel of the Essex Militia, 
1692. Served in the Expedi- 
tion to Quebec, 1690. Deputy 
to General Court, i682-'83. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 


PiERsoN, The Rev. Abraham, 
1608-1678. Conn. Chaplain to 
the New Haven Colonial 
Troops, 1654. 
Murphy, Franklin 

Pike, Capt. John, 1614-1698. 
Lieut., 1699. Capt., 1673- Si. 
English-Dutch Wars, 1664 and 
1673. Member of Gov. Car- 
teret's Council, i670-'72. East 
Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 

Pinckney, Captain Philip, 1618- 
1688-9. Captain of East 
Chester Militia, 167- -1681. 
On Committee to treat with 
Indians, 1681. 
McClintock, Emory 

Pitkin, William, 1635 - 1694. 
Conn. Deputy, General Court, 
1675-1690. Attorney-General, 
1664. Treasurer, 1676. As- 
sistant, 1 690- 1694. Commis- 
sioner for the United Colony 
of Connecticut, 1678. 
Schauffler, William G. 

Pitkin, Chief Justice William, 
1664 - 1723. Conn. Deputy, 
1696. Assistant, 1697 (26 
years). Member Committee 
of War, 1702, 1 706- 1 707. 
Chief Justice, Colony of Con- 
necticut, 1713-1723. "Military 
Officer" in Capt. Roger Pit- 
kin's Co. 
Schauffler, William G. 

Platt, Joseph, c. 1703, Mil- 
ford, Conn. In King Philip's 
War. In the "Great Swamp 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Platt, Capt. Joseph, 1672- 1745. 
Capt., Norwalk, Conn., 1710. 
Port Royal Expedition. 
Parker, Chas. Wolcott 

Plympton, Sergeant John, 1620- 
1677. Deerfield, Mass, Sergt. 
1674. Captured by the Indians 
and killed, 1677. 

Porter, John, c. 1710. A 

Founder of R. I,; Governor's 
Asst. in R. I., i665-'69, '77-'78. 
Moses, Walter 

Prentice, Capt. Thomas, 1621- 
1710. Lieut., Mass. Troop, 
1656. Capt., 1662. Pequot and 
Narragansett Wars. 

Pratt, Lieutenant William, 
1622-1678. Lieut., Saybrook 
Forces under Mason, Pequot 
War. Deputy, 1666, et. seq. 
Council of War, 1642. 
Peck, Wm. Hazen 

Prince, Gov. Thomas, 1600-1673. 
Governor of Plymouth Col- 
ony, Mass., 1635-1639, 1659- 

Dimock, Weston Pettit 

Foster, Daniel Requa 

Provost, David, 1642. Member of 
Assembly, 1699-1702. Mem- 
ber of Council, 1708-11. 
Hance, Wm. White 

Provoost, Sergt. David, 1608- 1656. 
N. Y. First of the "Nine 
Men," 1652. Sergt. Blue Flag 
Co., Burgher Corps, New 
Amsterdam, 1653. First sep- 
arate Schout at Breuckelen, 
1655. Schout and secretary 
of Breuckelen, Amersfoort, 
and Midwout until his death. 


Hance, William W. 
Thomas, George C. 
Thomas, James Provoost 

Provoost, Col. David, 1670- 1724. 
N. Y. Capt. in Col. Abra- 
ham de Peyster's Regiment, 
New York City, 1700. Maj., 
1710. Member of General 
Assembly, '1702- 1711. Col., 
1718. Member of Council, 
1 709- 1 7 10. 
Thomas, George C. 

Provoost, Capt. David, i 695-1 781. 
N. Y. Second Lieut, in Capt. 
Cornelius Van Home's Co., 
1737. First Lieut., under 
Capt. Paul Richard, 1738. 
Capt. of a Co. of Troops, 
1740, Spanish Expedition. 
Thomas, George C. 

Provoost, David W., 1702 - 1756. 
Appointed in charge of Mili- 
tary affairs, Bergen Co., April 
18, 1740. 
Hance, Wm. W. 

Provoost, William, 1679- 1746. 
Governor's Council, 1734-41. 
In charge of military affairs, 

Hance, Wm. W. 

Putnam, Capt. John, 1627-1710. 
Salem, Mass. Corp., 1672. 
Lieut., 1678. Capt., 1687. 
Deputy, 1679. 
Presby, Frank Henry. 

Pynchon, Gov. William, 1590- 
1657. Conn. Gov. of the first 
settlers on the Conn. River, 
1641 - 1650. Magistrate of 
Conn., 1637- 1638. Member of 
General Court, Nov., 1636. 
Member of Upper House, 
1637. His vessel was pressed 

into service to transport men 
and munitions of war, Pequot 
Expedition, 1637. Springfield, 
Mass. Charterer, Corpora- 
tor, Assistant Treasurer, 1634- 
1704. Assistant Treasurer of 

Foote, Robert D. 

Foote, Robert Dumont, Jr. 

Quinton, Edward, 1696-1756, Sa- 
lem, N. J. Private in Capt. 
Daniel Rumsey's Co., Salem 
Co., Militia, 1715. 

Reichner, Aiken 

Reichner, Louis Irving 

Raymond, Lieut.-Com. William, 
1635-1709, Beverly, Mass. 
Narragansett Campaign, 1675. 
Capt. and Lieut, of Salem and 
Beverley Troop, 1683. Canada 
Expedition, 1690. 

Raynolds, Capt. Nathaniel, 

1708. R. 1. A. & H. A. Co., 
1658. Private in Capt. Hud- 
son's Co., 1675. Capt. under 
Col. Church. Was in com- 
mand of the garrison at 
Chelmsford, Mass., 1675-1676. 

Baker, George F. 

Schauffler, William G. 

Read, Col. Clement, 1707- 1763. 
Bushy Forest, Va. Command- 
ed Expedition, Halifax Court 
House, Va., French and In- 
dian War, April, 1758. 
Deen, William M. 

Read, Atty.-Gen. John, 1679-1749, 
Boston, Mass. Deputy, 1738. 
Member of Council, i74i-'42. 
Atty.-Gen., 1723, et seq. 

Read, Col. John, 1699-1786, Red- 
ding, Conn. Major, 1753. 


Lieut.-Col., 1757. Col., Seven 
Years War. 

Revere, Paul, 1735-1818. Mass. 
2d Lieut., Mass. Artillery, 
Feb. 18, 1756. Attached to 
expedition to Crown Point 
and Lake Champlain, 1756. 
Stationed at Fort Edward, 
Lake George. Maj. and 
Lieut.-Col. in Mass. in the 
King's service. One of Bos- 
ton Tea Party. Hero of Lex- 
ington Alarm and bearer of 
the news of the battle to New 
York and Philadelphia. 
Revere, Augustus L. 

Richardson, Lieut. John, 1639- 
1696. Woburn, Mass. In 
King Philip's War and Phips' 
Expedition. Lieut, in Mili- 
Griffin, Henry A. 

Roberts, John, 1724. Mem- 
ber of Assembly from Lower 
Merion, Pa., 1704, 'o6-'o9, '11, 

'i3-'i5, '17. 
Moses, Walter 

Robinson, Isaac, 1610-1704, Plym- 
outh, Duxbury, Scituate, and 
Barnstable. Member of the 
Grand Inquest for the Col., 
1639, 1648; Deputy from 
Barnstable, 1645, 1651 ; Re 
ceiver of Excise for Barn- 
stable; Recorder at Tisbury, 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Robinson, John, 1640, Fal- 
mouth. First Deputy from 
Falmouth to the Colony Court, 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

RocKwooD, Lieut. Elisha, 1710- 
1788. Mass. Served against 
the Indians, Lunenburg, 1748. 
Lieut. in Capt. Joseph 
Sheple's ist Groton Co., Col. 
J. Buckley's Regt., January, 
Rockwood, Charles G. 

Rogers, Major John, 1789. 

Member of Conventions of 
Md., i774-'76. Council of 
Safety, 1775. Major, Lower 
Battalion of Prince George's 
Co., Md. 
Chandler, Walter 

Rogers, Lieut. Joseph, 1671-1754. 
Ens., Milford, 1723. Lieut., 
1726, Colony of Conn. 

Rombouts, Capt. Francis, 

1691. N. Y. Member of Gov. 
Sloughter's Council, N. Y., 

1691. Schepen, New Orange, 
1674. Mayor of New York, 
1679. Capt., 1684. 

Brett, Cornelius. 
Darrach, Bradford 

Root, Thomas, 1605-1695, Hart- 
ford. In Pequot War. 

Rowley,^ Henry, 1673. Mem- 
ber of Barnstable Military 
Co., 1643. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

RuGGLES, Capt. Samuel, 1629- 

1692. Mass. Lieut., 1676. 
Capt. Roxbury Militia, ac- 
tively engaged in the over- 
throw of Andros, 1689. 

Schauffler, William G. 

1 Service not now accepted. 


Rush, Lieut. Joseph, 1720 . 

Northern Liberties Pa. Co., 
Capt. William Parr, 1755. 
French and Indian War. 

Russell, John, 1608-1695, Dart- 
mouth. Deputy, 1665, '67, '72, 
'74, '83. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Russell, Joseph, Sr., 1650-1739. 
Dartmouth, Mass. Served 
against the Indians, 1679. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Chas. Lathrop 


1804. Capt. of Grenadiers, 
4th Battalion, Royal Ameri- 
cans, Old French War. Also 
paymaster of a battalion, and 
Major of the Royal American 
Regt. Served at the Battle of 
Ticonderoga, Received terms 
of surrender at Fort Niagara, 
and the keys at the surrender 
at Montreal. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Livingston 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Sackett, Lieut. Joseph, 1656- 
1719, Newtown, L. I. Lieut, 
in Capt. Samuel Moore's Co., 
Newtown, 1689. 
Chambers, Thomas S. 

Sadler, Capt. Isaac, i730-i793- 
Capt. of Militia, York Co., 
Penn., 1756. 
Sadler, Wilbur Fisk, Jr. 

Sands, Capt. James, 1622-1695. 
R. I. Commissioner from 
Portsmouth, R. I., to General 
Court, 1657. Constable on 
and Deputy from Block 
Island, 1663-1665. 
Downing, Augustus C. 

Sands, Capt. James, 1622-1695. 

R. I. Deputy from New dl 
Shoreham, 1665. Commanded ™ 
a Militia Company in King 
Philip's War. 
Van Syokel, James Stephens 

Sandford, Major William, Sr., 

1692, Bergen Co., N. J. 

Major, 1683. Att.-Gen., 1683. 
Member of Council, East Jer- 
sey, i682-'86. President of 
Court at Elizabeth, 1671. 
Parker, Chas. Wolcott 

Sanford, Maj. William, Jr., 
1675-1733, N. J. Member of 
Assembly, 1706, 1711 ; member 9 
of Council under Gov. Love- 
lace in 1708 and under Gov. 
Hunter in 1709. 

Sayles, John, 1633-1681, Rhode M 
Island. Assistant, 1653, '55, 'IJ 
'57, '58, '59, Town Clerk, 1654- 
'57. Town Treasurer, 1659- 
'60. Deputy, 1669, '70, '71, '74, 
'76, '77, '78. Town Council, 
Adams, W. I. Lincoln. 

Schuyler, Philip Arent, 1687 ^ 

. Expedition against Can- mk 

ada, 1709. " 

ScuDDER, Lieut. Richard, 1671- m 

1754, Hopewell, N. J. Lieut., M 
1711, Expedition to Canada. 

Chambers, Thomas S. 

Stryker, William S. 

Seabrook, Thomas, 1675. 

Capt. Osborne's Co., N. Y. 
Prov. Troops. Killed by In- 
dians at Castle Hill, 1675. 
Moses, Walter 


Seavey, Benjamin, 1669- 1760. 
(Name spelled Ben Seve.) A 
soldier in Garrison at Hamp- 
ton, N. H., i693-'94. 
Libbey, William 

Seavey, William, 1744. Sen- 
tinel under Capt. John Oilman, 
Libbey, William 

Secord, Jonathan, 1742 . 

New Rochelle, N. Y. Pri- 
vate in Capt. Peter Secord's 
Co., 1758. 
Adams, Washington Irving Lin- 

Sewall, Henry, 1614-1700, New- 
bury, Mass. Deputy to Gen- 
eral Court, 1661, '62, '63, '66, 
'68, '70. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Sewitz, Abraham, 17 7 7. 

Penn. Member of Capt. 
George Wolf's Colonial Co., 
Oct. 10, 1763. 

Shaw, John. Mass. In Lieut. 

Upham's Co., King Philip's 

War, 1675. 
Baker, George F. 
Freeman, Alden 
Maxwell, Robert Chester 

Sharpe (e), Lieut. John, 1643- 
1676, Brookline, Mass. In 
jy, Capt. Wadsworth's Co. Killed 
P at Sudbury Fight. 

Barry, Herbert 

Sherman, Philip, 1610-1687. R. 
I, Portsmouth Compact, 1638. 
Commissioner, 1656. Deputy, 
i665-'67. Member of the spe- 
cial Council, King Philip's 
War, 1676. 

Greene,' Charles A. 
Vail, Carl Montaigne 

Sherwood, Captain Matthew, 
1643- 1715. French and In- 
dian Wars. Ensign, Conn. 
Militia, 1685. Lieut., 1690. 
Capt., 1690. 
McClintock, Emory 

Shippen, Dep.-Gov. Edward, 1639- 
1712. A. & H. A. Co., 1669. 
Speaker of Assembly, 1695. 
Member Provincial Council 
Penn., 1696- 17 12. Dep.-Gov., 
1703. Pres. Provincial Coun- 
Lynch, Jasper 

Shippen, Paymaster Edward, 
1703-1781. British and Pro- 
vincial Forces, French and 
Indian War, under Gen. 
Forbes, Fort Stanwix. Mayor 
of Philadelphia, 1744. 
Lynch, Jasper 

Short, Henry, 1673, New- 
bury, Mass. Deputy to Mass. 
General Court, i643-'44. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Shute, William, 1726-1784. N. 
J. Ensign N. J. Troops, 
French and Indian War, 1759. 
Lieut., 1761. 
McCowan, Robert Joseph Fos- 

Simmons,^ Moses, 1689. 

Mass. Member of the Dux- 
bury Military Co., 1643. 
Freeman, Alden 

Slocum, Anthony, Esqr., 1590- 
1690. Member of the Taun- 
ton Military Co., 1643, under 

* Service not now accepted. 


Capt. Poole. One of the or- 
iginal purchasers of Taunton. 
Removed to N. C. ; member of 
"Palatine Court." Lord Pro- 
prietor and member of Coun- 
cil, 1679. 
Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 
Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Smith, Ens. David, 1747-1809, 
Woodbridge, Conn. Ens. of 
8th Co., 1st Regt., 1775. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Smith, George, 1662, New 

Haven, Conn. Member of the 
Night Watch, 1647. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Smith, John, Jr., 1618-1692. 
Soldier at Plymouth, Mass., 
1653. Lieut, of Militia, at 
Dartmouth, N. H., 1674. 
Smith, Julian Pearce 

Smith, John, 1623 - 1693, of 
Smithfield, Salem Co., N. J. 
Member Assembly, 1682, 1684. 

Reichner, Aiken 

Reichner, Louis Irving 

Smith, Capt. John, i7oi-'o2, 

Goshen, Conn. Capt. of the 
west company or train band 
in the town of Goshen, 1764. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Smith, Jonathan, 1675-1726. Pri- 
vate on Muster Roll of Capt. 
Daniell Rumsey's Co., Salem 
County Militia, dated 1715. 

Reichner, Aiken 

Reichner, Louis Irving 

Smith, Obadiah, 1739 . New 

Jersey. Private in French and 
Indian Wars. 
Richards, Geo. Herbert 

Smith,* Richard (Bull Smith), 

1692. This was Rich^ard 

Smith of Smithtown, com- 
monly called "Bull" Smith. 
He was not a Major, and had 
no Colonial War service. 
"Bull" Smith lived at South- 
ampton, L. I., and afterwards 
at Smithtown, which he 
founded. He died in 1692. 
Parrot, George Townley 

Major Richard Smith lived 
at Narragansett. A full ac- 
count of him will he found in 
Austin's R. I. Genealogical 
Dictionary, p. 185. He had in- 
terests in New A msterdam and 
at Newton, L. I., and has been 
confused with "Bull" Smith. 
Major Richard also died in 
i6gi or i6g2, leaving no issue. 

Smith, Lieutenant Samuel, 
1602-1680. Hadley, Mass. 
"Antient Sergeant" at Weth- 
ersfield. Conn., and Deputy, 
i640-'6i. Lieut, of Hadley 
Troop, i66i-'78, and Deputy 
to General Court of Massa- 
chusetts Bay, i66i-'73. Com- 
missioner to the Mohawks, 
McClintock, Emory 

Smith, Lieut. Titus, 1722-1799, 
Woodbridge, Conn. Ens. of 
loth Co., 2d Regt., 1769. 
Lieut., 1774. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

* Service accepted by New York Society before organization of General Society. 
Service not now qualifying. 


Smith, Col. Walter, 171 1. 

Burgess for Calvert Co., Md., 
1696-1704, 1708— II. Capt. of 
Foot, Calvert County Militia, 
1689. Major, 1695, and later 
Col., Militia of Calvert Co. 

Wight, Goulding Kumler 

Wight, John Brewer 

Smith, William, 1670, 

Wethersfield and Farmington, 
Conn. Clerk Train Band and 
Inspector of Arms, 1645. 
Deputy, i652-'53. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 


161 5 - 1679. Duxbury. In 
Pequot War, 1637. Ens., 
Duxbury Co., 1646. Deputy, 
i646-'47. Lieut., 1653. Dep- 
uty Treas. of Plymouth Col- 
ony. Member Council War, 
1658. Commissioner for 
United Colonies, 1668. Com- 
missary-Gen., King Philip's 
Baker, George F. 

Sprague, Lieut. Daniel, 17 13- 
1788. Ensign R. I. Militia, 
1750. Lieutenant, 1751. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Sprague, Ebenezer, 1682- 1732, 
Providence, R. I. Deputy to 
General Court for Providence, 

Sprague, Knight, 1711-1804. Pri- 
vate Mass. Militia, French 
and Indian War, 1759. 
Sprague, John Hobart 

Stacy, Mahlon, 1704. Mem- 
ber of Council, Prov, of New 
Jersey, 1682. Member of As- 
sembly, 1682, 1684, 1685. 
Walker, Edwin Robert 

Standish, Captain Myles, 1584- 
1656. Plymouth. Military 
Commander (Capt.) at Plym- 
outh (the first Military com- 
mission given in New Eng- 
land), Feb. 27, 1621, and un- 
til his death. Assistant, 

. "General-in-Chief" of 

all the Plymouth Colony 
Companies, 1649. Signer of 
Mayflower Compact, 1620. 
Baker, George F. 

Stanley, Capt. Caleb. Conn. 
Lieut., 1683. Capt. 2d Co. of 
Hartford, 1698. Governor's 
Assistant, 1691-1700. Member 
of the Council, King Wil- 
liam's War. 
Schauffler, William G. 

Staats, Major Abraham, M. D., 

1694. Capt., 1669, and 

Major of Foot at Albany. 
Surgeon at Rensselaerwyck. 
Member of Council, Bever- 
wyck, and its President, 1644. 

Barry, Herbert 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Staats, Samuel, M. D., 1657-1715. 
Member of Gov. Leisler's 
Council, 1690, and later. 
Barry, Herbert 
Rutherfurd, John 

Stanton, Thos., 1616-1677. In- 
dian Interpreter to John Win- 
throp the younger, in Conn., 
before Pequot War. In Pe- 
quot War, and rendered valu- 
able services at Saybrook Fort. 
Indian Interpreter to the Gen- 
eral Court of Conn, in all con- 
troversies between the whites 
and Indians. Deputy, 1666. 


Starr, Dr. Thomas, 1616-1658, 
Mass. Surgeon of Forces 
against Pequots. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood 

Stetson, Cornet Robert, 1613- 
1703. Scituate, Plymouth 
Colony. Deputy, 1655. Coun- 
cil of War, 1661, '71, '81. 
Cornet, First Body of Plym- 
outh Horse, 1659. Press Mas- 
ter, 1675. 
Baker, George F. 

Stirling, Lord, see Alexander. 

Stockton, Lieut. Richard. Flush- 
ing, N. Y., and Princeton, N. 
J. 1606-1707. First Lieut., 
1665. Flushing, L. L Troop, 

Green, Robert S. 

Stockton, Richard, Jr. 

Stockton, Richard, 1730 - 1781. 
N. J. Member of the King's 
Council (N. J.), 1768. Judge 
of the Supreme Court. Sign- 
er of the Declaration of In- 
Stockton, Bayard 

Stout, Richard, 1620- 1705. New 

Amsterdam. Assembly of 

New Jersey, 1671. 
Moses, Walter 

Stowe (Stow), John, 1595-1643. 
Roxbury, Mass. A. & H. A. 
Co., 1638. Deputy, 1639. 
Stowe, Benjamin Levi 

Strong, Lieut. Return, 1640- 
1726, Windsor, Conn. Cornet 
of Troop, 1689. Deputy, 1689- 
'90. Lieut., 1692. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood 

Strycker, Capt. Jan, 1615-1697. 
1664, Member of General As- 
sembly. 1673, elected Capt. 
of Military Company and 
Member of Council of War, 
Fort William Hendrick. 
Stryker, Wm. S. 

Stuyvesant, Petrus, 1602-1682. 
The last Dutch Director-Gen- 
eral of the New Netherland, 
1647- 1664. 
Barry, Herbert 

Swaine, Capt. Samuel, 1610- 
1682. N. J. Representative to 
General Court, Conn., 1663. 
Lieut. Conn. Colonial Forces, 
1663, and New Jersey Colon- 
ial Forces, 1667-1673. Capt. 
of New Worke (Newark) Co. 
of Militia, 1673. Deputy to 
Provincial Assembly for Eliz- 
abethtown and Newark, 1667- 

Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 

Chandler, Walter 

Murphy, Franklin 

Murphy, Franklin, Jr. 

Swaine, William, 1585-1664. 
Conn. Representative to Gen- 
eral Court, Mass., 1636. As- 
sistant and Member of the 
Governor's Council, ist Gen- 
eral Court of Conn., 1637. 
Commissioned to establish 
and govern new Colony of 
Conn., 1636. Deputy to Gen- 
eral Court, New Haven, 1653- 
1657. One of the Founders 
of Conn, and of Branford, 
Conn. Deputy to General 
Court of Conn., 1636. Repre- 
sentative from Weathersfield, 
1 641 -1643. Assistant, 1643- 


Chandler, Walter 
Murphy, Franklin 
Murphy, Franklin, Jr. 

Sylvester, Capt. Joseph, 1638- 
1690. Mass. Capt. in Col. 
Church's Regiment. Maine 
Expedition, 1689. Received a 
grant of land from the Gen- 
eral Court for services in the 
Indian Wars. Capt. in the 
disastrous campaign of Sir 
William Phipps, and died at 
Quebec, 1690. 
Schauffler, William G. 

Symonds, Deputy-Governor Sam- 
uel, 1595 - 1678. Ipswich, 
Mass. Deputy, i6sS-'43. As- 
sistant, i643-'73. Deputy Gov- 
ernor, i673-'78. 
Merrill, John Lenord 
Merrill, John Lenord, Jr. 

Talcott, Lieut.-Col. John (Jr.), 
1 620- 1 688. Ens., 1650. Capt, 
1660. Sergt. Maj. Conn. Col. 
Troops, 1672, Maj., 1673. 
Commander-in-Chief, Colony 
of Conn., 1673. Lieut-Col. 
Dutch Restoration. King Phil- 
ip's War, 1675. Gov.'s Asst. 
and Treasurer, i662-'76. Asst., 
i678-'87. Council, 1663, et seq. 
Commissioner for United 
Colonies, 1663, et seq. 

Tapp, Edmund. Conn. Magis- 
trate at meeting of the Gen- 
eral Court of New Haven, 
Oct., 1643. 
Richards, George H. 

Taylor, John, Jr., 1641-1704. 
Captain of the Hampshire 
Troop of Horse. Killed by 
the French and Indians, May 
13, 1704. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Teller, William, 1620-1701. Al- 
bany, N. Y. Corporal at Fort 
Orange, 1639. Lieutenant of 
Foot Company, 1669. 
Brett, Cornelius 

Terrill, Capt. Ephraim, 1713- 
1786. N. J. Capt., Troop of 
Horse, Elizabethtown, N. J., 
1760. Deputy-Mayor of Eliz- 
abethtown, 1774. 
Squier, Charles B. 

Terry, Capt. Samuel, 1661-1730. 
Conn. 26 years Ens. and 
Capt. of Enfield Military Co., 
1716. Settled in Enfield, 1681- 
Freeman, Alden 

Terry, Stephen, 1590- 1668. In 
Windsor Troop, 1658. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Terry, Capt. Thomas, 1724-1750. 
In Col. Amherst's Army, 
French and Indian War, 1759. 
Pearsall, Leigh Morgan 

Thing, Capt. Jonathan, 

1694. N. H. Ens., Exeter 
Co., N. H. Militia, 1690. 
Capt., 1692. 
Koues, George E. 

Thomas, Capt, Nathaniel, 1606- 
1674. Mass. Lieut, of Mass. 
Troops, 1640. Capt., Pequot 
War. Lieut, at Mt. Hope. 
Defeated King Philip's men 
near site of Burrillville, R. I. 
In Myles Standish's Co. Rep- 
resentative, 1672. Member of 
Governor's Council. 
Downing, Augustus C. 


Thomas, William, 1573 - 1656. 
Governor's Assistant, Plym- 
outh Colony, i642-'43. Coun- 
cil of War. Deputy, i640-'44. 
Greene, Charles Arthur 

Thompson, Anthony, 1648- 

1649. Conn. Signer of the 
compact with Governor Eaton 
and the Reverend John Dav- 
enport, at New^ Haven, 1639. 
Soldier in the Indian troubles, 

Thompson, Capt. Samuel, 1669- 
1749. Conn. Lieut., 17 10. 
Queen Anne's War and Capt., 
1713, ist Co. N. H. Train 
Band, Deputy to General 
Court, 1716. 

Tilley, John, 1621. Under 

Myles Standish in first en- 
counter with the Indians at 
Great Meadow Creek, Dec. 
8th, 1620, three days before 
the landing of the Pilgrims. 

Titcomb, William, 1617-1676, 
Newbury, Mass. Deputy to 
Mass. General Court, 1655. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

Townley, Col. Richard, 1654-5- 
171 1. Elizabethtown, N. J. 
Was in Lord Effingham's train 
when he went to meet Indians 
at a conference in Albany, 
Aug. 2, 1684. Justice of 
Court of Common Right 
(Supreme Court of Prov- 
ince), May, 1685. Member 
of Privy Council of Lord 
Neil Campbell, Oct., 1686. 
Commissioned Captain of 
Foot Co., Elizabethtown, Dec, 
1686. Colonel of same Com- 
pany, 1691. Of Governor 

Fletcher's Council, 1692. Of 
Governor Bellmont's Council, 
1697. Represented Elizabeth- 
town, in Assembly, 1703. 
Member of Governor's Coun- 
cil, 1706. At time of his death, 
1711, was Presiding Judge of 
Court of Sessions. 
Parrot, George Townley 
Parrot, Raymond Townley 
Townley, Philip Beardsley 
Townley, Stephen Bertram 
Townley, Wm. Richard 

Treat, Lieut. Joseph, 1693- 1772, 
Milford, Conn. Ens., 1739. 
Lieut., 1741. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Treat, Capt. Joseph, 1662-1721, 
Milford, Conn. Sergt., Ens., 
Lieut., Capt., 1708. Deputy, 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Treat, Richard, 1584- 1669- 1670. 
Conn. Royal Charterer of 
Conn., 1662. 14 years Deputy 
to General Court, 1644- 1658. 
Assistant, 1658-1665. 

Boyd, Robt. Munro^ Jr. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Richards, George H. 

Treat, Gov. Robert, 1622- 17 10. 
Conn. Commander of Conn. 
Troops at Battle of Hadley 
and Springfield. Command- 
er-in-Chief, King Philip's 
War. Maj., 1673. Assistant, 
1659-1664. Founder of New- 
ark and Member of Assem- 
bly, 1667-1672. Returned to 
Milford, Conn. Lieut, of 
Train Band, 1654. Capt., 
1661. Dep.-Gov. of Conn., 
1676-1683. Governor, 1683. 


Lieut.-Gov., 1698- 1708. Mem- 
ber of Gov. Andros' Council, 
1687. Colonel of Militia, New- 

Boyd, Robt. Munro, Jr. 

Hayes, Charles H. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Randolph Green 

Richards, George H. 

Richards, Herbert Le Van 

Smith, Stephen M. 

Trowbridge, Ens. William, 1700- 
1787, New Haven. Ens. of 
West Haven Co., 1751. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Turner, Capt. Nathaniel, 

1647. Block Island Expedi- 
tion, Gen. John Endicott, 1636, 
and Pequot War. Deputy to 
assist Magistrate of New Ha- 
ven, 1639. Capt., Saugus, 
Mass., 1633-1634. 

Turpin, Lieut.-Col. Thomas, 

1790. Va. Lieut.-Col. of 

Militia, Cumberland Co., ap- 
pointed by Robert Dinwiddie, 
Lieut.-Gov. of Virginia, Aug. 

31, 1754. 
Deen, William M. 

Turrell, Ephraim, 1 702- 1 784, 
Woodbridge. In the French 
and Indian War. Private in 
Capt. James Peck's Co., 7th 
Regt., 1755. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Tuttle, William, 1609 - 1673. 
Served on the Night Watch at 
New Haven, 1646. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 

Underhill, Capt. John, 1596- 
1672. Officer A. & H. A. Co. 
In Pequot War. Gov. of Ex- 
eter and Dover, N. H., 1641. 

Led the Dutch Troops against 
the Simaroy Indians, 1644. 

Barry, Herbert 

Wood, Rushmore 

Upham, Lieut. Phineas, 1635- 
1676. Maiden, Mass. Lieut, 
in Capt. Wayte's Co., King 
Philip's War with Maj. Ap- 
pleton, Oct., 1675, and later 
with Capt. Jonathan Pode. 
Lieut. 4th Mass. Co. under 
Capt. Isaac Johnson in Great 
Swamp Fight. After Capt. 
Johnson was shot he took 
command until wounded; he 
died from the effects of his 
wounds in Oct., 1676. 
Hall, Henry H. 

Vail, John, ist., 1663-1737, 
Southold, L. I. In Southhold 
Military Co., No. i, Benjamin 
Youngs, Capt., 1715. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Van Baal, Jan Hendrickse, 1636 

, Albany. Magistrate of 

Fort Orange and Indian Com- 
missioner, 1664, '66, '70, '72. 
Cornet in troop of Capt. Jere- 
mias Van Rensselaer in 1670. 
Judge of Court of Admiralty 
in 1664, '^2. 
Reichner, Aiken 

Van Cortlandt, Col. Oloff 
Stevensen, 1600 - 1683. New 
Amsterdam. Col., Burgher's 
Corps, 1649. Temporary 
Member of Governor's Coun- 
cil, 1645. 
Parker, Charles W. 

Van Courtlandt, Colonel Ste- 
PHANUS, 1643-1710. King's 


Co. Regt,, 1671-93. Member 
King's Council, 1680-1700. 
Parker, Charles W. 

Van Cowenhoven, Jan Gerretse, 
1639 , Flatlands, Manhat- 
tan, Member of Leister's 
Council ; of New Amsterdam 
Court of Exchequer. 
Reichner, Aiken 

Van Cowenhoven,^ Wolfert 
Gerretse, 1630- 1660. One of 
the Eight Men; also one of 
the Twelve Men under Gov. 
Kieft, 1643-44- 
Reichner, Aiken 

Van Der Beek, Coenradus, 1647- 
1709. Was one of the soldiers 
sent on an expedition to Al- 
bany, 1690. 
Katzenbach, Frederick Freling- 

Van de Water Evert 1714. 

Quartermaster of a Troop of 
Horse of a regiment of mili- 
tia in New York City in 1700 
and again in 1702 on the ar- 
rival of Lord Cornbury. 
Hance, Wm. White 

Van Dyck, Hendrick, 1655. 

Ensign under Governor Kieft 
against the Indians of West- 
chester, 1639-1642. Under 
Captain Underbill against 
Stamford and Greenwich ; 
Member of Council, 1642, et 
seq. Schout-Fiscal, i645-'52. 
Brett, Cornelius. 

Van Dyck, Dr. Jacobus. Sche- 
nectady. Surgeon of Fort. 
Brett, Cornelius 

Van Imbroch, Dr. Gysbert G., 

1665. New Amsterdam. 

Surgeon in Esopus War, 1665. 
Member of Court at Wild- 
Brett, Cornelius 

Van Leeuwen, Johannes, 1681- 
1767. Member of a Company 
of Horse, Queens Co., L. L, 

Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 

Van Naerden, Lieutenant Pie- 


1663. Corp., Burgher's Corps, 
1653. Ens., 1658. Lieut, 
1660. Died on Expedition to 
Esopus, 1663. 
Mabie, Hamilton W. 

Vanneman, Lieut. Garrett, 1713- 
1761. Commissioned Lieut, in 
Capt. Abraham Nelson's Co. 
of Piles Grove, Col, Nicholas 
Gibbon's Salem and Cumber- 
land County Regt. of Foot, 
Reichner, Aiken 
Reichner, Louis Irving 

Van Shaick, Capt. Goosen Ger- 

RiTSE, ^1676. Lieut., 1670, 

at Albany, Rensselaerwyck, 
and Schenectady, 1672. Capt,, 
1673, Dutch reoccupation of 
New Netherland. 
Brown, Bache Hamilton 

Van Schuyler, Filyp Pieterse, 

1628 -1683. N, Y. Capt. N. 

Y. Provincial Forces, 1667. 

Capt, of Foot at Schenectady, 

Booth, Edward H. 
Parker, Charles W, 
Rutherfurd, John 

^ Service not now accepted. 


Rutherfurd, Morris 
Schuyler, Sydney S. 

Van Slichtenhorst, Brandt 
Arentse. N. Y. Command- 
er of Foot at Rensselaerwyck. 
First Resident Director of 
Rensselaerwyck, 1646-1648. 

Parker, Charles W. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Van Wyck, Cornelius, 1694- 
176 1. Adjutant in Col. Isaac 
Hick's Regiment, 1728. Pri- 
vate at Flushing, 171 5. 
Brett, Cornelius 

Vassall, William, 1593-1655. 
Mass. Member of the Scitu- 
ate Military Company, 1643. 
Member of the Council of 
War, 1642, Plymouth Colony. 
Governor's Assistant and 
Patentee of Massachusetts 
Bay Colony, 1629- 1630. 
Freeman, Alden 

Vermilye, Isaac, 1601-1676. N. 
Y. Commanded the Harlaem 
Volunteers in the Expedition 
to Esopus, 1663, Indian War. 
He and two others were the 
only ones to return out of a 
force of 14. 

Brett, Cornelius 

Rockwood, Charles G. 

Vermilye, Ashbel G. 

Vermilye, Johannes, 1632- 1696. 
N. Y. Member of Gov. Leis- 
ler's Council, New York, 
1689-1691. Delegate to Con- 
vention of Public Safety, 

Brett, Cornelius 

Rockwood, Charles G. 

Voorhees, Capt. Coerte Stevense 

Van, 1637, 1702. Capt. of N. 

Y. Militia, 1689. Member of 

Assembly, N. Y., 1664. 

Voorhees, Capt. George Van 


Vreelandt, Ensign Enoch Mich- 
lELSEN, 1649-1714. Ensign, 

Militia, 1681 of Bergen 

Co. Member of Assembly, 

Hance, William W. 

Vreelandt, Michael Jansen, 

1663. Council of "Nine 

Men," i647-'49-i650. 
Hance, William White 

Vroom, Peter Dumont, 1745-1831. 
Somerset Co., N. J. Lieut, 
of Militia, N. J. 
Vroom, Garret Dorset Wall 

Wade, Colonel Thomas, 1651- 
1696. Capt. Ipswich Troop, 
1689. In King Philip's War. 
Justice, Court of General 
Sessions, 1691. 
Merrill, John Lenord 

Wads worth, Capt. Joseph, 1649- 
1731. Hartford, Conn. En- 
sign and Lieut., King Philip's 
War. Captain. Hider of the 
Charter, 1689. 
Loomis, Archie Harwood 

Waite, Capt. John, 16 18- 1693, 
Maiden, Mass. Deputy, 1666- 
'84. Speaker, 1684. Ens., 
Maiden Train Band, 1651. 
Lieut., 1654. Capt., i662-'84. 
Led detachment of soldiers to 
Marlborough, 1675, and served 
subsequently in Maj. Pyn- 
chon's command. King Phil- 
ip's War. 
McKeon, Newton Felch 


Wakeman, Capt. Joseph, 1670- 
1726. Conn. Escorted Com- 
missioners of Conn, to Al- 
bany, September, 1704, to 
treat with the Five Nations, 
ranking as Sergt. A Lieut., 
1704, of a force of picked 
men, raised by Conn, "for the 
relief of the County of 
Hampshire, Mass.," and com- 
manded post at Northampton, 
1704- 1705. Capt., 1708. Fair- 
field Train Band. Member of 
Committee of War, 1709. 
Deputy, twenty-eight sessions. 
Governor's Assistant, three 
years, 1724, dying in office. 
Member of Council, 1724-1725. 
McClintock, Emory 

Waldron, Resolved, 1613-1690. 
Commissioner to Maryland to 
vindicate the Dutch title on 
the Delaware. One of the 
Night Watch, 1675. 
Brett, Cornelius 

Walton, Lieut. Jacob, 1703- 1747. 
Lieut., Capt. Cornelius Van 
Home's Co., N. Y. Militia, 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Ward, John, 1626-1708, Newton, 
Mass. Deputy from Cam- 
bridge (Newtown), 1689-98. 
Ward, Alfred Lewis 

Ward, Lieut. John, 1650-1694. 
Lieut, of Newark Soldiers, 
1673, of Essex Co. Militia, 
1683. Schepen, 1673. Judge, 
1683. Member of the Assem- 
bly, 1675. 

Ward, Gov. Richard, 1689-1763. 
R. L Attorney-General Prov- 

ince of Rhode Island, 1712- 
1713. Deputy and Clerk of 
the Assembly, 1714, Recorder, 
1714-1730, Dep,-Gov,, 1740. 
Governor, 1740-1743, 

Vernon, William B. 

Vernon, William Ward 

Ward, Ensign William, about 
1636- 1675-6. Ensign, Conn. 
King Philip's War. 
McClintock, Emory 

Ward, William, 1639-1687. King 
Philip's War. In command 
of powder magazine. 
Dix, Wm. F. 

Warner, Captain Benjamin, 
1 709- 1 765. Lieutenant, 1754. 
Captain, 1755. 
McClintock, Emory 

Warner, Benjamin, 1739-1817. 
Soldier at relief of Fort Wil- 
liam Henry. Enlisted, 1758. 
Enlisted Lexington Alarm, 
McClintock, Emory 

Warner, Captain Ebenezer, 

1755. Lieutenant, 1722. Conn. 
Captain, 1738, Conn. In 
command of "Grand Scout" 
in 1724. 
McClintock, Emory 

Warner, John, 1615-1679. Farm- 
ington. Conn. Served in Pe- 
quot War and received grant 
of land for his services. 

Cranberry, Dennis Webb 

McClintock, Emory 

Warner, William, 1627-1706. 
First Council Prov. of Pa., 


Warren,* Joseph, 1629-1689. 
Member of Council of War, 
Baker, George F. 

Warren, Richard, 1628. R. 

I. 1 2th signer of the May- 
flower Compact. Served un- 
der Myles Standish in the first 
encounter at Great Meadow, 
8th of December (O. S.), 
Greene, Charles A. 
Lovell, Leander N. 

Watts, Samuel, 


er of Great and General 
Court of Massachusetts. 
Member of Council of the 
Colony, 1742-1763. One of 
the Peace Commissioners, 
who met representatives of 
Indian Tribes in 1752 and 
satisfied Falmouth treaty of 
1749. One of the Commis- 
sioners in charge of prison- 
ers transported to Massachu- 
setts from Nova Scotia 
Hutchison, Charles E. 

Webster, Gov. John, 1599-1661. 
Conn. An original settler of 
Hartford and a founder of 
the Colony of Conn. Deputy, 
1637. Assistant, 1639-1655. 
Dep.-Gov., 1655. Gov., 1656. 
1st Magistrate, 1657-1659, 
Judge, Hadley, Mass., 1660. 

Holden, Edward P. 

Holden, Edward Packard, Jr. 

Holdene, Horace 

Schauffler, William G. 

Webster, Lieut. Robert, 1677, 

Middletown, Conn. Lieut., 
1654. King Philip's War, 

Welch, Lieut. Paul, 1696- 1778, 
New Milford, Conn. Lieut., 
1743- Deputy, i740-'49. 
Rutherfurd, John 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

Welles, Gov. Thomas, 1598-1660. 
Conn. Wethersfield, Conn., 
Magistrate, 1637- 1660. Sec- 
ond Treasurer, 1639-1651. 
Secretary, 1640-1648. Gov. 
pro tern, 165 1. Dep.-Gov. 
1654, et seq. Gov., 1655-1658. 
Commissioner for the United 
Colonies, 1649. 

Neff, Rollin Gray 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Parker, Charles Wolcott 

Schauffler, William G. 

Williams, John C. 

Welles, Thomas, 1668-1669. 

Conn. Representative Colony 
of Connecticut, 1662. Assist- 
ant, 1668. Name appears on 
the Royal Charter, 1662. 

Parker, Charles W. . 

Schauffler, William G. 

Wells (Welles), Ens. Thomas, 
1605-1666, Ipswich, Mass. 
Ens. "Military Co. of the 
Massachusetts," 1644. 
Libbey, William 

Wescoat, Richard, 1649. 

Wethersfield, Conn. Soldier in 
Pequot War, 1637. 
Clevenger, William M. 

Westcott, Stukely, 1592 - 1677. 
Providence, R. I. One of the 
Founders of the Providence 
Plantation. Deputy, 1650. 
Commissioner, 1651-1653. 
Gov.'s Asst, 1656 . 

1 Service not now accepted. 


Wetherill, Col. John, 1784. 

Middlesex Co., N. J. Member 
Assembly, 1749-1775. Com- 
missary of Provincial Troops, 

Dean, Aaron 

Wicoff, John Van Buren 

Wheelwright, Col, John, 1664- 
1745. Garrison House, Wells, 
Me., under Maj. James Con- 
verse. Stationed at Fort 
Mary on the Saco. Deputy, 
Mass., 1692-1742. Member of 
Council, 1708-33. Indian 
Commissioner, I7i4-'4i. 
Clark, Alex. Bayard 

Whipple, John, 1605- 1669. Ips- 
wich, Mass. Deputy to Mass. 
General Court, 1640, '41, '42, 
'48, '50, '51, '52, '53. 
Sprague, Rufus William, Jr. 

White, Lieut. Daniel, 1639-1713. 
Conn. Lieut., Hatfield, Mass. 
Co., 1692. 
Schauffler, William G. 

White, Capt. Daniel, 1671-1726. 
Conn. Ens., 1711, in Queen 
Anne's War. Capt. of Troop, 
17 16, Colony of Conn. 
Schauffler, William G. 

White, Nathaniel, 1629-1711. 
Conn. Deputy, General Court, 
Conn., 1678-1682. Lieut, of 
Militia at Middletown, Conn., 
1679. Served in King Phil- 
ip's War. 

Whitemarsh, John, 1708. 

Mass. Served under Capt. 
Johnson in the Narragansett 
Campaign, 1675, and under 
Capt. Jacob in 1676. 
Freeman, Alden 

Whiting, Rev. John, 1635-1689. 

Chaplain. Hartford Forces, 

King Philip's War. 
Rutherfurd, John 
Rutherfurd, Morris 

Whiting, Major William, 

1647. Asst. and second Colo- 
nial Treasurer, Conn., 1641- 
'47. Major in Colonial Forces. 
Deputy, 1637. 

Rutherfurd, John 

Rutherfurd, Morris 

Whiting, Lieut. Col. William, 

1704 . At the siege of 

Louisburg, 1745, and for gal- 
lant conduct there, was ap- 
pointed a Caot. in the regular 
British Service, September 8, 
1755, served under Sir Wil- 
liam Johnson, French and 
Indian War, and at the death 
of Col. Williams at Lake 
George, he took command. 
Tyler, Mason W. 

Whitney, Jonathan, 1658-1735, 
Concord, Mass. Served in 
King Philip's War, in Capt. 
Joseph Syll's Co., 1676. 

Whitney, Thomas, 1629-1719. 
Bolton, Mass. In King Phil- 
ip's War, 1675. 
Synnott, Thomas Whitney 

Wilbore, Samuel, Sr., 1656. 

Clerk of Train Band, 1639; 
Sergt., 1645. Member of 
Newport, R. I., Assembly. 
Moses, Walter. 

Wilbore (Wilbur), Capt. Sam- 
uel, 1614-1679. Commissioner 
for Portsmouth to Court of 
Commissioners, i648-'63. Dep- 
uty, i664-'7o. Governor's 


Asst., 1665- 7S. Captain, 1669- 

Montgomery, James Stephens. 
Moses, Walter. 

Williams, Robert, 1608 - 1693. 
Mass. A. & H. A. Co., 1644. 
SchaufBer, William G. 

Williams, Roger, 1599- 1683. 
Rhode Island. Assistant, 
1647, '48, '64, '65, '70, '71, '72. 
President^ i654-'57. Commis- 
sioner, 1658, '59, '61. Deputy, 
1667. Captain, King Philip's 
Adams, W. I. Lincoln. 

Williams, The Rev. Stephen, 
D. D., 1693-1782. Mass. Chap- 
lain in Cape Breton Cam- 
paign, 1745, and Lake George 
Campaign, i755-i756. 

Schauffler, William G. 

Schauflfier, William Gray, Jr. 

Willis, John, 1692. Mass. 

Member of Capt. Myles Stan- 
dish's Duxbury Military Com- 
pany, 1643. First Represen- 
tative of Bridgewater. Orig- 
inal Proprietor and one of its 
earliest settlers. First Dea- 
con of Bridgewater Church. 
Deputy to General Court of 
Plymouth for twenty-five 
Freeman, Alden 


1613-1671. Gov.'s-Asst., 1640. 

Member of Parliament, 1658. 

Dep.-Gov. Mass. Bay Colony, 

Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop 

WiNTHROP, Gov. John, 1587-1649. 
Mass. First Gov. of Mass. 

Bay Colony, 1630, and with 
five exceptions re-elected un- 
til his death in 1649. Col. ist 
Reg. Mass. Militia. Signed 
charter of A. & H. A. Co., 
1638. Elected with the Dep.- 
Gov. and ten others, member 
of a commission for military 
affairs "with power of life 
and limb," 1634-1635. 
Koues, George E. 

Wisner, Capt. John, 1722- 1778. 
Capt. Orange Co., N. Y., Mi- 
litia, 1755. Fight with Indians 
on the Delaware, 1757. Sent 
to reinforce Fort William 

WoDELL, William, 1693. 

Portsmouth, R. I. Special 
Councillor, R. I., King Phil- 
ip's War, Member of Assem- 
bly, R. I., Assistant, 1684. 
Boyd, Robert Munro, Jr. 


1613-1695. Mass. A. & H. A. 

Co., 1644. Assistant, 1683- 

Beach, Sylvester Woodbridge. 
Schauffler, William G. 

Woodhull, Richard, 1620- 1670. 
A Magistrate of Seatalcott, 
and in 1663 represented that 
place in the Hartford General 
Court. In 1666, Justice in the 
Court of Assizes. Was Dep. 
Commander from L. I. 
Barry, Herbert 

Woodruff, John, 1670. Sol- 
dier in Indian Alarm at South- 
ampton, 1657. 
Libbey, William 

Woodruff, John, 1691. N. 

J. Ens. of Co. of Foot, Eliz- 


abethtown, 1668. Ens., Eliza- 
bethtown Infantry, commis- 
sioned by the Council of War 
of New Netherland, 1673- 
1674. Recommissioned by 
Gov. Carteret, 1675-1683. 
Shields, Charles W. 


Md. Military officer of Dor- 
chester Co., Md. Colonel. 
Thompson, William Joseph 

Woodward, Henry, 1685. 

Quartermaster Hampshire 

Troop of Horse, Mass., 1663. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Wright, Benjamin, 1660- 1743. 
Northfield, Mass. Corporal, 
1698. Captain, 1708- 1725. 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Wright, Jonathan, 1742. 

Member of New Jersey As- 
sembly, 1721. 
Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 
WilHams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Wright, Joshua, 1645 - 1695. 

Member of Assembly, N. J., 

Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 
Neff, John Thornley 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Wright, Remembrance, 1685- 
1765. Northfield, Mass. Served 
with Capt. Dwight at Fort 
Dummer, 1725; on a scouting 
expedition, 1724 ; served in 
Capt. Joseph Kellogg's Co., 

Pack, Arthur Newton 

Pack, Charles Lathrop 

Wright, Samuel, Jr., 
Sergeant in King 
War, Sept., 1675. 
Pack, Arthur Newton 
Pack, Charles Lathrop 

— 1675. 

Wright, Thomas, 1705. 

Signer of the Concessions. 

Member of Assembly of N. 

J., 1682. 
Hudnut, Alexander Malieu 
Keim, George deB. 
Williams, Thomas Wright 
Wright, Joseph Haddaway 

Wyllys, Gov, George, 1602- 1645. 
Hartford, Conn. Trooper in 
Pequot War. Gov.'s Asst, 
1639. Gov., i64i-'42. 
Green, Robert S. 

Yorke, Thomas, 1708- 1764. Berks 
Co., Pa, Lieutenant Colonel 
in French and Indian War, 
1747. Member of Assembly, 
Pa., 1757. 
Buckley, James Monroe 



Ancestors, Index of 184 

Barracks, The old 10 

Civil Officers in N. J., List of 96 

Committee, Historical 26 

House 26 


Nominations 26 

Constitution 35 

Amendments 50 

Business, Order of 47 

Chancellor 42 

Chaplain 42 

Committees 38 

Council 38 

Meetings 45 

Courts 46 

Declaration 44 

Delegates 47 

Deputy-Governor 2>7 

Disqualifications 49 

Dues 37 

Eligibility z'^ 

Flag 46 

Gentlemen of Council, Election of 39 

Governor 40 

Historian 42 

Initiation Fee 2>7 

Insignia 46 

Lieutenant-Governor 37 

Members, eligibility of 36 

election of 42 

expulsion of 49 

hereditary Zl 

suspension of 49 

Officers, election of 

Papers, original 44 

supplemental 44 

Preamble 35 

Purposes 45 


Resignation 48 

Seal 45 

Secretary 40 

Surgeon , 42 

Treasurer 41 

Council, Gentlemen of the 24 

Historical Documents, Three Unpublished 82 

Honor Roll 58 

Insignia, Rules of General Society relating to 51 

Members, List of 108 

Deceased 154 

Necrology ^ 158 

Officers, General 16 

State 23 

Prize Essay Competition 13 

Tablets 14